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Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Just Two Things -- with a Cowardly, Twisted, Perverted Lift at the End -- Thing

Dear America,

Couple of Things

we have some extraordinary things being said these days, and it's especially disconcerting considering who is saying them.

But first, how would you answer this question?

"Sir, with the problem we have that young people go to Syria (inaudible), does that matter also to the U.S., do you have the same problem?"

From John Kerry, our brand spanking new Secretary of State:

"Well, of course we have the same problem. We just had a young person who went to Russia, Chechnya, who blew people up in Boston. So he didn’t stay where he went, but he learned something where he went and he came back with a willingness to kill people.

I think the world has had enough of people who have no belief system, no policy for jobs, no policy for education, no policy for rule of law, but who just want to kill people because they don’t like what they see. There’s not room for that. That’s what we’ve been fighting against after all of the wars of the 20th century. Now we’re in the 21st century, and it’s time for a different organizational principle. And we need to, all of us, do a better job of communicating to people what the options of life are. And we’re open. Democracies are open to people participating in the democracy, not killing people. And so I hope that we can all figure out how we translate these better opportunities more effectively in our politics."


And you are America's Secretary of State?  [for full transcript, go here.]

These people have a belief system; their belief system is so radical, it falls outside whatever it is that the "moderate Muslims" believe.   Their belief system is built upon a religious foundation that follows the lead from the likes of extremist Sheiks and Imams, and fully committed to spreading radicalized teachings of Islam and impressing upon the minds of young Muslims to grow up to be martyrs for Allah.   To kill the infidels is the belief system that takes the young radicalized Islamic martyr to heaven.  But thanks for making America look like doh-doh's.

AND now to our Vice President...at the Memorial Service a couple of days ago he called these boys Tsarnaev this -- “two cowardly, twisted, perverted knockoff jihadis.”

For starters, comments like that just feed the proverbial "jihadis" fire, Mr. Joe Bozo.  But in all your years, have you not learned a thing from reading the highly confidential, highly classified material while getting your daily intelligence reports?  This is how homegrown jihad is done.  Have you seen the open markets, bars and restaurants, and buses, and cars getting blown to smithereens in Iraq, Pakistan, and wherever else, by maybe one, or a couple of, cowardly, twisted, perverted knockoff jihadis?

And this choice of words -- how do you arrive at "knock-off" after they were able to pull it off --  having blown up Boston and, knowing now, having spontaneously decided on the fly to head on over to New York City? 

"Knockoff" my ass -- there he goes again....immediately dismissing them like a knockoff Prada; making them sound as if they are half the jihadi they want to be --  definitely under par, and certainly, not of the same caliber as other Jihadists.  Um Mr. VP of everything -- considering the real life outcome -- they turned out to be the real deal, the genuine article, a bona fide homegrown resurgence of going Jihad in every possible way. 

How you escape handsomely from another gaffe narrowly shaving the ears, yet again, is beyond me.

And cowardly?

Are they?  Are they cowards? Or are they just living the Islamic dream?  

I mean, when these two manage to muster the courage to carry two bombs through the streets of Boston -- in a backpack, no less -- and then have the guts the both of them blow up, whether they go down with the pressure cookers, or not.   That takes some ball bearings, no?    Who does that... outside of the movies, or the Middle East, that is?

Of course, the "twisted, perverted" part is spot on, so gotta give you props for that, so rock on with that big, bad Biden self.    [but speaking of twisted, pompous arrogance... can't help but notice how brave you are to speak your mind like that, at the altar and all, knowing that you'll never have to defend yourself and the message up against the rest of the Jihadists in the field, the killing fields, and just waiting in the wings on the side of the road right now for their chance to shine and make Allah happy.  Words like that will travel the social media world wide virtually overnight.  So clearly, our boys and girls in uniform will have to muster the courage to meet that responsibility, that duty...which, lucky for us, just so happens to be just another day's work for them.  oooh-rah!]

But thank you, really.  No, really, thank you, Joe.

For what you have done, in a bloody instant, is grant credibility to Jihadists even existing.  Up until now, this administration has been so careful with what they call it, what it looks like.   But thanks to you, the Jihadi cause, their mission, the caliphate, is all real.  Evil is alive and well and looks like radicalized Jihad in the day to day.   Terrorism --  and the radicalized, extremist, Islamic, Jihadist terrorist that make it -- is a real thing.

Only thing is, according to you, Joe --  the brothers Tsarnaev -- they were just "cowardly, twisted, perverted, knockoff Jihadis'" -- a Jihadist of  a different color.   They don't really count because they did it on their own, and without being 'formally commissioned' from a known terrorist organization.  

They were just "knock-off[s]."   So much so, how can we take them seriously, right?
While don't forget the gist of the comforting words from the president (highlighted just a couple of days ago) -- the tide is receding; Al Queda no longer carries the same punch.  They got nothin'.  They have no leader, so just how could they manage to prevail and keep it up much longer?

If these two boys, just struggling to fit, yet fully capable of throwing together a couple of bombs in their kitchen can do it --  this!  --  anybody can.  I wonder how many people have tried to find the Inspire magazine's article detailing pressure cooker bombs DIY project since the Boston bombing?

As Glenn Beck has pointed out -- 75,000 "students" from Islamic countries have settled in on American college campuses; but the kicker -- roughly 15,000 of them don't even show up for class.  Hmm. Wonder what they do all day?

You see,  the truth is -- Jihadists plan on knocking all of us off -- one by one if they have to -- and don't think twice about it.   And they truly believe Allah wants them to do it.

No belief system...

Cowardly, twisted, perverted, knockoff Jihadis...



After over a decade of being at war against a belief system fixated on the extreme  and this is where we are?

.....with our very own Secretary of State believing they just need to be better educated and get a job...more concerned about listening to Jihadi feelings.... believing that all we need to do is be more open to talking with them... and basically "do a better job of communicating to people what the options of life are. And we’re open. Democracies are open to people participating in the democracy, not killing people. And so I hope that we can all figure out how we translate these better opportunities more effectively in our politics."

Now THAT ties for the most cowardly, twisted, perverted....dumbest thing I have heard in the last two days.

Clearly, it's official, people -- there is a new language in America --  it's called Gibberish;  it sounds an awful lot like bull&%* --  only with a cowardly, twisted, perverted lift at the end of every word. 

With that, now to the kitchen I wander --  for I have a pressure cooker and know how to use it.

Make it a Good Day, G

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