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Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear America,

Guess I didn't have much to say yesterday; you know what I should have said?  I should have just plastered a big shout out of


for the day and be done with it...

only, just find the idea of the President of the United States not having any further comment, at a time when a radical American President statement is most warranted and needed, utterly shameful.  Sure, he is acting presidential -- for he has every right and privilege, as both citizen and president, to scoff off such insidious duties such as this -- speaking up; but is it the right thing to do?  Especially in light of the fact that he already jumped into the pool with both feet; I guess he misspoke -- or he had absolutely no idea the water would be so cold.

Welcome to America, Mr. President.

the cold, racist, intolerant, bigots that we are, right?

Nope, that's not exactly true, is it.

We just speak up when we see something being done that's wrong, that's all.  We speak up in our homes, we speak up with our teachers, we speak up with our congress, we speak up with our community leaders, we speak up with our ministers, we speak up with our children, we speak up as individuals, groups, en mass or alone.  WE SPEAK; and it is good.

Something beautiful was captured on the front page of this morning's local section of the newspaper, from the San Diego U-T -- a picture of our latest addition to our Wild Animal Park's elephant family, Emanti; he was born May 12, so that makes him a Taurus... like as in The Bull but more like an elephant, strong willed and headstrong, but a true thinker; they thrive on security, seldom lose control; they are of the earth -- representative of the art, beauty, and strength, and shown to be seldom, if ever, vain.

Emanti means "water" in Siswati, the language of Swasiland, as the U-T makes known for those of us not well versed in Siswa-tian.

Now, you may think that's it -- Emanti, water, little Taurian elephant... done.


Interesting to take little Emanti's fifteen minutes of fame further, he is one of the rare breeds who actually responds to his name, just like our domesticated animals we all know and love; he will learn to come when he is called -- by his name!  Isn't that just precious! 

Apparently, lions do too; but Rhinos, not so much -- and out where the deer and the antelope roam, neither will they come when you call, even if it's really loud and time for dinner.

According to Rulon Clark, a biology professor at San Diego State, "they are vocal animals to begin with...they're social creatures who live in herds," so it should be "no surprise that elephants can relate to their names."

Having been given a name, the animal is more prone to advancement, by being stimulated mentally -- allowing for their relationships to move beyond the superficial level, deeper than the pure physical attraction and beauty of their trainer or little Ellyana next to him (I just made that last part up; everything beyond the dash...totally made up, rhetoric if you will, something maybe even entirely not true).

Okay, NOW I'm finished with baby beluga elephant named Emanti; even though I can't wait to go see him and introduce myself...you too, can see him by going to www.uniontrib.com/babyelephant

The thing is, even when being perfectly clear, a president can miss the mark;  a true blue American President would inherently and completely, without thinking about it sort of thing, side with the majority of Americans.  A president such as a Bush or Reagan, perhaps a president like a Clinton or Kennedy, they would never give creative license to building a mosque on Ground Zero; they would, without a doubt in my mind, say to the Imam, speak to the developers, direct his thoughts to all Americans, New Yorkers specifically, the rest of us metaphorically, but certainly to the Islamic world  -- that this is AMERICA! And we will not be stampeded into the ground any further by a victory mosque placed on or near the closest watering hole next to Ground Zero -- we will not stand for that; for we call it like it is.

For this kind of bad behavior has been done before all over the world; and this Imam Rauf, this Daisy Khan, know exactly what they do.

But here we are in namby pamby land apparently, one day the President shows all guts and no glory, and speaks to his fellow Muslims at the White House Ramadan dinner, open mic and proud of it; the next day, he takes a step back, pondering the damages by his very own gigantic hoof in mouth; morphing slowly and ever evolving into, finding the balls to venture into I have "no regrets" and "no comment" country; and now I'm done playing, Martha's Vineyard is calling my name.

What is troubling today, in America, is having a President who -- in spite of having been birthed a beautiful name -- he has no idea who he truly is.

He doesn't really know how to be or behave as an American President and citizen -- for just look at his history:

  • he was given a name, which at times he has hidden from view (the Hussein part)
  • he was living on an island, a place just barely a state, or in Indonesia, his most formative years
  • he was given a heritage, who at times -- in his words and sentiment -- he has purely despised (speaking of his reference to "whitey" commentary, and a grandmother of a particular color).
  • he was given a political view, which continues to confuse and dismay the majority of us -- we of course knew he was hardly "right", but center was what we thought we got, while the rules for radicals left could only be witnessed from deep water drilling -- and you had to know it was there or you would never go out that far in the first place.
  • he was given a religion he claims to be Christianity, yet he has worshiped as a Muslim (childhood), and in adulthood as a Black Liberationist under his mentor and closest thing to a real father, who baptized his children, who he consciously chose to follow loyally for twenty years in a church, a church who does not believe in the sanctity of America, individual salvation and self-reliance  -- but the collective salvation and damnation of America, through the most radical hate speech a "preacher" could ever muster -- all of which he never would have given up until he ran for President of this United States -- of this America.
  • he was given the highest honor in the land, and one of the first thing's he does is apologize to the world for our behavior and imperialistic arrogance, beginning smack dab in the Muslim world.
The man, the citizen, the president does not really know who he is -- but even if by some miracle he does, right now we are watching him pretend to be something he is clearly not.

It's not because of his color.

It's not because he may be Muslim.

It's not because he is clearly, by all appearances, very, very liberal.

It's not even because he demonized part of his own ethnicity and family heritage.

It's because he, himself, is not in harmony with his own American spirit -- thereby breaching whatever relationship we, the people, thought we had with him; the surface does not match what is inside the man; we have been fooled and sit at the edge of cliff, looking over the land we know and love, disheartened by our own naivete and trust, only wishing we had a clue as to the easy way back.

Oh Emanti, you lucky boy!  You know who you are today. 

You are an American elephant, with a whole herd of family surrounding you, born in the second happiest place on earth (second to Disney, of course).  All you will ever have to do is be true to yourself, never thinking you're a lion, a tiger, or bear -- you are an American elephant christened with the name, Emanti, which means "water" born in the sun sign of Taurus.

You will be happy to know that earth and water mix really well together, each taking turns characterizing the beauty and brains of a balanced relationship; but no matter, don't worry that pretty little head by thinking too much about it, just be yourself and you will get along just fine.

That's all Americans really ever want (speaking of presidents or bakers or car makers or preachers) -- honest to goodness, your word as good as a handshake as good as a done deal as good as apple pie and sunshine all melting into one big happy family.

Honesty (integrity, honor, charity...see 9/12 project in sidebar) is the best public policy, and it all begins with an American President; guessing, "it's no surprise" that presidents "can relate to their names;" but stumbling over half truths and make believe, you will fall and fail all of us, but mostly, here in America, your self.

Make it a Good Day, G

My name is Gretchen...Gretchen Suzanne...just a girl who loves elephants this day in the life of G -- here, in America -- and make no mistake,  a happy place -- a place where we come when we are called and speak up!  Yeah for you and me and Emanti!

Take a few minutes, maybe ten, to witness the first moments with a mother and child on "Dear America" theater today; there is no music, but a sit in the silence, being apart of something pretty magnificent, is all you really need.

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