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Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's a Shame on Homeland Security Kind of Day Thing

Dear America,

so Boston,

it's an indictment upon the entire Department of "Homeland Security."  [Oh, and by the way, that is a good one.... "see something, say something".......make a quick link here to someone who happens to have a little something, something to say about that.  And, as always, that Malkin girl is spot on.  How much do we love her...]

 But anyway, Janet should resign; no, better yet -- she should be fired -- like as of yesterday.

The older one -- Tamarlan Tsarnaev -- was interviewed two years ago, at the request (presumably) of Russia...Chechnya's BFF...yeah right....but apparently, the FBI did not find enough "extremist ties" to do anything about anything.

BUT you would think, after that head's up, they would follow his every move thereafter, right, how could you not?

OOOOOH snap,

according to his mom, the FBI did...

you know, follow his every move.

Read THIS, just a bloodline FBI indictment from the "bomb mom" expressly brought to you by www.wnd.com.

so right, bomb mom, the FBI set them up.  That is a good one.

Did you follow your boys via social media at all?  Have you played any one of your eldest son's videos showing a rather strong radicalized Islamic persuasion? 

But seriously, if the FBI, or Homeland Security, were 'onto them' -- don't you think that trip to Russia by the elder, Tamarlan, might have been a red flag?  Or, is it really red, white and green?  What does it even matter, when in fact the elder was gone for like six months and returned indoctrinated through and through and never to be the same again? Isn't there some kind of a no-fly list that they -- one, or both -- could have been on, considering the sit down and all?  [Perhaps we should come up with a new 'no drive-by' kind of list anytime we have large gatherings -- thinking sporting events, baseball, football, hockey...marathons]


Either this mother is deeply entrenched in denial, or we should be equally concerned with letting her back into the country.   And that goes double with the father.  [But now the Uncle -- the one who saw the light -- now that guy can stay... Mr. They "do not deserve to live on earth." Amen to that.]

But honestly, if these boys were truly being monitored, questioned, or had cause for concern within the ranks of the department of homeland security, the FBI, or anywhere else under the Dot Gov umbrella, don't you think we have a problem?  Thinking leaks, cracks, and downright chasms far and wide.


Don't you think someone within one of these departments would have checked in on these guys from time to time, if only to follow their radicalization happening right under our noses -- you know, for education purposes, research.


How could they fall through the cracks?  How could they have been allowed to be within a hundred feet of any public event without having a shake down?  How could they have been allowed to stand just two feet behind little Martin and have any right to being directly responsible for ending his life?


Just what are these guys made of?
Do you even know?

Stunning is the news that it was the younger brother, Dzhokhar, who took out Tamarlan -- having run him over while behind the wheel of the stolen SUV;  it was after the shoot out, after the MIT policeman had been killed, when Tamarlan was being handcuffed in the middle of the road, when his brother just drove right over him.  [And to think, his father thought we did it...how's that for a cruel twist of fate?]

But speaking of which, the most twisted piece of news heard in the last twenty-four hours may just be finding out when Dzhokhar took the oath of citizenship:   September 11, 2012.   Some people refer to it as  some kind of great irony; but this girl balks at that big time, for this is a prime example of how they work.

To infiltrate is to operate from the inside; it's all about gaining trust through and through; it looks much like being "normal" -- blending in...it's talking baseball, apple pie, Chevrolet, and mom. They become like us, so we like them,  so they can kill us when unexpected.   Nothing to see here, move along.

This is how it works -- you know, America -- and they know it, study it, and use it to their every advantage.

This is how Dzhokhar could stand behind that baby-faced Martin and not look out of place.

Just imagine it when we get more than one city hit at the same time....multiple locations, reminiscent of 9/11.   Imagine when we all have to deal with no cell phones, and can't leave our homes, can't go to our jobs, and basically live a normal life, for a day or maybe a week, or longer...Just imagine that.

WE are the infidels, remember?

Is it a concern that Dzhokhar was not read his Miranda rights?  You bet it is.   He was, after all, an actualized citizen of these United States.    That should be a concern for all of us, in equal portion.  This country is supposed to revolve around the Rule of Law each and every time.  Sure, the lines are smudged here -- just a wee bit; but hello?  We cannot have or have not the law at the same time.  No doubt officials will be wrestling with this issue for some time to come.

But speaking of the law; let's go hardcore on immigration now, shall we?   Nobody gets a pass- as in the current laboring of legislation surrounding the 11 million illegal aliens wanting something for nothing from us, all while coming through the back door. 

And just maybe, nobody should be allowed in ever again if they happen to originate from the likes of Chechnya, or Dagestan, or Ingushtia, aw hell, might as well just make it all of Russia -- and if we do that, we might as well lump in Yemen, Syria, Gaza, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, aw you get my drift....

...unless perhaps you are a girl, then maybe we might consider the humanitarian element of supplying a safe refuge.  [But full family background will be required]

Thing is -- considering the amount of suspect and bona fide information out on these guys now -- little old G isn't feeling very secure.  Just how could they have been allowed to walk freely among us?


Who Else?
Who else has the FBI,  or Homeland Security folk, had a sit down with, in what seems to be some kind of glorified, time-warped, catch and release program?  Did the environmentalists get to you, too?  Or perhaps we must be forced to chalk this glaring oversight up to the likes of indoctrination via the tools of social media , peer pressure, and the new America being clearly overrun by the burgeoning and overzealous politically correct fools.

But if anyone should have their head examined, let's add Janet to that list.   Besides the Constitutional duties of the president being clearly outlined, and likewise equally responsible -- Janet's only job is to secure the homeland.  Boston was not secure by any stretch of the imagination; it was a crime scene waiting to happen. 

Buh bye, Janet; don't let the back door hit you on the way out.

How could either one of these boys have survived, virtually scot-free, in America long enough to mastermind such devastation, to infiltrate and perpetrate such a heinous crime against the people of Boston, especially  at an event synonymous with everything good, patriotic, and all-American.

My gratitude to the Boston Police Department cannot be expressed in words; how I wish I was alongside the people lining the streets of Watertown, standing in ovation when it all came to a dramatic end.  

And along those lines, my awe-spring is bursting for that Jeff Bauman Jr.  -- the one who awoke from the blast having lost both his legs but still gave a full description of one of the suspects -- and forever being directly linked to his ultimate capture.  Time was of the essence; they almost got away with it.   You are a real, live hero.  I wish I could shake your hand, hug you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.  May America repay you with due diligence within, and surrounding, and encompassing the full security of our Homeland in every possible way from here to eternity. 

Perhaps we should begin by finding a replacement of the current Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security -- as authorized under the latest version Homeland Security 2.0,  Section 2013, under the rules of the nationalized catch-and-release program of the upper echelon.

Make it a Good Day,G

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  1. Old Patriot thinks it's about time to show how ineffective new gun laws would be by requiring background checks on things that kill and maim many at one time (not just one at a time) ... uuum, thinking a full background check is needed to buy or transfer a 2 QT or larger pressure cooker. These items are used widely world-wide for IEDs ... ten orders of magnitude more dangerous than a gun ... a gun of any type. Just thinking, to quote 'G'