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Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear America,

Self-Reliance is color blind; and it is this natural, unwritten law and order in America -- of a society under the spell of self-reliance and liberty in all forms and every function -- that this country was designed.  Self reliance is what makes a man a man, and magically turns those of humble beginnings into presidents or movie stars, almost overnight.

I am shocked that someone with a Big P followed by a little h and d could be so far off her rocker; especially for someone who specializes in politics - media - gender - and race, of all things.  Who am I referring to with such disdain?  A Caroline Heldman -- and currently, resident idiot at Occidental, Los Angeles.

Yeah, and who am I with no Big P followed by a little h and d to say?  Whatever.

...just a girl who is well endowed by my American label, that's all.

Ahhhh...sweet Caroline...along with Bill O'Reilly and a brilliant professor from Georgetown University, Dr. Christopher Metzler (both often featured with Mr.Bill) ... but anyway, the guys brought down the poor dear and her racially charged ignorance to a new low.  How can someone so well educated be so off base? 

She basically said that the drop in Obama's favor-ability poll numbers is a sure sign of the bigots and prejudice still foraging through our roots, as if it couldn't be simply an issue of policy -- I mean, how could anyone not like the man's fundamental transformation of our entire world, almost overnight?  C'mon...right?

How can she be so stupid?

Oh, so we don't like Obama now because of the color of his skin. 

Really, Caroline?

If that were the case, then you are also saying that 53% of Americans who voted FOR HIM in 2008, only did so for the same reason....is that the case there my little pretty?  Were we only motivated to buy into it because he was an articulate, handsome, black man who had enough charm to tease half a nation into thinking he was the answer to all our prayers (all that and a centrist, too)?

Unless you happen to BE black, the people who voted for him did so for a reason -- the least of which was his natural tawny glow.

But oh the irony now; for really, as a man who is half black and half white, we put that together and what do we get?  Gray.

What we thought we were buying into is not like anything in what we got; some call that buyer's remorse, others call it stupidity.  Either way we are left with gray area all around.

Instead of being the great unifier -- he is orchestrating astounding waves of separation.

Instead of being mindful of the waste in spending -- he has the audacity to spend even more.

Instead of being bi-partisan, and deliberating legislation under the veil of transparency -- he is mocking the conservative voice, and fundamentally changing America behind closed doors, or worse, simply dictating with Executive Order.

Instead of standing behind his position of believing "marriage is between a man and a woman" as he did in the campaign -- he is demonstrably not saying a word as liberal judges overturn centuries of precedence and a vote by popular decision.

Instead of waiting before jumping to conclusions -- he is casting dispersions upon the white officer, he is firing a black woman, as he hesitates to say so much a word from anywhere from three days to a two weeks before offering up a presidential response to terrorism in our own backyard.

You know, the liberal elites love to paint the conservative right as bigoted Christian extremism at best; but what is it about Christianity that scares them so?  For if they honestly studied religions of the world -- the Jewish faith, the Islamic faith, the Mormon faith, the faiths that follow a loving God, and value the teachings of family, community, reverence and grace under the watchful eye of a peaceful Omnipotence to guide us in our day -- we would find common ground everywhere; a kind of common ground that unites us, settles us, brings forth a feeling of love towards our fellow man; it is the kind of common ground and faith that sustains us, and nurtures the things which strengthen our community -- not divide, weaken, conquer, despise and spit back out.

The mosque situation in New York is a perfect example of how this would work in one fell swoop -- let all churches and synagogues and mosques congregate together under one roof, as in the 21st century town square.  IF in fact the Imam has only pure and good intentions, let the mosque become that which facilitates all faiths to come together out of mutual respect and common love for all people -- why does it have to be this celebratory sword through America's heart?  Where is Obama in creating a community center that is truly a bridge to somewhere real and good and true?

That's what I thought we would get when all of YOU voted for him.

For most of us -- and I would be willing to bet my life on this --  had the same thing in mind when Barrack Hussein Obama was elected; we really thought he had the experience and the chemistry and the restraint to see America back from "the brink" of utter disaster in most every way, shape and form.  The people believed that he was the one -- and I can only hope it wasn't for the color of his beautiful brown complexion -- for if that were true, how in the world could we have been so lame!

But for Caroline to diminish our intellect and question our ability to see beyond the color of this president's skin is simply outrageous in this day and age.  Her line of thinking is offensive, divisive and ignorant of forty years of real growth and overwhelming desire to build a better America in each new day.  I find it hard to believe that people actually pay for this kind of propaganda in schools, but who am I kidding, doinky doink der der dah dah blah blah da, I'm just a stupid girl with nothing better to do than pick Caroline apart today.

What we are seeing in our president,  identity crisis  and all, are a few fundamental factors being played out after the truth has settled (and well after it was long overlooked or ignored):

  • the overwhelming insecurity of never having a true father figure in his most important, formative years(showing up only later and coming under the disguise of Marxist teachers and rebellious community organizations);
  • the unattachment to most things "American" having been raised by the voice of a collective mother or the despised white maternal grandmother -- leading him to this point today -- with nearly sixty percent of all Americans significantly challenged by our country's new-fangled, wayward, anti-american philosophy and general direction brought to us by this presidency.
  • the questionable mentor-ship of a man preaching "black liberation theology" for twenty years -- all being well in good in the eyes of our president until the day he wanted to become our president.
If we really took a moment to look at this man who is now our president -- while if the media allowed for us to see beyond the color of his skin, and to the core of his beliefs and background, without making our questions appear as racists and demagoguery shenanigans -- perhaps the man would have been seen for who the man really is.

The trouble with raising a society of self-reliant people is dealing with the out-pour of outrage when we have been taken for a ride; when you put the man all together, he is neither black or white from all sides -- and it is this gray, that continues to spray a lovely mist upon our rose-colored glasses that has us seeing red.

All I can say is thank God my salvation does not rest in a collective salvation -- a belief the Big O proudly professes; and thank God he is finally showing his true colors now -- if you are a real American, his policy, and just his policy alone, truly blows -- and thank God that finally, the polls (aka we the people, minus people like Caroline) know it, see it, and believe it too.

Make it a Good Day, G

Hey, side-note:
remember how yesterday's theme included a taste of Marilyn Monroe...
Yeah, I had no idea it was the anniversary of her death here in the hollywood hills of California...doinky doink der-y-der...
Is the universe magnificent or what?  I had no idea, I was clueless, but something else made it so...
that kind of stuff just gives me goosebumps.

George Michael rocks it out today...click it...dear america...

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