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Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear America,

Miss me?

I've come to the conclusion a lot can happen in a week. Not that this revelation is anything new; it's just that in hindsight, this past week's been quite a doozy.

How is it possible, while I'm caravaning my 92 year old grandmother across the interstate from California to New Mexico, I can miss so much? Seriously. Really? No, seriously.

Of course, family duty called and while it was just a wee bit more important to be Driving Little Miss Daisy, I'm not one to like missing out on anything. And as much as traveling two days in a car with little granny can be enriching, a blessing of undivided attention and captivating story time, I clearly missed some really good stuff.

  • Monday: Obama's Green Czar, Van Jones, resigned over the Labor Day weekend

  • Tuesday: Obama's speech to our children, with spoon fed indoctrination to follow

  • Wednesday: Obama's speech to the spoils of Congress, along with a fabulous candid interruption... personally, I have to give a big shout out to Mr. Wilson for that one, even though I've never heard of you before, kudos dude.

  • Thursday: Day After (reminiscent of my very first Blog 7/23/09) Obama's sales pitch to America and Joe Wilson's war; and interestingly enough if you could please allow for a little pop culture decay, it is also the day after Ellen DeGeneres was announced as Paula Abdul's replacement for an American Idol judge. Are you kidding me? Is that a joke? Not that it matters or is relevant to anything, as in everything else that permeates the streets of Hollywood....but come on now, even though I find Ellen really funny, you've got to be kidding.

  • Friday: 911 may we never forget

  • Saturday: 912 March on Washington DC (my mama and papa present and accounted for...)

Speaking of my missing out, I can't help but notice the Commander in Chief skipped town himself.

How bold and brazen is that? Or rather, what a cowardly way to welcome in the age of change, as you said you would do when campaigning to the American people; your transparency is showing again by way of blatantly dismissing the march of a mere 2 million Americans in your own backyard.

Are the American people that threatening to you when exhibiting their personal freedoms to speak up valiantly against the rape and pillage of our country and the detrimental loss of a limited government? The buck stops with you, Mr. President, or do you not get that; you are accountable to answer to all American people? Talk about stupidity.

Come on, man, you said you were all about bipartisan politics, and bridging the grand canyon between both sides of the aisle, and making a real change in Washington, a change that we can believe in. YOU SAID THAT and WE BELIEVED; apparently some of us were just stupid enough to believe that that kind of change could be found in you.

I find it so amusing (not really) seeing our President stand up there, all MLK like, in front of Congress, campaigning again, selling his next ambition, selling his sold out soul, selling off the American dream one mortgage at a time as if he believes a socialist medicine state -- even though we can't call it that -- is really and truly the answer. How can he keep a straight face?

Am I missing something?

Moreover, how can even the staunchest of Democrats insist on following such catastrophic intentions and actions? Are they not the true blue American I have trusted to sit along the opposite side of the aisle all this time? Is it really so much more important to support a President who is willing to destroy a country for the sake of the party? Unbelievable.

We have seen the likes of people leaving a party (Arlen Spector) or not supporting party action (Sarah Palin); and revel in both. We have seen demonstration of people, whether just one or 2 million, stand up for what they believe in; while not only make apparent the wrong doings, but in turn make them right.

Obama may have made the wrong choice in missing the action on Saturday; but more important to his loss is our gain by coming together as Americans.

Even though the mass media of ABC and CBS and NBC have sold out, too, on the opportunity to show true American journalism by keeping in tow with the Obamacare regime, we know that our mighty 2 million march stomped out any doubt of whether or not Americans were MIA.

It is confirmation. It is revelation. It is reclamation to our unalienable rights as Americans for all the world to see.

I will not miss out on being a part of this kind of change, and trust you will too.

Make it a Good Day, G

PS good to be home in America

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