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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Simply a Re-Establishment of the Fiscal Cliff Thing

Dear America,

this is what he does...he demands Washington to step up to the fiscal cliff and do the right thing and then he walks away.

oh and now, he's not just walking away, he's back on the campaign trail.

As IF!

As if, Mr. President; as if we need YOU to spell it out for us; as if we need YOU to tell us how much the falling off the fiscal cliff is gonna hurt.

So first things first today on this happy tuesday -- put down the cheese-steak and get back to Washington.

Now I usually have only unkind thoughts about Mitch McConnell, but today, this girl is quite pleased when I hear him say:
"In other words, rather than sitting down with lawmakers of both parties and working out an agreement, he's back out on the campaign trail, presumably with the same old talking points we're all familiar with," McConnell said in a speech on the Senate floor. "Look: we already know the President is a very good campaigner. What we don't know is whether he has the leadership qualities necessary to lead his party to a bipartisan agreement on a big issue likes this."

um.  We already know he doesn't have the leadership abilities to reach a decent bi-partisan agreement...just look at Obamacare...but we digress.

Of course, the real question is whether or not Milquetoast McConnell has the constitution to hold this position until the bitter end, demanding more from this president.  All I  wanna do is get up in his face and say, "don't blink, don't blink, don't blink!"

If only he also recognized the so-called doomsday reality -- happening fortunately a good ten days after the Mayan prediction comes to pass -- works in the GOP favor.  Ooooh, now come to think of it, perhaps we should wait until after 12-21-12 to decide anything ...just in case... easily saving us a whole lot of extra worries in this holiday season. Who needs more of that, right?

But seriously, I have no idea why republicans are so concerned about the people's perceptions right now.  This is Obama's cliff!  Say so!  This is Obama's tax increase!  Say so!  Just as it is Obama's brand-spanking new health care entitlement that is STILL wholly, fully, unadulteratedly illegitimate. [nice touch, little miss oxymoron's-r-us]

How can you say that, G?

Well let me tell you how:  Because the Supreme Court RE-DEFINED the Affordable Care Act in order to make it constitutional -- making it quite clear, if you all recall, this piece of partisan trash, I mean,  legislation, is a tax.   Congress did NOT approve it as a tax.  If they had to do that --  it NEVER would have seen the light of day in a recession!  It's a 2.4 trillion dollar tax.

Obamacare MUST be re-litigated in the people's house, or it becomes the shining example of  total corruption of the law of the land.

Honestly, I may not always be the sharpest eye pencil in the drawer [in midnight blue], but this makes me wonder -- just who is in charge of all of us right now? All the king's men are seeming a little daft, no? Let me put it another way, this ridiculous oversight is blinding me in neon lights reading unfukeenbelievable.

say it with me, now, unfeenbelievable!   LOUDER!   UNFUKEENBELIEVABLE!

How does that feel?

Feel better?

I feel better.

Alright, alright, this digression is now getting a little unladylike. let me get back on point...

What would it hurt to just put the decision on hold?
Think about it.
Considering nobody seems to have the juevos rancheros to make fiscal solvency a thing worthy of real discussion IN Washington --  just postpone ANY changes for six months or so.  Take the decision out from under the wings of the lame-daffy-duck session, and give it to the new congress -- the 113th, beginning some time after the first of the year.

It's simply a re-establishment of the fiscal cliff.  Done. [It falls right under the Raising of the Debt Ceiling, if searching for precedence and legitimacy...]

Leave the high crimes and fiscal dimes to another day...what could it hurt?

Just picture it -- the holidays could come and go in peace and quiet and good tidings and all.    [You all DO remember the Christmas sponsored by Obamacare, right?  This congress doesn't do Last Holiday Minute well, why give it to them?]

Ahhh just imagine it -- we can dream about nutcrackers and sugar plum fairies again; we can drink hot toddies by the fire with Silver Bells playing on the wi-fi; we can put our heads in the sand for one more chorus of Auld Lang Syne...


we can ring in the new congress, the new year, a new day, a new commitment to exercise more and eat less,  all at the same time.  Isn't that just beautiful...

And yes, indeed...It is my fifth wish [not to be confused with yesterday's "fifth" but was really only the fourth...who can really keep track of the silly dizzy details these days, right.  But don't you worry that pretty little head, when things like that are caught early enough, it's easily fixed.... hmmm there's another lesson there somewhere... oh well, no matter...]

So then, it's settled:
WISH #5:   
Just say No to the Cliff.

Let's move 'the cliff' to the first day of autumn,  
September 22, 2013.
Oh it's a good day.

For one reason, it's synonymous with fall and I just think that's funny.

And two, it's a day hardly complicated with any major holiday that would dramatically frame the decision with foolish compromises under the gun, like usual.  The closest we get to that is possibly 'back to school' night -- but that works, too, doesn't it...

And three, with any luck, it may force the new 113th congress to work all next summer.

And last, but surely not least, it's a good ten days before the happy presidential couple's 21st wedding anniversary -- pretty sure they have already made plans given the timing of their twentieth was debate night 2012.   Not to mention,  asserting a political win in their future -- it gives them something to celebrate   --saving America, what's not to love? (strike up the band with an evil laugh)

so. my work is done here for one day.
Considering I know my limitations.... all ideas with no follow through  -- here's hoping, through the wonder of mental telepathy and crazy dumb-ass luck, this message gets to Mitch right away.  yeah, right...

Make it a Good Day, G

just fyi -- we'll postpone discussion of leadership changes in the house and senate for later (insert smiley face here).

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