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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

It's All About who the Real Enemy of the State IS Thing

Dear America,

"Too much agreement kills a chat."
 Eldridge Cleaver

if you could invite anyone over for dinner, dead or alive, how would you fill a table of twelve?

My list continues to be tweaked --  but this guy, Cleaver -- oh he is now sitting just to my right.

It's an American story -- of a major flip flop, of nearly unimaginable proportions!  If the story was told on Fox News, and Fox News only,  more than likely, half of the viewership -- the liberals --  would believe the report to be untrue.  Correction -- the masses leaning to the left would never even hear about it, for they would never see it, being a bunch of never Trumper's let alone Fox News viewers; and falling victim to the mainstream media's general practice of selective truth-telling, the story would never be told on CNN, or ABC, or CBS, or (MS)NBC, simply because this narrative from commie to conservative doesn't fall in line with the leftist movement, mindset, or agenda.

Eldridge Cleaver went from being an imprisoned and violent Black Panther, a lover of communism,  an unconscionable, unrepentant rapist, to a man reborn in every possible way; from growing a personal faith a relationship with God through Christianity, from being a fully repentant and restored ex-con, from breaking all ties to his sordid past and becoming a conservative republican before he died, to his credit and tenacity, Cleaver flipped upon everything he was and became a brand new man. And a better man, at that.

What a fascinating conversation heaven must be having right about now, perhaps over plates of food served family style.

Which makes me wonder, what in the world is Jeff Flake thinking?  Is he that desperate for people to approve of him, like him,  as he seemingly leads with the hope that people come to believe he must be the smartest congressman in the room?  Comparing Trump to Stalin?  Seriously?

A free press can only be the guardian of democracy when it actually tells the truth, the whole truth, Jeff Flake, emphasis on flake.

The press is an "enemy of the people" when the press holds a tyrannical hold on what is true and what is not, or what is told and what is not, be it from facts (like a doctor's report) to pure fiction (can you say dossier?); you would have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see the overwhelming bias of the mainstream media, leading with a certain narrative no matter the mainstream news channel you choose -- any sign of objectivity, supported by facts, are trumped with utter nonsense. every minute of every day.

But it is good that you said what you said, Jeff; for it tells me that you are doing the right thing with your decision not to run for re-election in Arizona.  This must have been your idea of performing the proverbial swan song....(while the irony runs wide and deep if you understand the falsehoods of the phrase itself....too funny).

In the macro, it's kinda sad that people are so threatened with just the idea of holding different opinions, to be in agreement with disagreeing; but in the micro, how can Jeff Flake not see it?  The mainstream media IS tweaking the truth; it IS withholding facts to protect the Left; it IS portraying this administration as being led with a president on the edge of sanity, a dimwit, a racist...all of which are untrue...How can Jeff not see it?  To have this kind of cray cray come from someone from the right, just makes all this so hard to swallow.

Now, Barack Obama, I can understand --

"If you watch Fox News, 
you are living on a different planet 
than you are if you are listening to NPR.”

But in reality -- Obama's feelings about Fox News and conservative outlets were not a secret.  Every chance he got, Obama would chide the conservative media, especially hitting the so-called "untruths" of Fox, including, and continually, knocking it's ignorant viewership.

It IS a good thing that "too much agreement kills a chat," right? (I just LOVE this line from Cleaver so much.) 

Unlike the Libs, or flake-y so-called conservatives, I dig this kind of disagreement.  I love the art of a damn good discussion, in every civilized and uncivilized way.

And really, weaving the knocks against media together in equal portion whether  Left or Right -- how is it not evident (to Jeff and anyone else)  just how both presidents, past and present, seem to cling to their own definition of  "fake news."  For Obama -- fake news is, and always will be, that which comes via Fox News, and any other conservative website, for that matter.  For Trump -- fake news is the mainstream media.

And this is what makes this soooooo wrong.  For the mainstream is supposed to just say the news -- bias, narratives, re-story telling, critiquing, judging, taking sides, is simply not cool.  Democracy dies in darkness AND under the glaring light of bias.

The thing is:  Trump is at war with the Left leaning liberal media; but not to worry -- he saw it coming.  And more important, he is not afraid.  (Hence, one of the main differences between Trump and all sixteen of his republican challengers in the 2016 election.)

Jeff not only needs to grow a pair, he needs to wake up to the obvious, so predictable, rather innocuous ridicule that knocks and rocks media outlets both ways.  And then Jeff just needs to go away. 

It's pretty harmless, these jabs, either left or right, against all or part of the media; but to put Trump in the same group as a Stalin for it?  Then honestly, Flake, you must then do the same with Obama. 

How unfair, sophomoric really, that a republican like Jeff Flake -- a guy who clearly doesn't like Trump, let alone respect the voters who put Trump in office --  does not see fit to give Trump a fair shake (it's gotta be personal by now, just sayin).

There is a long list where the MEDIA gets it wrong:

Trump does not have dementia.
Trump did not collude with the Russians to win the election.
Trump did not sell Uranium to the Russians, using a private foundation for cover, along with a little help from the state department.
Trump did not orchestrate a downright lying piece of propaganda from Fusion GPS, and use it to gain unlawful warrants, etc  etc
Trump did not store confidential government documents using an unprotected, non-government private server....
Trump didn't cover up a terror attack at Benghazi, blaming it on a video...and go off to a fund raiser the very next day (not even being in the room when the sh** was going down...! Obama had to get his sleep.)
shall I go on?  Because I can.
We haven't even mentioned the roaring economy, all thanks to Trump, a new tax code, and within his first year.  bada bing bada boom.
Oh, but Trump might need to lose 10 to 15 pounds, there is that; but other than that, Trump is physically and mentally all there, what a shame for the left leaning mainstream media, who wish the guy would just have a heart attack already and die.  Truth be told, Trump has been living a pretty  healthy life (having not touched alcohol or cigarettes or street drugs his entire life) and is in peek health for his age.  His doctor thinks a fair share of good genes has contributed...

Will this report put the nonsense to bed?  Will this finally end the non-stop disparaging remarks towards the president's mental health and ability to control red buttons and crazy communist leaders large and small? Nope.

It won't change a thing.
As the left leaning mainstream media has decidedly colluded.

Trump is correct.  The mainstream media IS an enemy of the state, and all the while, only the educated voter is aware --- all the rest of the public is simply jumping on board and drinking kool-aid.


So to conclude the news on the day -- Flake is an idiot.  A self-promoting, RINO-whining, s$%&storm shooting, fraud who has merely fallen victim to his never-Trumper, mainstream media ass-kissing, f@&^ his  constituents, heart of hearts.  He has no understanding of the games Trump plays.

It's been twenty years since Eldridge Cleaver walked the earth; but surely he would have made a better congressman than Flake any day of the week.

And on that note, this day is done.

Make it a Good Day, G

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