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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dear America,

Good Morning, America, and Happy Tuesday.

That outburst from Joe Wilson is sending people into quite a pantie wad, once again proving the political pundit wedgie fest lives and reigns in journalism. Sure, blurting out "you lie" in front of all the world to hear while sitting smack dab in enemy territory probably wasn't the wisest of moves, nor was it polite. But what a moment for America, yes?

The truth is, he was speaking for the rest of us, targeting the obvious in that our dear President was speaking out of his all holy one horse's ass and he called him on it. You get to the point where enough is enough.

I'm so sick and tired of the double standard, why is it only appropriate for The Left to do shout outs, The Left to call people names, The Left to throw sticks and stones. Why? And why do I all of a sudden wanna do it too?

Not that it's entirely a bad thing, but the conservative or Republican is always held to a higher standard. While it may be that there are times to just grin and bare it, it would also seem that somethings gotta give in making a civil paradigm shift when it comes to allowing "the other side" to roll over us time and time again on this one.

It didn't take very long after the patriotism unleashed from the unconscionable acts of 911 to become something of a distant memory for some. How many years did we hear Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction from the left? Even though the Democratic Congress voted in agreement with the President, the left left Bush hanging high and dry when it was for their own political benefit. They never looked back; and they berated his actions calling him every name under the sun to boot...from the general blanket retort of war monger to flubya to Monkey-in-a-Mansuit to Totalitarian Texan.

Or how about more recently when Pelosi is calling the angry town hall mobs, Nazi's, with their swastikas and all. Really, Nancy, is that what you are going to throw at us?

And with all due respect, what about talking back to the President?

Obamanable called the right wing, fox news extremists liars as part of his propagation of truth in reaching health care reform through the destruction of character in the opposition. In fact, the ObamaMao, more than once, called ALL of us who do not agree with him, advocates of our own sort of wally world of lies so to speak. All WE are doing is just stirring the pot of untruths and putting the fear of God, scaring people and all. That's what He said. And further throwing salt on the wound, going on to claim that we, the other side, have brought nothing to the table. Wrong again, that's a lie, too, but I'm slipping further and further away from the point.

Taking a look back it would appear that we have just let The Left say whatever they want to say; only to discover that when the shoe is on the other foot we get hung and castrated. The reality is these days we should all be more careful. Any right hook or below the belt opinion gets shot out of a cannon; any foul mouth action, and subsequent reaction, travels the globe at the speed of google. We all get sucked in to what was said, who said it and the OMG of it all. From sea to shining sea it doesn't take much.

I'm going to spin off the message for a minute. I had this horrific scare yesterday when going to pick up my daughter after school (speaking of wedgies); she wasn't anywhere to be found. In an instant my world upended, kinda like Joe's.

She wasn't where she was supposed to be and I allowed for twenty extra agonizing minutes just sitting in my car thinking she would just turn the corner of the library at any moment. Oh, I would go in and out of saying to myself, geesus, where the 'freak' are you in my head, and then I would sit back again picking up the tunes and doing a little head bop. Finally, I'm thinking this is so not right.

I decide then to go through the trouble of parking the car and making my way towards the Principle's office, taking the most indirect route I could find thinking I will run into her at any second. Nope.

Of course, how do I handle myself once in front of a smiling face in the office? I cry.

Funny stuff looking back. I'm like hyperventilating, in and out of trying to speak, and nothing could come out.

Was there a logical reason as to why my girl wasn't plopped down in the right spot waiting for me? Yes. Could I see it in that moment? No.

Everything was just instantly upside down to me and out of context. Nothing was right about it, as my girl is always where she's supposed to be, never goes anywhere without permission, and can barely walk into a donut shop without me, let alone not be found waiting for me on pins and needles herself. She is just that kind of kid.

As good as it feels today sitting here blogging like nothing ever happened this morning, we of course found her after an incredibly long 45 minutes in all. It was a situation where the two of us were thinking we were hearing what we were thinking but not what we were speaking that in turn got our wires crossed, or something like that...

In the end...a lot of drama for nothing (thank you, God).

So back to Wilson.

A lot of drama for nothing; but in review of the something, Joe's world went plum upside down in a nano-second. It was a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington moment; and it would appear that America has a pulse afterall, and the beat can be heard round the world, again.

Even though he clearly couldn't take it back once he said it -- no do overs -- he said something we were all thinking and the other side naturally wants to vilify his outrageous remarks as if calling people out is something they never do. Are you kidding me?

The Left annoys me to no end.

Oh and I would be happy to talk about these feelings with anyone in a calm, polite and courteous manner at any time. (I might cry, however, if you decide to be a meanie pants. It's what I do.)

But tomorrow, we can all look forward to a deeper review of name calling; unless of course, I'm caught up in any more melodrama of mine own, or if the world as we know it makes any sudden outbursts or catastrophic moves.

Make it a Good Day, G

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