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Monday, November 19, 2012

It's a Coup Thing

Dear America,

"This is not an endorsement of the government... 
This is an acknowledgment that there is 
a process under way
inside that country 
that even a year and a half, 
two years ago, 
nobody foresaw."

Words of an American president.
No. The president isn't speaking of the United States -- but he may as well be, given his deep rooted disdain that pops up every once in awhile; not to overlook, a re-election campaign affirming a fundamental revolution from the inside out; not to dismiss the daring comments of a first lady still ringing in my ear from the first round, "we're going to have to change our traditions, our history..."....in  America.

No. He's was in Bangkok, on the eve before what is being touted as an "historical," presidential, extension of democratic support for what is just the beginning of a long and arduous process; it's just an American president visiting Myanmar.

 An American President?  Think that's highly suspect and fully debatable, at this point.  He might as well start saying 'we have more work to do' in multiple languages; he's fresh off the campaign trail and back to being the leader of the Free (and not so free) World.

Sure, let's elaborate:

There's the issue of Israel -- the one and only real ally in the Middle East we have --  under fire.... and he leaves Washington?

There's the on-going, unrelenting issues of Benghazi -- the lie that keeps on giving, that is now fully operating under it's own power with a life force of it's very own, and imploding as we speak....and he leaves Washington?

There's the issue of a Fiscal Cliff -- unquestionably a time for real leadership to appear out of nowhere, to command a change of tone in Washington, if nothing else; and, if we are lucky, get something accomplished in a bi-partisan fashion.... and he leaves Washington?

There's even plenty of controversy and  conspiracy looming...like the one about the Blind Sheik here, here, and here....but he wants none of it -- he leaves Washington.

Of course, the American president can leave Washington...finding plenty of time in his schedule to give praise to the "democracy rising" in Myanmar...because the process of transformation in America is now comfortably anchored into his second term.

His administration is emboldened to do more of this.

Changing history with an agenda more like this.

And now let's repeat-a-link, just in case it didn't sink in the first time....with more of THIS.

Are the actions of an American president just cover for more sinister intentions, part and parcel for changing the new world we give a horn-a-plenty of thanks for this week into a new, new world?   Is the inherent anti-colonialism side of Obama rearing it's ugly head, again?  Remember the 'Churchill Bust' bust, here?  Quick link to a short history lesson, here.

Why is he going to Myanmar at all, and especially now?
And on a week we celebrate Columbus running into 'Plymouth Rock' and discovering the new world, beginning the very process of colonizing America and the days leading up to the first Thanksgiving...
Really now, I'm not all that quick to link to conspiracy theories -- but gotta hand it to him, he sure couldn't have planned this little co-inky-dink any better.  While some say, it's too much too soon.

But really now -- how is it that Burma turned Myanmar "gives us hope," Mr. President?   Seems a strange thing to say...did you really mean to leave the impression that America is more lost than a place like Myanmar?

And then there was this moment, written into the speech at the University of Yangon, which began going something like this: "no process of reform will succeed without national reconciliation" and ending...totally interfering between the Buddhist Arakanese and the Muslim Rohingya with something like this:  "[Rohingya] hold within themselves the same dignity as you do, and I do.   National reconciliation will take time, but for the sake of common humanity, and for the sake of this country's future, it's necessary to stop incitement and stop violence."  [country is nearly 90% Buddhist, with the Muslim population less than 5%]

But as the article points out, the "few Muslims in the crowd were delighted."  Note to self: this president never misses a moment to support Islam....simply fascinating.

“hold within themselves the same dignity as you do, and I do. National reconciliation will take time, but for the sake of our common humanity, and for the sake of this country’s future, it’s necessary to stop incitement and to stop violence.”

Read more: http://world.time.com/2012/11/19/obama-in-burma-u-s-presidents-landmark-visit-brings-hope-criticism/#ixzz2CdjnviUN
“no process of reform will succeed without national reconciliation,

Read more: http://world.time.com/2012/11/19/obama-in-burma-u-s-presidents-landmark-visit-brings-hope-criticism/#ixzz2Cdir0atG
hmmm wonder how you say 'curses' in Burmese?

And so what, the American president has nothing to say about Iran supplying missiles to Hamas to shoot at Israel -- other than something to the effect of, 'oh Israel is perfectly capable of defending herself'?  really? 

He put Egypt in charge of the peace talks?  

You have team Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, talking to Islamic Extremists of Hamas, who are quietly doing the dirty-work of the Palestinians of Gaza, all ganging up against Israel, and the president is totally okay with this?  are you for real, playa?

Back to radical Islamic extremists:

Let's take a look at the how things turned out in Bosnia, shall we?

Is this what democracy looks like... in Egypt?  is it?  is it?

As we allow organizations like CAIR to actually operate in the United States...freely...still?   

President Obama may feel he is on the right side of history when he arrives in Myanmar, Burma, tomayto, tomahto, for his six hour visit in a place where democracy is up for grabs.  But make no mistake, when it comes to his duties as the American President, he is failing America across the board.

Of  course, there are some who might say it's on purpose; it's simply part of the process, under way the last year and a half, to two years, or is it four going on eight...in order to fundamentally and diabolically take America down a notch, or two; it's just a process to right a wrong in the history of the world according to the Chosen One.

The good news:   He can leave Washington, but he cannot hide.

The bad news:  He is going to come back.

The thing is -- we are living a lie in America right now.  It will take the work of every pilgrim, pioneer, patriot from this day forward to correct it.

The question keeping me awake and into "the process" these days -- is the president part of the solution, or is he part of the problem?  [that's totally rhetorical, of course]

Make it a Good Day, G

the deluge of links in this post got a wee bit out of control...somehow or other, the conditions today left little old g thing vulnerable to a coup-de-link-d'etat.  But you might be happy to know, this day has to run for two...given my schedule this week...so take your time plugging through it, if you will.  Crazy things are happening right under our noses and it stinks to high heaven.

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