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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear America,

Goooooooooood Morning, Amerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrica!

There is something in the air, can't quite figure out what it is quite yet, but I feel a change is coming...no,  I know what it is.

For those of you who know me, fall is my favorite time of year -- and that, I smell, is right around the corner, right next to the Starbucks and five and dime.

But first off, I had to sit out a day for reasons being, one, my girl was in need of her mama, and for two, I was lingering over a happy moment from the day before...a moment when someone more left meets someone more right comfortably somewhere in the middle of understanding and mutual respect.

In the words of my new best friend, Jennifer, speaking much like someone -- and as one who does not identify herself as a conservative -- coming to meet me for coffee or a glass of wine:

"lets me understand what I think must be true of most folks who on the surface seem to have different politics.  We all want life to be better and more coherent -- I think we just interpret history differently, and have a different sense of what power is." 
I get such a thrill when east meets west, when north meets south, when left meets right, when just simple thoughts connect us at a level we can effortlessly recognize and understand -- at the heart.

I have no idea how left she leans, or how front and center she might sit, but it doesn't really matter in this moment, for the connection was made and is real...and it feels good.

That's all I'm saying.

It feels good...and thank you, Jennifer, for showing me how possible the impossible can come about.

And isn't that what America is all about, really...the melting into one nation, indivisible, with justice and the pursuit of happiness for all.

We came together, as a nation, from birth, with guarantees to no one -- and only getting a whiff of the possibility of what the pursuit of happiness might bring, as evident in those who came before us;  the making, the inventing, the creating,  the engineering, the showing up somewhere for an honest days work was in the air all over America, but the breathing it in, the embodiment was all up to us; taking that whiff all the way to market was entirely up to the individual, and by design -- and should still remain.

The wanting to learn, had to come from deep inside us.

The ambition to make something of ourselves, in spite of whatever wrongs came down our path, had to come from a deeper place, one that very possibly may be hidden and hard to find.

The talent, the skill, the action to fulfill our every dream and put bread on the table, could only be unhinged and let loose with our own two hands, our own two feet, our own determination to make it here, there, or anywhere.

What the article of radical homemakers stirred up for me, was the resurfacing of this inner strength and conviction to change our circumstances, to repair what is broke, to rebuild what's in shambles, to reignite what is inside us.  We are at will to change both our homestead and the community in which we live -- and need nothing more than the inherent power within us all, equally and fairly, to do it.

We don't need affirmative action to get there.

We don't need the government's help to get there.

We don't need anything but what is already inside us.

I have actually been going through a really rough time -- this year has seen more change, more upside down circumstances, more mishaps and wrong turns, than one girl should ever have to endure. While in this moment -- with fall in the air and an appreciative word from my new best friend -- the hardship can be easily hidden from view to the outside.  G can tap away as if not a care in the world.

Little do you all know that right here and now, I sit seemingly content most days only because my little tush hit first.

Oh, but for those who do know, I get affirmations daily from angels unaware and distant family who feel me without even saying a word.

If you will indulge me for a second, let me share the latest ha-ha moment -- via my mama from east coast to west.  She is famous for clipping out things she would love to buy for you, but sending the picture instead; and I know right there, it sounds like a dig, but it isn't!  It is pure love expressing -- as it is clearly in touch with a feeling, an emotion, and from across the miles it is instant connection, like no more dial up -- just high speed, in the vein, fireball of love...can you feel me now, kind of thing.

Anywho, she sent a worn corner of a catalog showing a paperweight.  On this "made in Rhode Island of lead-free solid pewter" said the words from Winston Churchill,

"If you're going through hell, keep going."
Nahhhhh, I thought I'd stay awhile...

That's what I am talkin' about.

This is the American spirit at work, through the mind of a brilliant Brit, at it's very best. (I love Churchill, remember now, it was Kennedy who made him an honorary citizen one day in the Rose Garden...gotta show some love for that, too...you see what the changing of a season into fall does for me...oh, you get me now...)

For $35.00, you too can have this little reminder, and support the craftsmen of Rhode Island, by going to www.uncommongoods.com/ or calling 888- 365 - 0056...and no, I know what you're thinking now, G is not being paid for the plug, so have at it.

