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Monday, November 26, 2012

It's the Re-Establishment of a New Day in America Thing

Dear America,

so... it's suddenly back to the re-establishment of everyday life.

just yesterday morning, yahoo's home page had an array of top stories, beginning with the ratings of the nation's top toothpastes ...how to save on one's heating bill this winter... how to spot the healthiest vegetables....and another, even blaming the Black Friday sales slump on Thursday's "Door Buster" deals (what a riot, huh).

In other news -- after some heavy-lifting, finger-tapping, eye-rolling, and finally some soul searching...Bing  --  Cairo is on fire, Israel and Hamas have temporarily called a truce of sorts, Bangladesh deals with unspeakable tragedy,  and as we all know, the EU is still not ready to meet austerity face to face....
Needless to say, the re-establishment of everyday life can be so subjective, no?

As a tsunami of emotion smacks me right upside the head imagining all the warm and toasty homes simply destroyed by Super-Storm Sandy.  For so many Americans this year, Thanksgiving became something totally unrecognizable in the bird's eye view.

It's the Day After that gets us every time.

All of a sudden the perspective changes, doesn't it.  The more reality bites and chews and gnaws at us, the more we have to dig deeper to find our saving grace, muster the strength and courage to rise above it, and  find the will to climb to higher ground -- if only in spirit.  For sometimes -- given the way this wacky world works -- it comes down to the things unseen as the only things we have left.

If anyone is keeping track, little old g thing is about to pull a Gracie Hart (or is it Gracie Lou Freebush?) from Miss Congeniality and make wish number four: " I really do want world peace."

Just knowing how difficult a personal sense of peace is to come by these days -- asking for such a remarkable thing must be like asking from the world for a miracle.

But come to think of it, is peace... for all of mankind....really all that attainable?  Especially considering that we live in a world that nearly every living thing competes against something, some time, if not all the time?   The day usurps the power of the night;  the youngest child in the family struggles to find a place all his own; the smallest fish in the biggest sea fights to stay alive.  We are surrounded, enmeshed, into a world of conflict, competition, surviving on our God-given talents, attributes, stamina, and intellect every single bloody day.

We can't even shop in peace.

Even when in love, we find ourselves madly, deeply a wee bit insane for another person and open ourselves up to never being at peace again -- but in a good way -- and loving every minute of it.  Love shakes us to the core; love hits us like that scene in The Godfather...when Michael Corleone sees Appolonia for the first time -- thunderbolt of lightning, very, very frightening -- boom.  Sure, peace is made, it's there underneath it all; it's made over and over and over again.

Even Greenpeace doesn't use tactics of peace and harmony to make it's voice heard -- they use tactics that disrupt, intimidate, guilt, and vilify business; and in another light, generally community organize to be the community antagonizer.   Does it really help -- or hinder -- in the open dialog in search of community resolution?  Do they think for one moment about the coal-miner's sons and daughters who are fed, clothed, and tucked into bed at the end of every day?  Oh yes, it takes a village, indeed, but not my village.

Even the Sea Shepard group comes knowingly as the good-shepard-obstructionists that they are.

Having said all that -- still -- in a typical day, for the average whale, coming into the start of yet another week in the deep blue sea...what in the world do they eat and how do they get it?

Enough said. and yet, it isn't.

Whales eat nearly everything that eats, sleeps, breathes under the sea - - from smelt to polar bears.  Oh no, say it isn't so...not the polar bears, too.  Give peace a chance?  Really?  Out in the wild?   Tell me, just how do you, Baby Beluga, sleep at night?

[technically, that may very well be a trick question...but attempting to keep your attention upon a whale's conscience here...do you think he cares about the walrus he ate for lunch or the school of tuna he swept up for his mid-afternoon snack?   Does he pray in gratitude for the life force he's about to eat before making his truly barbaric move?]

Even autumn leaves must cling for their lives for as long as they can....until such time they can no longer put up the fight.... as they scramble in the wind and fall to the ground all tattered and torn;  or do we not consider this to be the same thing?   It's alive, isn't it?   It's mother nature appearing as one still small voice gasping it's final breath of life, crumbling in horror of it's seasonal fate.

The GOP is struggling to find it's place in the sun.  Fractured and splintered after an unimaginable blow, some of the establishment are speaking out in a round robin of 'I toldja so'; while others are just looking to take cover with wishy-washy excuses, while still others seem hell-bent on exaggerating the loss, making themselves over with sweeping declarations in order to totally rebuild the party platform on something new and improved and thoroughly apologetic of it's principles. Big mistake.

