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Friday, January 12, 2018

It's About Being True to Being You Thing

Dear America,

"I want to talk to you about the livingness 
there is in being yourself. 
It has at least the merit of simplicity,
 for it must surely be easier 
to be oneself 
than to be something or somebody else." 
The Hidden Power by Judge Thomas Troward


it seems the winter break over Christmas --- when the girl arrives home and the holidays commence --everything that was part of me being my usual self comes to a screeching halt.  Although hindsight, it doesn't really have a sudden stop, it's more a gradual letting go of things that normally occupied my time, and ever so slightly replacing them with all things surrounding her arrival, her visit, what to eat and what to do first.  And nearly as suddenly as the routine upends itself, it flips once more upon the day she leaves.

And in what seems like an instant, it is back to the life as we know it and all things familiar, promptly and orderly and responsibly come back to view and firmly return to the making of our foundation, grounded in schedules unbroken, goals of the coming year, and fresh in the hopes and dreams of whatever is to come.

And while this diary isn't known for being consistent, if you were to squint your eyes a wee bit, you will find that it is a record (albeit my record....teehee) of the livingness in America; that thing we do, the stuff that seems to keep on keepin' on in the every day, is the brilliant and universal essence of Life Itself.  It continually doesn't disappoint, for unlike the little miss gthang here, IT IS CONSTANT. THIS LIVINGNESS is a constant, receptive, life force that immediately responds to our thoughts and actions and words, and manifests something right back!

Continuing with Troward -- "This up-springing of Life-Essence is not another's -- it is our own.  It does not require deep studies, hard labours, weary journeyings to attain it; it is not the monopoly of this teacher or that writer....It is the innermost of ourselves, and a little common-sense thought as to how anything comes to be anything will soon convince us that the great inexhaustible life must be the very root and substance of us, permeating every fibre of our being."  [and don't you just love the old English spellings here...]

The things is -- it would be high time we make way for the uniqueness of all of us, yes? And at the same time, learning to self-edit may not be a bad idea either.

Indeed, sometimes the varied uniqueness we are surrounded with is at times awkward, embarrassing -- sometimes it is not something we agree with, let alone fully support -- sometimes it is based on the merits, while other times it is not -- it's sometimes factual, and sometimes not so much..............but make no mistake....

the day we begin to censor opinion, control the conversation, dictate to the whole without allowing for our differences to be respectfully heard, tweeted, or facebooked -- is the day this country, foundation and all, submerges into an abyss, never to be seen or heard again.  

By definition, by precedent, the living waters springing from the fountain of independence and liberty of this fine Republic must be allowed to spring forward, no matter what.

And as hard as this is to say aloud, even The Donald's

Thing is -- when posed with the question, would you rather live in Haiti or Norway --  one would have to be rather disingenuous not to quickly reply, ah duh, Norway.  [But get a hoot out of CNN's Joan Walsh, just being herself.] Like really, Joan?

The only reason the democrats keep running on this open border, open migration, come one come all, amnesty for everyone, even if they come from s*&hole countries.....is for votes.  Plain and simple.  Oh my, those Dems ---  they just have to be who they are, no matter how lacking in common-sense to the safety and security of America...

Indeed -- Donald is no Ronald -- there is that!  And how.

BUT he is a rather good DONALD J. TRUMP.  

Go, status quo, go. (as in go away.)

Oh Trump knows  full well who he is; he knows the art of the deal; he knows how to mess with people; he knows how to put his foot in it; he knows how to use twitter; and just like Obama, he has a pen and is not afraid to use it, either...  He is what he is and who he is.  

It is what it is.

This is the livingness of America in real life.

And just get a load of the success...ever since the end of the year's final passage of the tax overhaul!

Immediately, the response from corporate America was bonuses!  And just this last week, Walmart stepped up with making a major announcement....see here.

At least The Donald didn't settle with the status quo, right?

But what can I say....he is sometimes crude...he is a fixer upper in progress, personally and professionally.  But as far and wide as the eye can see, aren't we all?  Evolving in the every day, the Donald's Essence-of-Life is active and alive with a spirit that is his own.  To be the most true to the Law of Life Itself, he is his own man in every way -- and for that, we should applaud his ability to get away with all kinds of sh**.   All of us have imperfections...

While his legacy is under construction, it may appear crude from the naked eye; but after it is all said and done, there will be a legacy.  And it will be The Donald's, just as every president before him.

One more Troward point:

"It is not the Essence-of-Life which has to grow, for that is eternally perfect in itself; but it is our recognition of it that has to grow, and this growth cannot be forced.  It must come by a natural process, the first necessity of which is to abstain from all straining after being something which at the present time we cannot naturally be.  The Law of our Evolution has to put us in possession of certain powers and opportunities, and further development depends on our doing just what these powers and opportunities make it possible for us to do, here and now."

Like it or not -- Trump is president.

He deserves a certain respect in order to do what he has been empowered to do, expressly by the voters, and on behalf of the future of a strong America.  This is what he ran on, and this is, in fact, what his livingness in America is pre-destined and divinely designed.   He IS in possession of certain powers and opportunities to affect the status quo, and make America great again.  Because let's face it, he must have it; otherwise, he would not be sitting in the Oval Office.  This is about law on top of law on top of law.

In essence, America has grown in decline.  The principles that have made us who we are are showing signs of neglect --  and only the little people seem to be in the position to recognize it, being the natural and raw state that it is in.  

AMERICA has always been considered an exceptional nation, because AMERICA, thanks to our founders, changed the trajectory of government, upending centuries of oppressive control of the little people, from the foundation up.  For once and for all, government took a massive holiday and didn't come back for quite some time.  Until the here and now.

Which reminds me of this little zinger from President Reagan, as seen on The Patriot Post -- "You can't be for big government, big taxes, and big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy."  And how.

So in this new year, let us strive to be our best; my efforts will focus on being the best G, while for you -- you need to focus on being the best U.  And we can all hope and pray for President Trump to bring his best PDT, too.  From the crude to the refined, we all have a place, a purpose under heaven.

Pretty sure, in the big picture, all things will work out for the best.

And now, this is where I leave you  -- even though there is so much more to say.  I seem to always be leaving my self in a position of wanting more...but that has to be a good thing.  It doesn't hurt anyone to have an appetite for more, better, and ultimately manifesting the very best life has to offer....and all the while just by being yourself.  

Every single one of us has this livingness within.  

God bless you all in this new year; may the self-exploration continually flow like everlasting spring water to be not only true to ourselves, but strive to be good, decent people,  from sea to shining sea.  GO AMERICA!

Make it a Good Day, G

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