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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dear America,

Hey,Good Morning and Happy Saturday,

I got to thinkin' this morning and I just wanted to clear something up from yesterday.

You know when I said I think "whitey" should be called European-Americans, in no way, shape or form do I really believe that. I was kidding, any of you who really know me would know that, but just to be sure...

 I mean, come on, that would not only defeat the whole purpose of America, it would call attention to a connection to a crazy lot these days; and in this global, G20 community of kumbaya, I'm not advocating or condoning such a thought, eew.

I mean, come on, the way "you all" take wind of something and march on washington and hold tea party's and such, it would take 20 minutes for that wild fire to run out of control via the net, right.

I was just attempting to make a point; we're all rootin' tootin', plain and simple Americans with a heart of gold.  This little diddy I'm directing you to this morning is plain and simple Neil Young from 1971.

I was nine. How old were you?

It's a funny piece as he is fumbling in his pockets to find the right harmonica. Try and get through the first two minutes without losing your patience as for a minute or two he comes off like a dork.  But it's a sweet song; and Neil just sits there on the stage all by himself with, his only other back up, his guitar.

Some of us may be sleeping in this morning, as it is a Saturday, but orchestrating all around us America is on the move. So here's to searching and finding this morning.  Peace out.

Make it a good day, G

Just to remind you, I'm linking my "Dear America" to something special each time. Don't forget to click on it to see what happens and where it takes you...Tying together the musical note, I highlighted another performance, this one being from Joan Baez, on stage in France of all places, circa 1980.  Enjoy.

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