Earth to the faint of heart inside and outside the beltway -- all in all, re-establishing the establishment is not exactly what we the people have in mind.

This day just so happens to be on the heels of a good day appearing on The Daily Bell, featuring an interview with Steve Forbes.  

"The way you get a bigger tent is by getting your pro-growth, pro-positive future message out. Whether it's reforming the tax code, positively reforming entitlements, instituting a sound money policy including a re-link to gold, stopping the binge spending, you must put forth those principals and policies in a way that demonstrates these are the best ways to enable people to get work, improve their skills and, as Lincoln put it, 'improve their lot in life.' The tent will expand because people want to move forward in a positive way."

Which of course is funny; for it's exactly what I thought the Romney camp was doing -- or rather, did do.   I thought all he did was talk about the big beautiful American tent and the ways he thought, generally speaking, the tent could improve, expand even, starting with five big ideas that he repeated over and over again.

And he did so like a guy who made a career (or three) masterminding the remaking of companies from top to bottom..... the remaking of the Olympics from a mountaintop in Utah..... the remaking of the state of Massachusetts from welcoming women to top organizational positions to modeling a state run health care system from the bottom up.  Romney -- the perpetual entrepreneur and ideas guy -- is a master at delegation; all we had to do was buy the ticket and enter the tent.

Considering G is fully absorbed into the idea re-establishment of everyday life here on this Monday morning in America, dare I say, there was (and still is) something blocking the Romney door of the tent, to the big top, for all the marbles and the big brass ring and hindering the very possibility of the tent to reach it's full expansion, it's greatest potential.  It's called the new 51%.

For some of us -- respective of how times change and seasons turn -- the establishment of everyday life has grown reliant upon a sense of entitlement overriding the sense of self-reliance.    Defining what exactly should be rightfully deemed the order of the day under 'the establishment' is suddenly up for grabs.  The tent that stood for Unlimited Possibility under a Limited Government has been virtually tossed into oblivion.

Read this:  Who Needs God When You Have the State.

The American Establishment is in pieces -- untied and unfurling in the winds of time.

Much like the multi-cultural experimentation going on, leaving the American culture in a made for the 21st century dust bowl -- we have suddenly come upon a day when the duties and responsibilities to America are struggling to survive, being outnumbered by the forces of nature totally, wholly, abusing the rights and privileges.  The roots have no chance.

As sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, this girl feels quite certain her g-mojo-with-a-go-go will return one day.  But until then, peace is not mine; not only that, it may just be the last thing on my mind.  Who can be settled at a time like this?  Who can sleep?   Who can tuck their babies in at the end of the day and think to themselves, my, what a wonderful, wonderful world?    It's just such a sad, sad day for America -- and don't even get me started on the rest of this planet.

[Speaking of which, where is Hillary?   Why isn't her butt back in Egypt giving Morsi a what-in-sam-hill-is going on?   She was so quick to put the fix on Israel...and overnight, Egypt has been swept back into a dictatorship -- yeah, "called it", but whatever -- but America has got nothing to say about it?  Are you kidding me?]

Never you mind.  Back to the story of US.... and toothpaste, and picking the healthiest vegetables and big screen televisions selling like hot cakes....

You know what they say when you're at 35,000 feet and falling like a bullet train -- put your own mask on first...  
Well, it's time.
Welcome back from the holiday weekend; only hope you stored a few of those chestnuts for later; you're gonna need 'em.

[and how about that protest at LAX?  Union members protesting other union members after leaving the union for better jobs and benefits ...too funny.  Of course, not that funny if you had to catch a plane Wednesday]

The thing is, reforming America is hardly synonymous with the re-establishment of everyday life, considering the way things are now, that is.  It's quite the contrary.

It just might take being a nuisance, being an obstructionist, and clinging for life with other like-minded people in peaceful protest for some time to come...under the rule of law, of course, let's not get carried away.

The time for being thankful for all that is good has passed for another year; and just as there is a time for everything under heaven, we enter into a new season... joy to the world!

So without further adieu, in the spirit of taking the first step to the re-establishment of everyday life, it's time for little g to go brush her teeth, get out of her jammies, and go to work.

Make it a Good Day, G

as if we need one more reason to cry this morning...read this story...and then go hug your family...I am suddenly overwhelmed with more emotion I know what to do with for one day.

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