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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dear America,

Another day, and another Day After...

Happy Birthgray, Mr. President, happy birthgray to you...
(sing it like you mean it and little like Marilyn would do it. it's more fun)

Nothing like going home to roost in Chicago for an evening to celebrate the big day, is there, Mr. President.  So how was it?  How was Oprah?  Anybody else we would know toasting to the occasion, or is that information not even suitable for Wikileaks?  From a distance, looks like you had to leave before cake, but appearances are everything. 

Now, let me get this straight, while you gallivanted off to see the homeboys, a couple of your girls are in Marbella?  Spain?  Is that, like, to help their economy --  you know, similar to how you promoted the Gulf... that it's still open for business, you'all come on down now, sort of thing...just before you jet up to Maine?

You recently made the observation, that almost not that much has changed for you, as in when you said, "it wasn't that long ago, ahh, Michelle and I had two young girls to raise...high credit card balances..."  yeah, yeah, you are just like us...I knew it!

but then, you guys keep flying off somewhere (Netherlands, France, Hawaii, Spain...just to name a few...and that's just some of the places outside the continental United States)  or throwing parties, or concerts, or just taking in a round of Golf...

but then there is this...

you are
"a fellow citizen of the world" (memories of Germany, during the campaign)...

that you happen to be president of the most generous, prosperous sovereign nation for all ages, at this place and time, regarding your  RSVP, regrets only...

So Spain, is it.

Interesting, as I was just hobnobbing around the resort links this morning, Villa Padierna is quite something.  And for all you out there just itching to hop on a plane and go there tomorrow, go to this link via "luxury hotels of Marbella..."

You will not be disappointed; part of the Ritz Carlton organization, so you know, it's gotta be good.

One thing though --

apparently, as word got out about Michelle and Sasha's destination, a few of the common people questioned the locale...I didn't really pay too much attention, other than the fact it is now widely known to be a place for fugitives and criminals to hang out (or hide), and considered a lovely playground for wealthy Arabs.  But your secret service must have figured that out already, I'm sure they will be just fine, nothing to worry about.

But I can't help but wonder why the need for this kind of association with your family -- that is, unless of course, these are the kind of people you dig surrounding yourself with...I don't get it ...but you must know what you're doing.

And just for future reference, the way we do mother-daughter days out west, is more like a trip to the mall for an orange julius and snatching up a buy one-get one on a pair of shoes; oh, did I say orange julius, I mean, a Jamba Juice -- boy, almost gave away my age; with a few steps in my brand new Sketchers, crossing an ocean doesn't usually fall under that.
So the media had a Grecian Formula moment for you nearly all the way around; how did that make you feel?  As I can't help but notice the bit of touchy-ness you seem to possess.

Lot a focus on the gray areas; and certainly not to be confused with your politicking.  For most things, you have been clear from day one, sometimes too forthright in that clarity -- as in coming a bit too soon; but I would be remiss if I didn't say, some areas still need  a little work.

Namely, that health care legislation -- you said it wouldn't be a tax -- now it is. (that is kinda gray) that we could keep what we have (gray)  that it wouldn't add to our deficit (gray)...

Another, saying things like, the federal government is in charge of securing the border, but apparently not until you get what you want with snagging the Hispanic voter block with comprehensive immigration reform... (that is kinda gray, does he or doesn't he?)

Another, as an example of not speaking up when you should, making things gray when it should be black and white -- like to the Imam in New York who wishes to build a celebratory mosque near ground zero.  You know, I've noticed that you sometimes like Bushie's ideas -- so FYI, if he were in office right now, he would just tell this guy "NO" bye-bye (and kinda shoo him away like a fly, or smash it...)   Now, he, happened to be a little gray before he got there, but by the end...whoa nelly...he couldn't get back on that horse to Crawford fast enough.

Now for me, personally, given that four months out of the year we share the same age -- I immediately looked in the mirror... and was like, oh my gosh...thank God I'm not president; and then I think, oh my gosh, someone my age IS.  It's fascinating really; and kinda scary; not that age is a concern in and of itself...I mean, he could have enough life experiences necessary (to change everything).  But getting back to me, can I still count my grays on one hand, kinda...but I'll never tell; though a vacation on a plane to Spain in the rain has a lovely ring to it.

I gotta say, though, the day after your birthday has been one to remember; never in my right mind would I have thought you would have successfully fundamentally transformed our America so much -- it's like the purple majesty has this blanketed shade of gray all over it, unrecognizable really.

Oh well, I wonder what Michelle is eating right now -- maybe a little piece of leftover cake in your honor.

Me and my girl got up at five in order to pick up donuts and hightail it down to Mt. Soledad -- the memorial still standing looking over all of Mission Bay and downtown and La Jolla -- most notably with the big CROSS on top (the one that an atheist around town continues to fight to take down) -- it has names of San Diego's finest lined up all around the edge of it. 

We were there to simply see the sun rise, which in continuation of May gray, morphing into June gloom, sliding into no-fry July, August seems hellbent not to cooperate much in the fundamentally changing the summer weather department (unlike the USDA...with a little dust up from a stirring game changer coming out of the back forty). 

No bother, with or without the sunshine, it didn't matter; for it isn't about the weather and it isn't about the where -- it's about the who.

In that moment, there isn't a Ritz on earth that could compare...ahhh, but why am I telling you, you know what I mean...and I hope your birthgray was really swell, too.

Make it a Good Day, G

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