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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear America,

"Every country has the right to impose and enact their laws ... But I tell you that all the Mexicans and the Latins that are living here in the United States are hardworking people -- people who want to improve on their quality of life."

...so says the newly crowned Miss Universe, Jimena Navarette of Mexico, so it must be true.

I didn't watch the spectacle, complete with the bandanna-man and all-American rocker playing out each of his nine lives all on TV, Bret Michaels -- with the latest being drowned in a sea of the most beautiful women in the world (oops, universe); I occasionally catch the Miss America pageantry -- for what would you expect from an American girl -- but once it escalates to full on global annihilation with hairspray and boobs, you lose me.

"Her triumph is a source of pride
and satisfaction for all Mexicans,
who see in her the fruits of perseverance,"

Mexican President Felipe Calderon

...her victory would help Mexico's image, you know, as a country...given the firestorm of late...apparently merrily merrily tweeting to all his fans immediately following the event.

awww and it was so close too for Miss Philippines, until she had to tell the world all about her biggest mistake, blah, blah, blah, and what she learned from it or how it changed her life or the top ten teachable moments she could come up with under a minute...and this is what she said:

"In my 22 years of existence, I can say there is nothing major..."
Venus Raj said.

Yeah, no.

Can't think of anything at all.

No sir ree, been done near perfect, everything spot on, nearly every one of my twenty two years, doink y derr dee doo.   Excellent, Venus.  Absolutely brilliant.  Your parents must be so proud.

No worries, even the big girls can make mistakes; let's mozy over to Daisy Khan (any relation to Ghengis?), she told Sally Quinn of the Washington Post this:

"a community center for everyone in the neighborhood,
 to scale up and build up people of all religions
 has become so skewed.
It's hard for us to imagine
we are in the thick of a controversy like this.
The Republicans are really going after us."

No, Daisy Duke, AMERICANS are really going after you (and more bad news, you probably won't get the crown for Miss Congeniality either)... as you sit in one of your many glass houses (you will love this, article from Canada Free Press -- "Because without America there is no free world" is on a mission to fill in the blanks and maybe help save the universe), probably missing a glass slipper or two, preaching the Cordoba lesson of  religious tolerance while on ABC Sunday morning accompanied by a fellow liberal elitist, Christiane Amanpour, answering the loaded question with burqa off:

"it's not even Islamaphobia...it's beyond Islamaphobia...it's pure hatred against all Muslims... [throwing in a] deeply concerned [for good measure, but then totally blowing it by adding, it's like, you know, like]...metastasized anti-semitism...[or something] "

oh me oh my.  And next week, watch Housewives of DC Imams -- Gone Rogue.

Something you once said, Daisy, is still in my head and I can't seem to shake it; in the midst of pleading your case for the umpteeth time, you made the claim of the simple truth that Islam is a "religion of law;" right, and just so we're clear, she's got a name, Sharia.

You see, this is where we split paths; in America, our rule of law is separated from our religion.  But don't get me wrong, initially, our society and budding culture grew from our faith, taking to it, like, you know, like individuals coming to the well where all good camels come to drink.  It was so refreshing, really, not to have a government tell you what to believe, or like, how many times to pray.

In the beginning, there was Light; and our founding fathers birthed our society, and wrote a Constitution, and deeply rooted our budding culture beholdened to our immaculate faith in God, a Supreme Being, a Higher Power, to lead the way -- separated but united -- with the duty to remain solely upon the individual inclinations, personal allegiances -- for the good of the community and for the good of the church -- as long as nobody gets hurt -- to each their own.

Everyone keeps falling back to the attitude that "it could never happen here, in America" as a way to bridge the gap and answer the most important question facing America today, how does the western culture -- and more specifically, America's Constitutional Rule of Law -- blend with the Middle Eastern law, Sharia?  How does that look? 

In a response we might all understand, not pretty.

Read this from the American Thinker. (the Brits are well down this road to no return already)

The location of the NY Mosque was chosen because it fit the dress, burqa and all; matter of fact, a piece of baggage, parts of a plane, hit the mark so spot on, it turned out to be a real winner; it was absolutely perfect to build a monument of the Twin Towers falling to the ground, GROUND ZERO, with Islamic extremism on board to meet their final fate, along with 3,000 Americans; nah, when it comes to building up community relations and bringing down the house, making a community center we can all be proud of instead of a celebratory chapel, bringing a community together versus dividing it by rhetoric centered around religious bigotry living and reigning over the right thing to do...nah, I can't think of any mistakes, can you?

So, once again, here's to world peace on a roll on this fine Tuesday morning...

I want to thank my parents, for without their love and support I wouldn't be standing here in front of you today...and I want to thank all mexicans and latinos who have twittered their support, for you are All GOOD  people and would never break a law or do anything bad towards another human being -- all you, my people, have ever wanted was a place to call home, maybe free medical care to call your own, and would never hurt a soul. But most of all, I wish to thank God, for this is a shining example of um, the manifest destin-ism, and untitedism for all, first Arizona, and now the Universe,
now let my people go... fly, be free,  for thee I sing...

make it a good day, G

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