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Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Just a Day to Bounce Off a Little Coolio Thing

Dear America,

This morning finds me deep into admiration for something Calvin Coolidge once said...

"[I will not] surrender to every emotional moment."

Which is hilarious, really...considering that this girl wears her emotions like a Gucci bag -- as in all over the place and wherever I want --  but let's not digress two cents and a mortgage payment in, right?

Then there is also this one...

"There can be no perfect control
of personal conduct by national legislation."

oooooh and this one....

"When depression in business comes
we begin to be very conservative
 in our financial affairs.
We save our money and take no chances
in its investment.
 in our political actions
we go in the opposite direction.
We begin to support radical measures
 and cast our votes
for those who advance
 the most reckless proposals.
This is a curious
and illogical reaction."

For a WHOLE LOT MORE, go here...it will take you to a post by Gary Galles @ Lew Rockwell. It's a fantastic compilation of the best of Coolidge, ironically titled "Silent Cal Had a Lot To Say."

Coming off of one of the most productive, yet relaxing --- and dare I say, suspiciously emotionally calm -- spring break, my visit today will be kept brief.   Besides, if you click into Coolio there, you could very well spend the remainder of the day contemplating all things Cal...not to be confused with all things So Cal from this girl.

Make it a Good Day, G

One of my spring flings included a thirty dollar spending spree at a local used/rare books establishment.   For simply peanuts! I got a copy of Ben Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanack; Thomas Paine's Essential Thinkers; The Spirit of '76 by Becker, Clark and Dodd; an abridged/edited version of John Locke's An Essay Concerning Human Understanding; and for kicks, Woody Holton's Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution (this one I nearly left on the shelf; however, just a couple of pages in, I discovered it's dedication simply said this, "For Gretchen."  So, hello -- if that's not the proverbial coconut bouncing off my noggin, I don't know what is.

And on a more personal note, the strangest of things happened over the weekend...I watched golf -- ON TV! -- again.   It's a rare thing, I know, but how about that Master's tourney?   What a super fun finish!  Let's bring out the "snap cup" [think Elle in Legally Blonde] for the Aussie, Adam Scott -- simply bringing it in the do-over... And for Angel --- an honorable sportsman.  And wasn't it such a sweet thing to watch him maneuver the green with his caddy, and son...And all going down in that glorious rain.

It was a great distraction from the world, no?  What with the pending war with North Korea, the Immigration "reform" bill sitting in the Senate, and the Gun Control/Liberty/2nd Amendment Hostile Takeover still looming...and Tax Day no less [that last link there, is from The Patriot Post...just a place offering a plethora of levity and logic to meet the immediate needs of this highly emotional day.  Stay calm, eat some chocolate, and carry on...

****     this post  *****
was written nearly three hours prior to the horror in Boston.
Let us pray
 for the city of Boston
and every single soul.
For now, my heart breaks.   

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