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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's a Cymbalta Kind of Day Thing

Dear America,

Depression hurts.

sure, it's a slogan of one of the many anti-depressant drug manufacturers, Cymbalta -- but contrary to much of the advertising we hear everyday, depression, in fact, does...you know, hurt.

And I believe it's highly contagious.

It's bad enough to know Tamarlan was questioned by the FBI and released on his own recognizance.  It's bad enough that there were clear signs that this dude, especially, went bad.  But it doesn't end there, does it.  It gets bad, er.

What's depressing is hearing that the entire Tsarnaev family received assistance from the state.  Are you kidding me?

No, no, got a better one --

The "Boston bomb suspect's name was on classified government watch lists."   Now that's something stunning, less depressing, almost shocking, really.   Is there a pill to take for that? 

And note that the article phrases it such that there is more than one "list."   Forget about checking the list twice -- how about we try checking the lists, all of them, every now and again, and simply track these people down, monitor their activities, put two and two terrorists together.  Huh? 

Perhaps someone, somewhere in the system, could even be so bold as to wonder, hmmm, just how does this guy manage to drive a Mercedes, being on welfare and all?    Huh?  (And I'm feeling compelled to give a big, bad shout out to CNN for the stellar crib notes version of the family's challenges assimilating into the American way of life, beginning with, "[Eventually], they were reunited -- a family of six whose American journey contained elements of a struggle to fit in and success in making a new life.") 

Hmmm.   Instead of welfare, perhaps we should consider handing out Cymbalta like candy to those struggling to fit in with all things American?  But now, wouldn't that be silly.

No, no, here's a good one --

How about we wonder about the sensibilities of the two people responsible for raising them into the "struggling", anti-American, radicalized crazy kids that they ultimately become?  Now, talk about depressing, frightening even.

Aw now, this is even better --

How about this headline out of the UK @ daily mail, online:  "Revealed: Dead Boston bomber's body has NOT been claimed - days after he was killed in shootout with cops"  (and don't forget, subsequently run over by his brother).  Now that's depressing, no?

This is starting to hurt.

It's killing me softly, actually...and what a way to ruin one of my favorite songs.

So maybe it's just me, but are these guys the first "educated" -- and from a "good family"   -- kind of boys to be guilty of such a heinous crime?   Or is evil simply indiscriminate?

But let's delve deeper anyway -- what is with this "struggling to fit in" bit?  Are you serious?  Haven't we all had to survive middle school?  High School?  Peer pressure?  Living in the sexed up, turbo-charged delinquency of the culture and society we have created and call home? 

Struggling to fit in....that's a good one.  Have you met the Jones' next door?  

Who -- in this day and age -- does not struggle every freaking day in some way or another?  Depressing IS whoever tries to keep up with the Jones'; depressing IS the clear and present danger of living the modern day life without a spiritual force; depressing IS how we have our kids raised by pharmaceutical nannies; depressing IS the disconnect between life in America and finding your own way to happiness in your own way, without being a burden on society, and without taking your frustrations out upon your neighbor.

How dare the mainstream media begin painting this picture of the family Tsarnaev as if it's America's fault.  How dare you.

That premise is not only depressing, it's a violation against our intelligence, as well as, an attack against our nation's foundation -- to live in freedom and liberty for all, IS to live independently, for better or worse.

The media is pathetic.

While the truth is, this administration is at fault from every angle.  

What is depressing is really very, very frightening.

And I, for one, am sick of it.

How is it that places like www.wnd.com  and www.drudge.com  and www.theblaze.com and various other outlets here and abroad fill in the depressing blanks for us, while our mainstream news outlets edit for politically correct praises, as they struggle for acceptance and invitations and benefits from this administration?

Real information that can save us, protect us, INFORM us IS out there; check out WND just today and then go to other super scary stuff on The Blaze...

This isn't news to those of us who run unafraid, counter to the mainstream mentality; the stunning details of what radical Islamic believers want to do to us IS streamed live every single day. If you really want to find the truth, you can.  

What is depressing IS how this administration turns a blind eye.

What is depressing IS how this administration lies to us about the real threat.

What is depressing IS how this administration is getting away with it.

What is depressing IS how this administration is missing a leader who understands the danger America is in right now, today --  digesting all the intelligence made available, respond accordingly and pro-actively, and communicate responsibly and honestly with the American people.  Where is that administration?

Or just maybe we, the people, will be forced to question this administration's allegiances, it's mission, whatever it IS that it stands for; for that response would be perfectly reasonable, no?...if A equals B and B equals C than A equals holy crapuccino pass the Cymbalta.   

We, the people, are NOT crazy to wonder.  
How do we get from ...being from a good family, to struggling to fit in, to being questioned, to being from a wealthy Saudi family, to being on a terrorist watch list,  to having this person go to the streets of Boston and blow it up?   [And what was that, pray tell?  oh that was just the quintessential compilation of a terrorist brought to you by the letter G] 

Oh but the poor kid...And what about Abdul?

[Oh, listening to Beck for a moment this morning, and he's all up in Janet Napolitano's face right now.  Go GB Go.  Run with that Run.  Terror IS what Terror Does.  That's what I'm talkin' about...see G here  and here]

Depression hurts, indeed.  But today, that's not even the half of it.

Make it a Good Day, G


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