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Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's About Leaving No Room for Doubt -- It's a Confidence Thing

Dear America,

first thing Wednesday, Boeing announced BIG layoffs, cutting 30% of management jobs from 2010; they waited just long enough to see the results of the election, and boom, or is it bust....

Cue the wake up call to America:  a robust economy requires confidence --

confidence in our policies,
confidence in our officials,
confidence in our future costs,
confidence in our investment,

and so on and so on.

The good news:   we know more today than we did yesterday [scratch that,  make that the day before yesterday]

We know.

Today we know Obamacare is here to stay -- businesses will re-calculate the business plan; families will re-calculate the family budget; and doctors, hospitals, insurance companies will react, respond, change, and adapt accordingly.  Everything is known, except, of course, the unintended consequences.

On Monday, Wall Street was anticipating a leader change...it spiked up a wee bit on just the idea of it.

Then we had Tuesday.

Then we had Wednesday...and the market tanked on just the idea of it --- four     more     years. ugh.

Confidence, or the lack thereof, is one of earth's mightiest contagions around town.

ah and the onion goes to "it's inherent virtue... the equal sharing of misery."

"Give a man a fish, 
he is fed for the day; 
teach a man to fish, 
he is fed for a lifetime."  
For more.

So America has changed, sure we get that now... and like a two-by-four across the freshly tweezed brows.

The people have spoken.

"The people" (50% of the people, that is) want free stuff more than their freedom [as Rush would say, do you want more Santa Clause or no, not really]they wish to bequeath to the government full ownership and care-taking responsibility of their own life, believing this chosen life to be more secure.   Hence, we are not moving forward at all; we are spinning our free market wheels backwards...defying history, all logic, self-reliance, liberty and any shred of confidence in our founding principles that remain.

This confidence factor can be so daunting, can't it?

Considering that right now, "The Right"  [the GOP, Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party Patriots]  is being forced to question it's own confidence in it's own beliefs!  Of course, the imbalance of pressure is greatly coming out from the Left, trying to bully us into conceding -- but the real kicker, pundits from The Right are falling for it left and right.

And all I gotta say is why are we so weak?

Where is the firm conviction, standing up for what is truly right against what is truly backwards thinking?  I don't understand this one bit.

The Daily Caller's Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel have posted a pretty good response addressing "what happened," while they also take a glance at overall party confidence.  Go here.

I like clear thinking.

Here's Ann Coulter.

How dare us doubt our truest, purest beliefs of good government; how dare us come in the Day After questioning our candidate as if he didn't earn the party's mandate to run against a behemoth  incumbency election.  Isn't it easy to rush in and be the Monday morning quarterback and mutter wudda, shudda, cudda.

Just where is our inherent, organic, beaming, contagious confidence?  Why are we letting The Left -- and even some of our fellow party members --  pervert our policy, shake our foundation, and otherwise adversely effect our unwavering and steadfast cohesiveness?  Why?  If our confidence in what we believe is truly this weak, then people, if I may have your full attention --  then yes, we really do have problems.

A morning talk show host in San Diego, Mike Slater, touched upon the fundamentals of disseminating the conservative message, basically reminding us that in order to 'sell it' we must live it.   He expanded upon this by asking each and every one of us to do the very thing that needs to be done within our own lives; adding, how can we expect our politicians to do the things that are difficult, hard, requiring a backbone and an air of confidence right from the get go, if we can't do it ourselves. That's called party integrity, through and through.

Clear thinking, at work.  Confidence, in action.

Here's another thought to think about -- it's from Real Christianity, by William Wilberforce.  I'm sure just the thought of it for some of you may make your skin crawl, but just go with it for the moment...Wilberforce is giving "practical hints about authentic faith..." --

"The result is an attitude toward Christianity that is not only negative but also one that is rooted in a faulty sense of intellectual superiority.  The young also have a way of seeing right through the charade of those who profess the faith but don't live the life.  What began as a vague, almost imperceptible doubt soon grows.  By slow and steady degrees, the doubt becomes more fixed in their minds...Doubt becomes greater, not based on evidence, but merely by dwelling in the mind.  Ultimately, doubt overtakes all resistance and controls the mind in matters of faith."

Faith in party affiliation -- in action and conviction -- works exactly the same way.

Where is the courage, folks?

Where is the confidence rooted in real truth, real work, creating real happiness in a real economy in real life?

Where is it?!

How can we expect it to become a contagion of confidence and prosperity for all if we do not believe in it ourselves?   As profound as it may be, it is equally elementary and fair when unleashed and allowed to run free in liberty -- born free or not, in the seen and the unseen, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, whether left or right.  

Real Lady Liberty works in every way, every day, in the real world.  The Right should be so PROUD of what we stand for that it makes heads spin in delight!  We should be dripping with pearls of wisdom, parading a new sense of confidence on our arm every day, and attracting wooers to America's door...

...This morning is a brand new day, indeed; old G Thing is feeling renewed, letting her little pink light shine.  Business is great; people are wonderful; life is beautiful; our Founders are fabulous and CONSERVATIVES rock! Pass it on!

Make it a Good Day, G


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  1. Thanks for renewing the Spirit of the Founders. Free Enterprise works every time it is tried ... Take our small company ... Exports $1.5 million of U.S. goods and services to Asia. This $1.5M 'new' money from Asia increases the wealth of the USA, not just moves $ from one part of USA to another. At $50,000 per household this new money sustains 30 USA families for one year with a reasonable income. This is why America must be a manufacturing country that exports and not just a welfare state that votes for free stuff. I rest my case. GBA ... MTLBYAKY