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Friday, November 2, 2012

It's Time for a Re-Write to Make Things Right

Dear America,

so you know, Joe Biden is still just a heartbeat away from being our president.

now if that doesn't freak anybody else out, then by golly, I am blogging in Florida.

What is with this guy?  He can't even remember where he is...again.

But keeping things real here in G land, this is just my lede into admitting my own horrific error --

you know that sinking feeling when you realize you got a name totally botched?  yeah, well it kicks up a notch or two when you actually have it in writing.   Me, Myself, And I, did just that. Two days ago, and I don't even know how it happened...

...and just when I thought things were really beginning to hum along, too.

So -- my apologies to the father of Tyrone Woods, Charles, and to the rest of my twelve readers on the day.  [I feel like joe, what just happened?   Somehow or other the name became Brown,  instead of Woods, and I am simply beside myself with embarrassment over it...I consider it a huge mistake and it lingered out there for nearly 48 hours until my inner workings of my mind pushed me to follow up on my sense that something was left not quite right...]

You know what it feels like?  It feels like I had spinach stuck between my teeth for two days and I'm just rolling along, smiling, waving hi to everybody...when all this time...I mean, couldn't just one of you of said something, like yo to the stupid girl, you totally screwed up here...

But  allow me steal a phrase from the president ---

let me be clear --

I hate being wrong about anything; I live to get things right in this little day in the life in America, every day....I mean, my goodness, my humongous reputation is at stake, right?   One day, millions of people might read me.    Oh, you doubt?  Yeah, good one, but not talking about the millions...referring to my love to be right.   Just ask my mama how much I love being right....but expect an ear full...yeah, she'll lay it out, alright, and over a few days if you let her... oh, you get it now.

So here's an opinion to start our weekend off on the right foot:

I think Obama's going down.

I think the polls are off; I think Romney will not only win, but he will win with an overwhelming mandate for change.    The RIGHT, just in case anyone hasn't noticed,  is freaking excited!  This is it, folks, we are down to spending the entire weekend and into Monday night, eating pizza and watching football -- and then we vote!   We can do this!  We can do this!

Aw but doncha love how Obama is out there, yesterday in Vegas, and all the press can talk about is how the guy has all of a sudden stopped sounding juvenile, petty, and small-minded about his opponent.   Yeah, according to the great pool of unbiased journalists that follow him around like a puppy dog, the president is  looking presidential, sounding presidential, oozing presidential -- and reacting to this as if they haven't seen it in years.  Oh, you doubt?  Then read this e pluribus unum example:  Obama hits final stretch with message of gravitas...

Shouldn't we expect our president to be presidential round the clock, 24/7, and dare I say, for a full term?

maybe it's just me...

So Obama is spinning the measly 171,000 jobs as a sign  --  that we are heading in the right direction.  True, if that direction looks like this:

And ROMNEY -- once the businessman, always the businessman, he's lamenting the deep dark truth of the matter and stands firm knowing better.  Obama sees hope; ROMNEY sees standstill.   For more news you can use, let's go to Detroit:

"Today's increase in the unemployment rate is a sad reminder that the economy is at a virtual standstill," Romney said. "When I'm president, I'm going to make real changes that lead to a real recovery, so that the next four years are better than the last."

The reality is,  for every one of the  171,000 new jobs, the number of unemployed rose up 170,000, to 12.3 million.  [um, Mr. "I'm not good at math President"  -- isn't that like gaining like a net 1,000 jobs?]   If Obama were able to have retained the same workforce from the day he took office, the real unemployment number would actually be 10.6% .  Oh, you doubt?  Read this from Human Events, the Malaise update for some classic    good     conservative     fun with B'rack and Pain.

Hayward had me right up to the swallowing of the bitter pill end when he ended with this:

"Incredibly, the Labor Secretary actually celebrated this dismal jobs report by handing out candy to reporters.  No word on where she was able to find malaise-flavored candy.  This afternoon, she should lead a parade of reporters to whistle past a local graveyard."
So now let's go to the mad update on Sandy --

Non-Union electrical workers are being turned away in Jersey.  Oh, you doubt?  Go here.

Mayor Bloomberg is insisting on having the NY Marathon come actual hell and high water.  Oh, you doubt?  Go here. Or here, take your pick.

And then there is this -- heartbreaking words from a resident on Staten Island:

"Red Cross is here with hot chocolate and cookies. 
We need blankets, we need pillows, we need clothing. 
We can get hot chocolate and cookies, we need help!” 
Jodi Hannula 

And finally, BENGHAZI.

What a freaking mess.

No matter how you choose to look at all the itty bitty details emerging, no matter which aggregated "time line" you are locked on target to believe, no matter how many times you heard the word "video"  -- the reality is -- we have in our highest office a president who CHOSE to mislead us, lie to us, spread false intelligence for no reason OTHER THAN to save himself and his administration.    All the way through his speech at the United Nations, which was September 25th, by the way, he allowed a lie to fester in what was already an open, pulsing, unimaginable sized wound.

We've covered it.
We've uncovered it.
And we've covered it again, here in G land.

[um Mr. President, as a mom, take it from me, me thinks a Band-Aid won't cut it...just sayin' ...and maybe it's just me]

It was a terrorist attack from the get-go; help was only two hours away; four Americans died.  And a river of lies runs through it -- every highlight, every low-light, points to total disregard for the truth.  Oh, you doubt?  Here's a decent update from the National Review.

And get this -- there are people who are able to point to the Benghazi attack as even being, in part, an inside job.  No, say it isn't so.   Oh, you doubt?  Go here.  Or this.  Or this.

Let's see, where are we now?  Oh right,  IF Obama actually gets re-elected, his presidency will fall right into impeachment proceedings.

DO you want to move forward with more on that?   

Or do you want to make money, get a job, feed your children, keep the lights on, and maybe, just maybe, buy a new pair of shoes?

And in other news, Martha Stewart, the magazine, is set to unload about 33-35 million dollars in operating costs.  Oh, you doubt?  Go here.

No doubt, America's next few days will continue to be a real nail biter when it comes to the election as we inch closer to Tuesday.

And yet, for areas hit hard by Hurricane Sandy -- like for Jodi on Staten Island -- I can only just imagine it....Whether talking about the NY marathon, or the election, or Benghazi, or even the new unemployment numbers unveiled just this morning, @8:30 EDT as expected and just like clockwork -- none of it matters.

Hot chocolate and cookies not only doesn't cut it, it's an insult.  I can only hope she didn't hear Bloomberg call upon the runners to donate a dollar per mile to go to a special fund for the victims.  That news just might kill her.

Let's pull together, America; we are five days away from a fundamental transformation re-write. We are lucky enough to get a do-over every four years, so let's not blow it...again.

Make it a Good Day, G

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