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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It's Let's Roll with that New American Moment Thing

Dear America,

"Were we directed from Washington [city] 
when to sow, and when to reap, 
we should soon want bread."  
Thomas Jefferson

well, there you go.  perfect.
spring up, oh well! Hail to the people's true independence -- of self-reliance and freedom, and surely with the grit to make anything happen!  Because that kind of spirit is back in business.

but about that other well......
after watching last night's first State of the Union address from President Trump...

seems nothing's changed, that well of discontent and divide -- that which is supplied and overflowing with tired cliches and poor in spirit,  the one bubbling over with astounding disrespect for the Union, itself, if  not every foundation upon which this nation was built -- oh that well still runs deep and wide.

In the most simplest of terms, Trump made about fifty points during the entire speech (ranking third longest in history) -- and it was primarily domestic, all the way up until we hit  #40:  Dealing with Rogue Regimes.  But even that was quickly made a domestic concern, as he trumpeted the Call to Congress to END the Sequester and fully fund our military.  amen to that.

The thing is, I could take each point one by one -- but I'm banking on the fact that you heard what I heard, so why repeat it, right?

This speech was all about bringing the two wells of thought together, to tap into what is good for ALL Americans -- and to sit on your hands with some blank expression, or worse, with a frown, upon the celebration of good things happening across the country -- oh that takes amazing showmanship.

That well is not happy even if conservatives promise to give a path to citizenship of 1.8 million illegals, I mean, "dreamers!"   That well can't even crack a smile if the market is booming, bonuses are bursting in air, and taxes slashed -- for both individuals and corporations.  That well hears of a 1.5 TRILLION dollar partnership between private American businesses and government, to rebuild and maintain sorely needed infrastructure improvements, and all the while, creating lots of jobs....and all that well can do is dig deeper into its own abyss of victimization and despair.  

The best line of the night, "because Americans are Dreamers, too!"

yeah, so shut up.

Every single point made centered upon one reality -- that which is true and good for America and all Americans.

This spirit is what paved the way for Trump's lead early into the primary;  it's the same spirit that carried him over in the Electoral College, taking out the pathetic, lying, democratic candidate - Hillary Rodham Clinton; and it is the same spirit that will lead us into this New American Moment, as noted in the speech, and then some.

Every personal story -- represented and seated next to the First Lady or elsewhere within the Capitol Building  -- had a purpose, woven into his address, and dealt a solid blow to anyone who thinks America has seen better days, or is on the decline.  The level of human interest, invoked by the president, of each and every one of these people was not contrived, nor was it manufactured to make a point -- for Trump made them THE POINT.    It was genuine.  Sincere.  And at every moment, this girl was brought to tears.

And even though this day will not be about taking each point by point, this girl loved the moments when Trump went grand.  Here's a portion worthy of repeat --

The United States is a compassionate nation. We are proud that we do more than any other country to help the needy, the struggling, and the underprivileged all over the world. But as President of the United States, my highest loyalty, my greatest compassion, and my constant concern is for America's children, America's struggling workers, and America's forgotten communities. I want our youth to grow up to achieve great things. I want our poor to have their chance to rise. 

So tonight, I am extending an open hand to work with members of both parties -- Democrats and Republicans -- to protect our citizens of every background, color, religion, and creed. My duty, and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber, is to defend Americans -- to protect their safety, their families, their communities, and their right to the American Dream. Because Americans are dreamers too.
who doesn't like this?

This is who this president is, it is the LEFT and the liberal media who wishes to show you otherwise.

Just after pointing out Mr Ji Seong-ho, Trump says this, as he begins to wrap everything up --
Seong-ho's story is a testament to the yearning of every human soul to live in freedom. 
It was that same yearning for freedom that nearly 250 years ago gave birth to a special place called America. It was a small cluster of colonies caught between a great ocean and a vast wilderness. But it was home to an incredible people with a revolutionary idea: that they could rule themselves. That they could chart their own destiny. And that, together, they could light up the world. 
That is what our country has always been about. That is what Americans have always stood for, always strived for, and always done. 
Atop the dome of this Capitol stands the Statue of Freedom. She stands tall and dignified among the monuments to our ancestors who fought and lived and died to protect her. 
Monuments to Washington and Jefferson -- to Lincoln and King. 
Memorials to the heroes of Yorktown and Saratoga -- to young Americans who shed their blood on the shores of Normandy, and the fields beyond. And others, who went down in the waters of the Pacific and the skies over Asia. 
And freedom stands tall over one more monument: this one. This Capitol. This living monument to the American people. 
A people whose heroes live not only in the past, but all around us -- defending hope, pride, and the American way. 
They work in every trade. They sacrifice to raise a family. They care for our children at home. They defend our flag abroad. They are strong moms and brave kids. They are firefighters, police officers, border agents, medics, and Marines. 
But above all else, they are Americans. And this Capitol, this city, and this Nation, belong to them. 
Our task is to respect them, to listen to them, to serve them, to protect them, and to always be worthy of them.
The thing is:  Trump gets US, for real.

No question in my mind.

The most hilarious thing of the night -- was the democratic response, by Massachusetts Representative Joe Kennedy III.  Given Joe was given a copy of Trump's speech in advance, it was as if he ignored everything the president addressed.   Going into his own description of "who we are," he rattled off a bunch of professions and positions in society in the same way as Trump, only different.  He tagged the phrase "out of many, one" with the same conviction as yours truly in yesterday's blog....and just as the president called upon in the same spirit, of this shared heart, in his address.

I guess, Kennedy wasn't pleased with the latest Call to Congress for 1.8 million new paths to citizenship, either; nor was he gleeful over the tax cuts, the bonuses, or the growing confidence in America getting back to business.  Think little Joe got stuck in the well, somewhere in Fall River?  Might explain the added spit in the corners of his mouth.  teehee

The problem is -- after getting such a punch from the president last night -- getting an immediate downer, with the spews of demagoguery, and a woefully pathetic return to driving the divide deeper and wider between the parties, playing to the sad liberal agenda that keeps going further and further left.....it just doesn't line up, it doesn't make sense.

"They are turning American life into a zero-sum game. 

Where, in order for one to win, another must lose."

seriously, Joe?
Is that what you take away from the president's State of the Union?

Actually, people, if you read the full transcript, it reads like a list literally spitting out bullet points.

It  is biting, choppy, ripping from one wrong to another, as if the democrats had no involvement to the state of the union we are in, let alone the abysmal last eight years.  In just ONE year, Trump has begun to turn the tide; consumer confidence, corporate investment in America, paychecks, all round opportunity for all Americans, is growing like a tsunami --  and no shoddy, pissy little leftist well will contain it.

So.  As the Dems sit divided still, I see a rainbow.  a real freeking rainbow.

Hail to the chief who hails the PEOPLE of the United States of AMERICA; for truly, it IS the people making America great again, and Trump is not too big or too proud or too full of himself to admit it, even if he fails to convince a single lefty.

Make it a Good Day, G

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