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Monday, January 29, 2018

It's About the Real Fire and Fury in our Belly Thing

Dear America,

It's the State of the Union... 
According to G


and this works no matter which direction you are coming from, whether left or right, America is truly on fire.

RIGHT: Business is booming, optimism is blazing, and America is neither self-contained or about to burn out.  We are so running hot, we can almost hear the sizzle...

LEFT:  It's all Fire and Fury --  Trump is raging out of control, and about to get us nuked by the rocket man of North Korea; and whether it be the snowflakes on college campus' living afraid of their own shadow, of any opinion that differs from their leftist indoctrination from the leftist professors who teach them, or whether it be the socialist dreams decades in the making and running off of the likes of politicians like Bernie or the lies of HERlary -- it all thrives under the cover of a mainstream liberal media, Hollywood heavyweights moonlighting with their intellectual, leftist, elitist, smack, and a simple, blatant, all-round, disregard of having any intention to co-exist with people outside their worldview...all in all, the commonality of the spark, the fire under their fury, is ignited by the justly seated president of the United States, President Trump, along with just about anyone who voted for him, or continues to support.

Two things are for certain this morning:  America is divided nearly right in half, and duly evident is that that last paragraph was some kind of run-on sentence.... what a scorcher.  my bad.

If you will, please read this quality piece from Hillsdale's Imprimis: Are We Free to Discuss America's Real Problems?  And many thanks for your bravery, Professor Amy L. Wax.

The truth sometimes stings, but for goodness sake, isn't it better to talk about it?  Doesn't Alcoholics Anonymous begin with the addict, that the addict must recognize that the problem exists before they can even take their first step of the mighty twelve?

It takes bravery to admit we have a problem; it takes bravery to question the system and break free from the safety of the politically correct/charged agenda; it takes bravery to sail into the unknown; it takes bravery to dump the tea and question a king and start a war that would prove revolutionary.  It all counts as part of doing the steps necessary to be responsible to the whole, generation after generation. 

Characteristically, this would systematically look much like this: 
"Get married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake. Get the education you need for gainful employment, work hard, and avoid idleness. Go the extra mile for your employer or client. Be a patriot, ready to serve the country. Be neighborly, civic-minded, and charitable. Avoid coarse language in public. Be respectful of authority. Eschew substance abuse and crime." 

Oh Hail to the free speech!  Hail to the free speech! for Amy is on fire; ripping through the valleys and across the plains, with a pointed and rather potent truth, wreaking havoc on the sanity of the Left...will they even survive?  teehee

I have a new little book of quotes, The Founding Fathers, Quotes, Quips and Speeches, captured by the editor, Gordon Leidner....and when I opened it up this morning, this is what was top of the page:

Suppose the colonies 
do abound in men, 
what does that signify?  
They are raw, undisciplined, cowardly men."  
-- Lord Sandwich, Britain's First Lord of the Admiralty

isn't that a hoot!  America's rag-tag band of brothers and patriots of long ago were so dismissed -- we showed them, didn't we?  And when I say we, I really mean not me....how grateful I am, how grateful I am.... 

....never underestimate the power of Divine Providence, and never forsake the foundations of sound self-government, self-reliance, and sheer grit, all of which brought us through the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the World Wars....the war against terror.....and even this cultural war between left and right.  Funny how the right side always seems to win.....hmmmmmmm

The thing is, this generation's luxury of misunderstanding -- or is it more being misinformed -- of the truths of America's founding, and of our individual duty to uphold the rule of law, in order to keep the republic healthy and happy for not only the present day, but way into this nation's future, will be the death of us; if we are not wide awake -- to smell the smoke -- and band together in unison against this growing fiery fury and enemy of the state, we will lose it all.  Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, that which came upon the fire and fury of our early founders and patriots will be lost forever.

My hope is that the democrats will make fools out of themselves tomorrow -- whether wearing all black as if going to a funeral, or what have you; already a supreme court justice -- a lady who is under oath  and supposedly steady under the rule of law, to be non-political and non-biased -- is saying she will NOT attend.  Um, Ruthy, you need to recuse yourself from all decisions pretty much from here on out, k?  Hello?  What a coward; how unprofessional; how loony is this decision?  A supreme court justice unable to even sit like a lady and listen to THE PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES?  Seriously? [ Gonna have to tape Maxine's response, too...just for kicks and giggles.]

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness.
And it's weird... as The Right managed to do sit tight, out of respect for the office (aside from that Joe Wilson moment...oops) all the while Obama was president for each of his 'eight States'... has the snowflake virus hit every leftist from sea to shining sea, even those who are presumed to have had a decent education?

[hope you clicked on Joe, cuz there are some astounding things coming out of Obama's mouth during that moment when Joe screamed, you lie!  Astounding moments -- from illegal immigration to abortion...liar liar oval office pants on fire]

My hope, too, is that Trump stays on point, sticks to his speech, and stays measured, as he goes about the business of unifying the country, not dividing us.  WE ARE, in fact and according to every truth, all about the  e pluribus unum here, in America....The Left has no business telling you otherwise, let alone tearing it all asunder.

Truth is -- having a fire in our belly is good for every one, every business, upon every corner, of every neighborhood, for every child, in every home, when it is part of every effort in the protection and security and welfare of the common good; having a certain fire and fury aimed to divide us, destroy us, and leave us for dead, that is not so good.

SO to close, let me call upon a few words from Thomas Jefferson --

"We are all Republicans, 
we are all Federalists. 
 If there be any among us who would wish
 to dissolve this Union
 or to change its republican form, 
let them stand undisturbed as monuments
 to the safety with which error of opinion
 may be tolerated 
where reason 
is left free to combat it."

just beautiful

can we talk about it?
penny for your thoughts?

After all, "the ultimate arbiter is the people of the Union." (again, Thomas Jefferson)  And by definition, this term, in the macro, characterizes a colorful, multifaceted, whole; there may be times when we do not all agree, times it may look a lot like a conflict of opinion.  Are we seriously raising a society unable to deal with this?  

wow.  we do have problems.

Until tomorrow, hail to the chief facing this divided country.  
May God be with you, and may God continue to bless the United States of America.

Make it a Good Day, G

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