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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear America,

What is with you people?! and when I say "you people" I mean liberals.

What I find so funny is a liberals definition of bi-partisanship; which seems to be if you don't sign off on everything a democrat considers essential then you aren't being bi-partisan, just narrow minded and seriously lacking in understanding the beatitudes of the liberal agenda; the only true agenda for the people, you know.

Just today, I was reading something from a journalist, Karen Tumulty of TIME, on a piece entitled "Why Senator Chuck Grassley Turned on Health Care Reform". She says in there, following this summer's clear disdain and outcry from constituents in town hall meetings, that Obama in all of his efforts to seek out a friendly republican -- apparently only one in Grassley -- may turn out to be not very sympathetic to the cause after all, as he has "turned"... going on to add her own two cents, "so much for bi-partisanship."

Oh, okay, bi-partisanship is reached when you just get one on your side. Is that all it takes? Why just Grassley and why not listen to the entire republican body who all have something to say? My way or the highway, is that the new democracy in motion? Have we not learned anything this past summer?

First of all, most every congressman is "bi" these days; depending upon which way the wind blows, the bacon or pork tenderloin, or who's turn it is to get their back scratched, every single representative has "turned." And I mean, all of them...even McCain...eew.

The entire Congress, in it's ever so blatant excuse to take care of the people, have turned (and as of a recent Rasmussen poll declares, 57% of you people agree with me).

Congress is showing signs of such rot and stench, seems to permeate every move it makes...yes, Grassley, turned, and God love him for paying attention. But what in his cotton-pickin, Iowa farming mind is he thinking anyway (probably not cotton)? And if he is so tight with the big guy, having been called personally from Obama himself, having also been a part of closed door sessions, how in the world could Grassley have been manipulated even for a minute in the liberal persuasion in the first place?

Agreeing on any part of universal health care and a government take over in the middle of an era when we can't so much as afford a vitamin is stupidity.

But ooooooooooh in the liberal journalist la la land, we immediately mistake common sense for not agreeing with the absurdity as a feeble attempt at bipartisanship lost. waaaahh

The whole point in our two sides to every stone political system is that clearly there ARE two sides and it is the responsibility of those who serve the people to meet somewhere IN THE MIDDLE with decorum! But not only that, without question by proof in recent polls and protest, we are a country that leans just right of the middle anyway, so the real people who have a hard time understanding this dynamic seems to be found in the typical liberal response.

America has voted time and time again demonstrating we do better with boundaries, we find peace in our religion, we dig our freedom, we revel in our civil liberties and jump for joy at the free will to pursue our own happiness. WE, as Americans, are not "bi" when it comes to these values and ideals, and proof is seen in the outright display of the full monty in August. How wonderful it is to be an American right now! The old folks letting it all hang out...oh the irony, oh the play, oh the close call with TMI, making the king of the hip generation and his team squirm and sweat.

Did you know that at 76 years old, Grassley still runs the family farm along with his son, while Tumulty's column also recognizes his attention to visit all of his 99 counties at least once every year. Grassley exemplifies America's heartland and on a good day shows the American work ethic and his desire to serve the people; in spite of the occasional identity crisis, a turn around in the right direction is always well received and duly noted.

Bi-partisanship cannot mean compromising on what is truly best for AMERICA, and there is way too much at stake right now to simply roll over. The idea that we have to take turns to show bi-partisanship is so elementary; in the real world, outside of the liberal institutions of America, it's all black and white and clear. And that's not in the least bit being racial, that's keeping it real. The real world demands clarity, vision and foresight into long range goals and commitments that do not buckle because we want some senator across the aisle to like me or do something for me next week.

All I ask today, is that we stand true to who we are as solid, red blooded Americans who simply just want to be left alone to make our way in this world; requiring a Congress who can not only recognize there are two sides of the aisle but be able to reach the highest and best resolutions because of it; and to that end, know that bi-partisan solutions are only truly found just right from center to be exact.

Make it a Good Day, G

We have a lot to talk about coming up between 9/8 Obama Indoctrination Day for our Kids and 9/12 Tea Party move on Washington...stock up on provisions and watch Fox News. The rest of today I will be working on a letter to Obama. That should be interesting.

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