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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's About No Perfect Control of Our Emotions, Freedoms, and Liberties Thing

Dear America,

dear, dear America.

In spite of what I began with just yesterday,

perhaps this is a day to surrender to the emotional moment, and turn to our brothers and sisters to cry, hug and love one another better than we did the day before.

If there was ever a moment, this might be it.

One of the things my girl and I do after a day that hits us harder than most is make our evening meal a four course breakfast.  We break out the bacon and eggs and pancakes and fresh fruit and muffins and even go so far as to make hashbrowns from scratch.  We venture to start the day over as if it never happened.

But just how do we find the remedy, the recourse, the comforting recollection of all things safe and warm and good in this world after a day like yesterday?

A day like yesterday leaves every single one of us crushed in every possible way.  Is it domestic terrorism or is it "man-made" terrorism organically cultivated somewhere else around the world -- we do not know; that conclusion remains to be revealed.  Does it really matter right now?   It's done.  It happened.  And the day will carry over for many days to come.  Perhaps the answers will come.  Certainly, the sooner the better.

So what do we do with ourselves today -- wrapped up into this emotional moment with  every fiber of our being -- with no where to put it, no where to hide, no where to go other than sit with the suffocating pain and a kind of sadness unimaginable until just yesterday... or the kind of sadness that takes our memory back to Newtown, or Fort Hood, or  the likes of 9/11?    What do we do with ourselves today?

We pray for each other.

We care for our families, and reach out to our friends.

We keep going in the best possible way, considering the emotional moment the collective is experiencing all together.

Reminded of something the Coolio of yesterday once said, let us not be quick to fool ourselves;  "national legislation" cannot touch this...

"There can be no perfect control
of personal conduct by national legislation."

No, that kind of perfect conduct is directly influenced from Something greater than ourselves, and made of Something not of this world. [And, as things should align with the Divine design, It happens to be the only equal-opportunity Influence -- championing good conduct and excellence in the every day -- made known and respected the world over.]

It also happens to be the same Something Something that comforts us when emotional moments take us to a realm unfathomable -- in times we think we can never overcome or find a way through it.

I can't think of anything else to say right now, so let me add a new Coolidgism in closing:

    "Liberty is not collective,
it is personal.
All liberty is individual liberty."

Indeed.  Dare I say, it feels all too personal today.  God Bless us.

Make it a Good Day, G

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