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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear America,

Good Morning.

It's a wonder I got anything done at all yesterday; I mean, with respect to the blog, I don't know how I did it. It's a blur, a blip, it was an out of body, out of my mind experience and you were there. 

I was so distracted.  I had little missy and her buddy bouncing around, I was running to pick up bagels, cleaning up after the first seasonal ants invaded BooBoo's treat bowl, finding sacrificial boxes for the construction of the puff-ball family homestead, and was just completely off my mark (what's that? just normal G gibberish.  Oh I get it, that's funny).  Can I continue...

I hit the "publish post" button even before the first complete sentence, so that should tell you something.  It was like premature pontification and it just ruined me; I kept thinking if only I didn't hit the button, if only I just saved it as a mere draft as I tinkered along my merry way, no, I hit "publish post", if only...

Thank God the only foreign policy issue I had to deal with was running on six legs with a penchant for picnic items.

Seriously, with respect to what I quite possibly didn't make very clear in all my haste yesterday, Obama cutting off his white side would be like me cutting off the 'swedes, czechs, moravians and danes' from my mama, the Heinz 57 that I am.  According to rules of engagement in determining attributes of one's family tree, a few branches would be entirely annihilated, leaving me with only the Germans and the English to battle it out for seniority, and we all know how that goes down. ain't pretty.

What kind of logic is that to deny any part of our history, or how we came into being from one generation to the next?  Is nothing sacred anymore?  Should I be okay with it, you know, with Obama dissing whitey from his heritage?  Oh he "could no more disavow his white grandmother, any more than he could Rev. Wright," and this should make us all feel better?  Yeah, I love Oreo cookies too, except for that white stuff hidden in the middle.  You see how things like this can just make a girl crazy.

But here we are.  All of a sudden we have this really cool President who calls attention to the coup of the 50% African-American inside him, who bounces around the airwaves on a Sunday morning and swoons in on late night Letterman like a celebrity, who jets off to God-knows-where almost every day of the week, jumping from one wild world of dictators to the next (without so much as a wrinkled shirt, making it all look so easy), all the while, artfully masterminding a complete government takeover here at home...How does he do it?

I mean, I know I'm no rocket scientist and all.  I may be an out of work, single mom, with my liberal arts degree looking like all but a weekend seminar to the Harvard graduate,  But I do know this, something is very off and into the wild blue yonder with this guy.

We are at war in two places (at the very minimum), and yet following McCrystal's take over of operations in Afghanistan, our President has spoken with the general in charge of priority #1 but once in the last 70 days?  Are you kidding me?  Micky even asked for more troops in August, only to be rebuffed with not to ask; the President was still weighing all the options (confused with public support declining and frustrations at home escalating, I guess) and didn't even want the request sitting on his desk, staring him down like the Geico stack of money.

Oh but this is the guy who while campaigning said "this is the war we must win".  It's the "good war" he said; hello, the tell tale sign how green, how wet behind the ears, he really was -- for NO WAR is a good war, as any general, or general public, could see through that (if only we had paid attention.  damn it, I hate it when that happens). 

No, the pretty boy said Bushie had it all wrong; adding that if he were in charge, he would do something about it, and not leave until the mission was accomplished. No sir ree, at..ten...tion!; he would not leave until the people were protected, having achieved a full Al-Qaeda retreat.
Trying so hard to be the Un-Bush.

Oh really?

Yeah, haven't you been listening, as this is what he's been talking about, gosh, even as a Senate-duh; he has said that ever since 2002, Bushie had it wrong -- Afghanistan was it, not Iraq; for the sake of Paak-e-staan, of course, as well as the rest of us; don't you just love it when people can switch up dialects on the fly. I love that.

Aaah yes, so easy to say when behind a podium with a teleprompter versus the throne of the oval office with all eyes looking at you to lead.

Yes, if I were you Mr. President, I would definitely be getting back on the plane to scoot off to Copenhagen with my wife, Oprah, Olympic medalists and entourage, oh yes indeed.  In a New York minute I would be awol too, throwing caution to the wind, scuffing off the call to arms and scouring over with complete denial the health care bill splattered all over the walls of Congress.

Yes, Mr. President, what is most important today is making sure your homeboys in Chicago get the rights to host the 2016 Olympics.  That is the good war.  I appreciate the new found glory, in spite of what you said two weeks ago, what with all that was at stake for Americans in ramming health care reform down our throats, there was simply no time to tend to something like acting as chicago-thug-in-chief to sway the Olympic panel, of all things; only now, in consideration of all that's at stake in staying home, he would rather be in the company of Europeans.

His MO, not to be confused with BO, is making swift advances, only to retreat when it requires something of a spine and iron will to stay the course.

Another case in point, first day on the job, what does he do but signs the closing of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

oooooh.  Made your point, and more power to ya, Mr. President. Kudos.

Oh, what's that?  Can't hear you?  Oh, finding difficulty in the follow through, to finish the job.  Nobody wants these guys, huh.  Fascinating.

Whats even more fascinating is watching the ACLU throwing a hissy fit because of being denied access.  I don't know, ever since that day back in May when a prisoner held a sign up asking if our Obama was a communist or a democrat.  The irony in hearing the director of the ACLU actually say GITMO was  more accessible under Bush, in light of Obama  storming in on the ticket  of transparency, I find the situation amusing, if not entirely alarming.

Yes, the MO of fool's rush in.  Not unlike how we saw the health care bill implode following month's of hearing that it MUST PASS and IT WILL PASS come the end of July, before the kids in the House are out for summer vacation, MARK MY WORDS and read my lips.

We had to get it done, before anybody knew what it was really all about.

For as we all are well aware now, the rush was on purpose.  And while orchestrating the rush, the truth of the matter is, nothing will be implemented until 2013; but we're in a real hurry to get this done for the American people.  We're in a rush to get it mandated that we not only buy into the idea, but also into the government insurance plan itself (ranging from $1,500 - $3,800/year), or run the risk of being heavily fined (up to $25,000) -- or a year in jail.  (So much for civil liberties).

At least a few people in Congress are trying to slow things down, as evident by having to write a bill just to give us time for all of us to read the bills that are rushed on through right under our noses.  Funny, a bill that advocates time to read a bill; is that really where we're at?  By the way, the bill is asking for 72 hours advance notice to the media and John Q. Public. (For a 1000 page bill that would be about right; it would give our representatives about 333 pages/day, with time allowance for careful review with an attorney or two to explain it.  Excellent news.)

I'm feeling more confident as time presses on, aren't you?

I may have been distracted yesterday, running around and trying to bite off more than I could chew in one day.  I mean, if I'm gonna do things right, it requires focus. Determination. Drive.  Stamina.  My strategy yesterday evolved into breaking things down by priorities, managing what I could from the fringe, and just plain letting things go when push came to shove. 

Decisions not unlike that of a President on any given day.

Make it a Good Day, G

You know, we're still not done talking about race.  Remind me tomorrow to mention the man of steal.

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