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Monday, January 15, 2018

It's a Day for MLK; May Heaven and Earth Unite Thing

Dear America,

"10.  If necessary, 
God will move heaven and earth 
to show us His will." 
Life Principles to Live By, 
Rev. Charles F. Stanley

mighty forces are alive and well on the earth

there seems to be a constant ebb and flow of good and evil, right and wrong, no matter the personal political perspective -- you know, whether of the left, right, or center.

History proves that common ground, in America, as well as in many other parts of the world, IS,  and always will be, being a people of faith.

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was here on earth, he recognized a certain brokenness within society, and went to the Highest and Fiercest Resource available in order to mend -- Almighty God. From speaking faith over communities, to reciting a countless number of Bible verse, Dr. King used everything in his power --  and the Lord's --  to invoke peace, create change, and make all things new.

I believe, from all that I have heard and read about this fine man, he wanted America to come together -- and for each of us, through every generation to come, to live in a spirit of brotherly love and acceptance of one another.  I believe he also expected all people -- no matter the shade --  to do their duty, to God and to country, to community and to family.

I'm not so sure that we, as a people, have done just that.  It's not a judgement; it is simply an observation.

this girl just loves BrainyQuote -- here, in his own words, is MLK:

"The function of education 
is to teach one to think
 intensively and to think critically. 
Intelligence plus character - 
that is the goal of true education."

"I have a dream 
that my four little children 
will one day live in a nation 
where they will not be judged
 by the color of their skin, 
but by the content of their character."

"We must learn to live together 
as brothers or perish together as fools."

"We must develop 
and maintain the capacity 
to forgive. 
He who is devoid of the power 
to forgive is devoid 
of the power to love. 
There is some good 
in the worst of us 
and some evil in the best of us. 
When we discover this, 
we are less prone to hate our enemies."

I believe, if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, he would not only be influential and outspoken about the Black Lives Matter protesters, the NFL's national anthem protesters ---  he would be a weekly visitor at the White House; I believe President Trump and the Reverend would not only combine forces, heaven and earth would move in mysterious and miraculous ways, all in an effort to make America great again.

I truly believe that.

Returning to Judge Troward's, The Hidden Power:

"What we have to do, therefore, is to take the working of the law for granted, and make use of it accordingly; and since that is the law of Mind, and Mind is Personality, this Power, which is at once ourselves and above ourselves, may be treated as a Person and may be spoken with, and its replies received by the inner ear of the heart.  Any scheme of philosophy that does not result in this personal intercourse with the Divine Mind falls short of the mark....The Supreme Mind with which we converse is only to be met in the profoundest depths of our own being, and, as Tennyson says, is more perfectly ourselves than our own hands and feet.  It is our natural Base; and realising this we shall find ourselves to be in very truth "guarded ones," guided by the Spirit in all things, nothing too great and nothing too trivial to come within the great Law of our being."

amen to that

heaven and earth moves through us, with us, around us, in every possible way

"The connection itself is intrinsic, and can never be severed; but it must be consciously realised before it can be consciously used.  All our development consists in the increasing consciousness of this connection, which enables us to apply the higher power to whatever purpose we may have in hand, not merely in the hope that it may respond, but with the certain knowledge that by the law of its own nature it is bound to do so, and likewise with the knowledge that by the same law it is bound also to guide us to the selection of right objects and right methods." just more Troward
So the thing is,
as we awaken to the profoundness of this day, in remembrance of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to God be the Glory that this man LIVED...that he touched our lives then, that he continuously touches our lives today; and with that, what a loss for America; oh how I wish he were celebrating his 89 years with us today. what a loss, what a loss.  

Happy Birthday, MLK, happy birthday; surely heaven made you a cake with sprinkles in every color.

I truly believe, all the right answers are in the unseen, now and forevermore.  And it sure wouldn't hurt for the masses, from one congregation to another, from one community to another, to join forces in prayer; calling upon the Holiest One of All, our Supreme Guide, in unison, to mend and heal our brokenness still, is the least and the greatest thing a people can do.

Which brings me to a perfect close; #9 from Rev. Charles Stanley's Life Principles:

"Trusting God 
means looking beyond 
what we can see to what God sees."

oh thank heaven, right.  

And finally, God's plan is moving along accordingly.

Make it a Good Day, G

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