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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear America,

Happy Monday.

Ah, we are such emotional creatures, aren't we?  And when things don't feel right, our 'all systems are go' can get shut down, shut out, turn upside down and backwards complete with a blinking red light and siren without so much as a warning bell -- we just go full stop, or full speed back, throwing in a few maydays as we go along.

This morning, I am trying to get around the latest expectation blown to smithereens of our current president -- without  going the distance of ranting and raving about the lack of attention when it was surely due... way back when... while we were mindlessly being suffocated under a wave of campaign promises and the larger than life ideals of just a man being introduced to us -- speaking of his no religion, too.

Thinking back to the days of Denver, with halos and strobe lights and violins, oh my.

What do we expect after electing someone  who by all appearances and staging, came to us like the second coming of Christ, orchestrated by every living detail as to how it would look, and sound, and more importantly, feel, to all those in attendance and watching from afar, from nearly every part of the world; we gathered enough information to come to some realization of knowing how HE would make us feel if he were president, and then all googly-eyed welcomed him with open arms.

It was girls day at the movies yesterday, we saw Eat Pray Love, and it was good; do you think that has anything to do with my thought pattern of choice today.  Oh yes indeed, opinion and feelings matter...in absolutely every fundamental factor of being human; who we choose to share our life with matters from the little world of romance we keep, to the macro sense of being in relationship with anyone and everyone, including a president.

What we do know, without the need for bells and whistles, is that things change; we evolve and grow in every endeavor, sometimes on a personal level all by ourselves, and sometimes all together as one big happy family, and sometimes as a community, while even still, as a nation.  When not on full stop, we keep moving forward little by little, and sometimes in one fell swoop.

As long as things are understood and agreed upon (including the option of agreeing to disagree), we can move along just fine -- for in that agreement there is beautiful clarity shining the light for what lies ahead.

There is a poll -- a mass of opinion, a compilation of feelings -- from last Thursday stating that the largest share of people -- 43% -- said they don't know what " his religion" is;  this comes to us in the same package as 18% say Muslim, 34% say Christian. All in all, we are confused.

But who can blame us, right?

In all the times our dear president has rallied the troops and has said the words, 'let me be clear,' he is once again, muddying the water by his lack of taking a real position, whatever it may be; and make no mistake, wherever that answer may lie in truth, is world's away from where we are today.

The welding cannot hold much longer; we will explode if we don't get the weight of the unknowing-ness off our back.  For it is this lack of clarity that is stirring what is deep inside to feel nothing but insecurity; for most of us, I would think, we just want to shake him, and find the key that would unlock every worry and concern from ever entering our mind, for we just want to know, for sure, without a doubt, as clear as a warning light intermittently reminding us -- we are now in the state of plan B, get used to it and get over it.

Let's see, how did Eat Pray Love put it so eloquently, "send love and light, and drop it."

We can deal with whatever follows, but the one thing that puts us -- and everyone in our sights -- into catatonic all systems failure is the immediate danger of lack of decision, the inability to navigate through the grey area while in the valley of our discontent, with beating heart and anxious soul leading us down.

It is not so much in the answer that he, the president, may ultimately exchange with us that will harm us -- it is his conscious inability to take a stand in the heat of the moment and simply give us a clear sign as to who he is and sticking to it -- we expect of our Commander in Chiefs to take command, if nothing else; but here we are in the state of what is, hooking up with what was, having a heck of a hard time in the blending of the two:

  • it (confusion) could begin, say, from birth, Muslim father, socialist mother, Muslim stepfather, raised in Muslim Indonesia for his most impressionable, childhood years, as Barack Hussein Obama (a middle named he dropped when in full campaign mode)
  • it was his past twenty years rolling, yippy skippy, in the audience of a Black Liberation Preacher, under Dr. Jeremiah Wright, who was widely known as family and mentor, and not until the people took issue did the man we now know as our President, drop him, batta-bing batta-boom, out of his life;
  • it was his first jaunt around the Middle East apologizing for America's behavior, while dismissing wholeheartedly our Christian roots -- rewriting our nation's birth and history and character, without apologizing to those left behind upon his return;
  • it is surrounding himself with radical left wing, Marxist mentality czars, who would still be in the thick of things if not for the hair-raising concerns of a few patriots demanding answers;
  • it is brazenly declaring "as a CITIZEN, and as president" saying they "have a right to build, for this is America, you know..." and turning around the next day as a simple citizen saying in essence, "yes but, I didn't say it was the right thing to do" and on top of that, throwing salt on the wound adding, "but let me be clear, I have no regrets."  (ixnay on both way-sy-nay)
The thing is, the definition of what is, is.

Meanwhile, all of the presidents men have come to his rescue -- denouncing the latest polls -- and as luck should have it, me thinks went on a media blitz professing a wee bit too much -- for now his cover's been blown, he can't carry on business as usual without his intentions preceding him; for IF his heart is really not in it, IF his Christian beliefs were only filling a need to complete the package for qualification as an American president to be, IF it's not really him -- we will not only know it at every level, 20,000 leagues under the sea or not, we will deal with it the only way we know how...at the polls.

And periscopes up, we can't be any more clear-er about that, can we.

And it would not be his new religion that would be so unsettling -- it would be the masquerading as the something he's not.

And then, after the new-ness has worn off, what remains at the end of a day is the shape of a relationship we can no longer recognize.  No worries, motoring along, sometimes things just happen -- things jump in our path unexpectedly, things we assumed were there are no longer in view, things we thought would happen become only a dream of what could have been.

And then again, maybe even the Muslim world is confused -- 83% of Muslims held an UNfavorable view of the United States when Bush was still president; today, strikingly, it is at 85%, under Obama. 

As a human -- Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Whatever -- the only thing we can do is save ourselves first; we send light and love and drop it.  All else shall be added unto you in due time; the pieces will fall into place; for there are no accidents; the heart will heal and become whole, just in time to turn it over to something else. 

The only bells and whistles that will sound off will be the lasting assurance deep inside that we are part of something far greater than what stands before us in man, any man -- and only then, the seen and the unseen have a real chance to come together in a magical dance that elevates our world and lifts us up just when we need It most.

The movie leaves us with lingering thoughts...like in this one: only from ruin comes transformation; wow, talk about speaking loud and clear to me; while the final scene of the crossing over lends itself to the moment of living in the here and now, this happy Monday that it is.

Crossing from unknown, back to known, and once again back into unknown is what we do --  while we hardly expect it, or in the least bit admire it, coming from a president and all -- Julia did it with not only full on clarity all the way to the end, but with her Mona Lisa smile leading the way. 

Does Martha's Vineyard have a movie theater?  With a little luck, an act of fate perhaps,  we will get news of Michelle dragging her man to one of the best chick flicks I've seen in years -- and just maybe, force him to talk about his feelings over gelato afterward -- I believe a little more clarity less uncertainty would make all the difference in the world (praying on it wouldn't hurt either, just pick a mat or pew and stick with it, sitting on the thin line between doesn't bring us to our happy place).

We can only hope -- and eat, and pray, and love while we wait.

(whatever it is, we can deal, mr. president.)

Make it a Good Day, G

Harvest Moon, Neil Young, is playing on Dear America this happy Monday morning, and it goes out to you, and you, and to you too, and especially to you, baby

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