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Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear America,

Since we seem to be committing cultural homicide these days over race, attached is a link to the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, low-lighting the current trends of who's killing who.

I mean, I can't believe Bill Cosby.  Why, oh why, did he feel it necessary to jump in on supporting the race card raised by Jimmy the other day? Why?  Makes me so sad.

I love Cosby.  I grew up on the Cosby Show, love his humor and stand up, bought jello pudding because of him, and have respected nearly every effort he has personally achieved in raising awareness and community involvement on inner city issues, specifically targeting African American children.  Cosby is like the poster boy for staying in school, self reliance and attending college; a message all kids should heed and put to good use these days.

So, I can't avoid it any longer.
As if we don't have enough to worry about being buried under health care reform, we have to add the element of race; as the main stream media, left handed politicians, and maybe one of the very most beloved of entertainers, unloads the new belief system that if you can't support Obamacare you are a racist.

If you don't support backing out of the missile shield program for eastern Europe, you are a racist.
If you don't support the closing of GITMO, you are a racist.
If you don't support ACORN, you are a racist.

If you join the tea party march on Washington, you are a racist.
If you join the NRA, you are a racist.
If you join the march against abortion, you are a racist.

If you care about what your children are taught in school, you are a racist.
If you care about the first amendment and free speech, you are a racist.
If you care about radical Islam on American soil, you are a racist.

If you characterize as a witness to a crime that the offender was black (when he actually is), you are a racist.

Okay, maybe we should say something more along the lines of, well officer, he was white, with a slightly caramel, mayby brownie colored undertone?

I don't know; damned if you say anything at all anymore?  So sensitive to racial profiling and projecting animosity towards another human being, or their entire race, we are scolded for making any such keen observation, even if that real, live human being who committed such a heinous crime could in fact be color-coded of some combination, be it white, black or brown.

Interesting enough, looking at the stats from the department of justice, with regard to all homicides from 1976 through 2005, 50.9% of the victims were white, while 46.9% were black.  With regards to the offender of such a horrific crime, 45.8% were white and 52.2% were black...

and 86% of white victims were killed by whites
and 94% of black victims were killed by blacks

You don't hear about that in main stream media.

Also fascinating, in small print, the Justice Department noted that the victims of 9/11/01 are not included in any of the data under the graph showing what percentage was the homicide committed by a friend/acquaintance versus a total stranger.  Hummmm, but let's not get off track.

Bear in mind, our population of about 307 Million people, 74% are white, 13.5% are black; for the purpose of this opening conversation on race, we will ignore all the other races, as there are many, who also live with us on American soil.

The sad truth is, in 2005, homicide victimization for blacks is 6 times higher than the rates for whites, based on population.  In 2005, offending rates for blacks was more than 7 times higher than that of whites.  According to the numbers, carrying only 13% of the total population, blacks have a higher proportion of population committing the worst of crimes, homicide. 

If I were an African-American today, like a Bill Cosby, or an Oprah Winfrey, or a Barack Obama, or a Michael Steele, or a Tiger Woods, or a Collin Powell, or an owner of a company, or a member of the House, I would take a hard look at this and find out why; and help to change it!  Obama wants to be about change; I would do everything in my power to bring the level of conversation to solving this problem, not talking about all the ways we fail or how "white people" hold em back, because honestly, I don't see it.

And speaking of our House of Representatives, 435 of America's finest sit back making into law things we don't need at a price we can't afford; 332 are white, with about 76%, 42 are black, with about 10%...not that far off from percentage of population...

In our employment figures, about 102 Million of us are actually still employed (myself not included).  For those in positions of Management and Professional status, Service Industry and Sales, 76% of the white population fall under this category, while 74.5 % of the black.  Look it up.

It took Abraham Lincoln, a white guy and Republican, to change slavery.  Have we had any better politician since who has actually changed the destiny of the African-American community with such magnitude? 

How in all the years of voting for the Democrat, thank you ACORN, does this work out for the black community? 

Does living on government entitlements, white or black, get you anywhere in life?  Does having a child out of wed-lock serve your highest good and personal best in becoming a productive part of society?  How about the importance of having a father home with the family?  How about teaching the importance of staying off the streets of drugs and alcohol and gangs and prostitution?

Of the welfare rolls, 38.8% are WHITE and 37.2% BLACK. Again, based on the percentage of population, the African-American community is exponentially higher still to this day.  After all the years of supporting the Liberal, the Democrat, the party that "stands for justice for all", the party that brings "power to the people", who has lobbied for the cause of every inner city dilemma since the Civil War...this is where you are at?  Is it working for you? 

Someone who seems to be making a dent in all of this is an African-American woman, and Conservative, Star Parker.  READ HER BLOG...she hits the nail on the head most every time.

Oh but we can't look at some of these realities, and more importantly, how to solve them, without calling attention to calling it like we see it, the black community having serious issues.  Nope, that would mean we're a racist. We can't tell a President, who happens to be black (and white) how we really feel about a government take over of health care.  Nope, that would mean we are a racist.

Pelosi can say we're all a bunch of Nazi's running around with swastikas without so much as a slap of the hand from the media, but no, we're the crazy white people.  Jimmy can show his allegiance to the Palestines, slapping Isreal, nearly our only middle east ally, in the face, but no, we're the bigots.  Obama can call the actions of a white officer stupidity, but no, we're the one's with a prejudice problem.

All I know, things are bound to get worse before they get better.  But as Americans, our true nature is one that overcomes adversity, answers the call demanding compassion, and triumphs in the value of all Americans over injustice.  That is what we are made of.

Being wrongly accused is one thing, but not standing up for what is right is another.

I can't stand being labeled a racist when I know in my heart it is simply not true.

As Glenn Beck says, "stand up America and follow me;" maybe someday, if the good Lord willin', we shall overcome and be a better America for it.

make it a good day, G

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