The thing is, today, I feel like America is in a state of some sort of purgatory; it's like we can't decide which way we are going to go.  Do we stick with what has worked for 234 years, that which has been at times rocky for sure, but at best, steadfast and pure of heart and good intentions for so long; or do we allow for the diversity and uncommon politics to get the best of us, not meeting somewhere in the middle, not bridging the east with west, not bringing the south north, and not taking the opportunity of finding that place found hidden in the soul, at the heart of a nation, and as leader to the free world?

And not only are we in the midst of this confused state, we are paralyzed in the motion of pointing fingers everywhere but to our very own root cause; for it is easier to look to the problem outside of ourselves, somebody Else's fault, fate, circumstance, bad timing, poor judgement, wrong turns, the previous administration, improper business practices, lying, cheating, corruption and overall fatigue, blaming it all on anyone else, but our self.  (and of course, while there, in the muck on the bottom -- no really the bottom, bottom-bottom, can't get any worse or lower or out of this world bad --  in Sarah Bernhardt style -- take on the victim mentality, whine and cry and the whole shebang...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah....woe is me.)


We don't stand for that in America.

Adversity is a test of time and tolerance and tenacity and transition; our ability to transcend emotionally, mentally, spirtually and ultimately physically, is everything -- and thereby builds a life.

Another guardian angel and kindred spirit of mine, reminded me recently of this, let's just call him "Fred":

"There is a philosophy that says the universe keeps giving us opportunities / lessons that we need to work through / come to terms with and accept before we can move on to something new."
I guess it is just that for some of us, and I'm not pointing fingers here, just haven't re-founded that same level of -- understanding, if you will?

(and not for people like Jen, can I call you Jen? my new best friend -- and for God knows, not me either, even when all I really want to do is sit and wallow in it here and now, along with a box of bonbons and Kleenex, notwithstanding looking straight out my window to the gorgeous August afternoon)

We may not all agree on the surface, but deep down, we know each other and want what's best for each other, and want a life better for our children than we wish for ourselves, and maybe even have a chance to bake our own bread occasionally and go to the farmer's market while we do it, all in the peace and quiet of a nation melting into one body, with the welcoming spirit of fall keeping the company of strangers, angels, and new friends -- for this is the United States of America, and a good morning it is.

We are never too far apart as one nation under God, call It whatever you will (even Allah, works, when we come in peace and mutual respect); we are not that far apart, indeed.

What we have here, is a breakdown in communication; we have lost something in translation; we have mass confusion and frustration going on as we all hit rock bottom not on our bums, unfortunate enough, but upon our noggins; some of us will bounce back all on our own, others will stay for awhile mistaking the circumstance as final fate; but everyone, from left to right, will look to the leaders of this nation and seek clarity, concern, compassion, conservative and wise spending, complete honesty, continuity in the principles and values that have been tested through all time and society's large and small -- and perhaps, if it is comes up in conversation, a whole lot less of pointing fingers.

But in a nutshell falling from our family tree, a government built upon self-reliance was the key to our success, the meat with our potatoes, the duality of outcomes equal to all people, in principle and with every day proper use.

Albeit that somebody else decided for me, but President Obama is my president, too; a sense of understanding of this great duty is all I ask of him and of anyone farther left who wish to further rub the raspberry on my buttocks.

All we really need is the return to the Golden Rule, and just maybe, we have half a chance to grow that garden of Eden we always wished we had, or just maybe, we could spin the air and move mountains and somehow create the heaven on earth for all people of all politics, and just maybe, a couple of girls, who on the surface appear to be going in entirely two different directions, can find themselves sipping out of the same fountain. 

A girl can dream, can't she?

Make it a Good Day (because nobody else will), G

we all have a gift to share; we all have a casserole to bring to the table; we all have the ability to come together, and not be torn apart through bad politics...catch the video on Dear America, please.  be inspired to be part of the solution (and there are many)....the choice is ours, individually, and collectively everything will correct itself...

Little Jackie is an angel, divinity in action, and an American Girl  for us all.

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