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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dear America,

Happy Sunday.

Unusual for G to pop up on the day of rest, I know, however, I was gifted a little cartoon in my email this morning and I had to pass it on, thanks to a member of the San Diego Tea Party.

A click on Dear America should speak for itself.

A point of reference for the day, our dear President is making his rounds on all mainstream media channels (except FOX); the pusher man in the big white house is carefully using his wiles and influence, selling the seedy thought of the government knowing just what we need and telling us just where to get it, yum.

Feel free, Mr. President, feel free.

Oh no, did I compare the actions of our President to that of a dealer to a junkie?  My oh my, that wasn't my intention, this being a Sunday and all...I kindly ask of your forgiveness... But frankly my dear, 

What's happening to me?  All of a sudden I feel like I'm morphing into a southern belle.  I don't know what it is, be it the atmosphere of race relations hitting another all time low, or  my efforts of trying to refrain from using expletives to be polite, I just feel like    slowing   down    my      words    and slippin into something a little more comfortable, a little drawl, a little pecan pie or Mississippi mud...seeking the kindness of strangers... to revolt.

We're in for another tough week up ahead. 

Hopefully we can all rest up.

make it a good day, G

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