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Sunday, October 8, 2017

It's About Nefarious Things

Dear America,

"The most 
dangerous animal 
in the world is a 
silent, smiling 

and just like so we begin a new day.

I'm in the midst of waiting for a large pizza to arrive at my door: ordered "the works" from a local woodfired brick oven pizza joint, Pizza Nova --  and when I say "the works," it's including bait (but on the side).  "Bait" -- the anchovy -- needs to be monitored by the bite in my book.  But I mostly want the bait, served on the side, so that I can add it to the small Caesar Salad that is coming along with, as an accompaniment to the gluttony about to take place  -- it's what you do as a single girl ordering enough pizza for a crowd...a LARGE! When in reality, its only you; and we all know salad doesn't keep.  But, if all goes as planned, aiming to have the pizza last for at least three days...we'll see though...as this girl loves her pizza.

Besides, now beginning to rationalize a rash decision that was decided in about three seconds,  I walked today...about three miles worth, too.

But, who's counting?

Bet Harvey Weinstein stopped counting in the mid 90's...

Just a shame, though.  As Ashley Judd didn't seem to be affected by nasty men until Trump came along on the scene, am I right?  yes.  It's like, seriously, Ashley?   I mean, where were you with the nasty gal poems and the pu***y hats way back when?   Just another brick in the wall.

Here's how the now resigned attorney for Weinstein, Lisa Bloom,  puts it  --- oh he's just “an old dinosaur learning new ways.”  Yeah, yeah.  Just an old dinosaur learning new ways.  right.  [Now, only a few days later, she is walking away from defending Weinstein, and being his "adviser;" seems not wise for the old dinosaur of a resume now in shambles.  It's also what you have to do when Gloria Allred is your mom.]  Just another brick in the wall.

But isn't Harvey, in reality,  just behaving the way Hollywood has always been? 
ah yea. that would be a yes...

Thus, it's about time for all Hollywood hypocrites to come up on stage and receive their award...oh, don't be shy now...c'mon.  Starting with Ashley Judd, then to Madonna -- who made her own picture book titled "Sex."  I mean, c'mon....really?  That book came out in 1992; perhaps about the same time Harvey was begging for Judd to watch him take a shower; it's only fitting to the era, right?

Of course, Harvey puts a whole new spin on his movies -- as "Good Will Hunting" and "Pulp Fiction" meet up on a Hollywood couch with the "Sex. Lies, Videotape" to record every sordid minute.  Oh the shame,  Oh the horror. Oh the comedy for all the rest of us -- mostly conservatives --  as we watch and listen to this nonsense play out like a bad fiddle.  Just another brick in the wall.

Nefarious.  Naked.  Hollywood.

None of us are perfect. 
There is that.

None of us are perfect.
Yours truly included; like a side of bait, my imperfections and weaknesses are served up on the side of me, in a little container. It's doesn't take over the whole of me, but they are there just the same.

But it's like, really Ashley -- you're gonna raise Cain now?  Seriously?  Considering the line of work you are in, you are gonna act like Donald Trump is the first nasty guy you have ever come across? Or, at least, come across with the strength to truly fight back and say something?  Really, after all this time of protecting a Hollywood movie mogul?

Not buying it, nor will I accept the blatant hypocrisy. 

And Lisa -- Lisa Bloom -- what is with this "old dinosaur" business?  Did you have a martini with three olives before you said that out loud?

Just another brick in the wall.

In other news today -- Sunday -- apparently Colin Kaepernick would consider standing for the anthem if he could get signed on with a team.   Oh that is rich, isn't it?  Of course, his radicalized girlfriend is denying that that's what he said, and there is still no sign of any franchise interested in taking him anyway...you know, considering all the controversy served up along on the side...a protest built upon a lie, framing a leftist hidden agenda.  So what has really changed?  Nothing.

Now this girl is all for free speech; but this kneeling for the anthem is different sort of animal -- it's as if Colin, and others, are committing a crime against community.... the community of good will, the community of supporting all those who protect us, the community of unity and standing together to fix our issues.  It's as if they throw a brick against America and stomp on the flag every time.  [And I know Pence is with me...]

As Kaepernick tweets: "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on," while attributing the quote to Winston Churchill.  (Even though history proves that that, too, is in question.)  OH okay, Colin, then if that rumor is not true, keep on keepin' on with your approach then...yeah, yeah...everything should turn out just fine.

Oh it's just so entertaining, isn't it?

But I do love the Churchill quote.  Even if it isn't his.  It's a good quote.

It kinda describes everything going on in this world right about now, right?

The truth is missing in action; and when it finally arrives, it's almost too late.  The damage has been done, and not only done, but it's been tweeted, and re-tweeted, way too many times to count; and all the while, the real truth, the whole truth, is forced under a cushion somewhere seedy and dirty, hoping that no one finds out.

It all ties together -- this business of...by the time something catches up to you, what does it matter anymore  -- right, Weinstein? Living a lie catches up to us one way or another every time.  Right, Miss "what difference, at this point, does it make" Hillary?  Let's just add the nefarious, and naked -- as we can see right threw her, Hillary to the mix.  She knew, that we knew, that she knew, she was telling a lie all along.  She knew she threw a brick the moment she said it.  Ah but that was so long ago, right... 

Harvey/Hillary had to have known that one day, this charade would all catch up to him, whether it took a few years or a couple of decades.  One day, it would become too much of a good thing to continue to be hidden.  One day -- the lie(s) would become so big, so ugly, so damaging, that it could not contain itself any longer. Just another brick in the wall.  Kudos Pink Floyd. 

So as Harvey is rushing to get his pants on;
as Hillary is rushing to get her pants suit on and maybe give it a go for a third time (which is just stupid, by the way.  please don't.);
as Kaepernick is just hoping to get a football uniform back on...
all of these American stories simply depict one thing...

just how easy it is to fall from grace.

Our humanity can get the best of us at any time; none of us are immune.

But let's just leave the hypocrisy at home along with the American Express card, shall we?

This girl has had enough of it.  Enough already.

Nefarious.  Naked.  America.  What's next?  Who's next?  We see everything eventually.

And on that note, I'm gonna take my not so silent, smiling face back to the kitchen for a second slice, or is it my third?  
Oh, who's counting, right?

it's just me, sitting with my own conscience with nobody watching...
But let me tell you, in about three seconds I will be spinning the floor with a slice in my right hand, and a shot of whiskey in the other, and dancing to a little R&B, or maybe Pink Floyd, or maybe Michael Jackson, or maybe Cigarettes After Sex (and yes, that's a real name of a real band; and they are really good, too.  A yummy sound that makes you wanna sway, even if your only company is a big fat pizza to eat all by yourself.)  ....Cuz that's just the kinda day it's turned out to be.

If we are being honest, it's not about any one thing.
As foundations keep crumbling, America is breaking brick by brick.
It's a slow death; the whiskey and the pizza are merely dulling the pain for one night.  
[No need to freak out; it's a temporal solution; a passing thing.]
But feel free to check on me in the morning...teehee.

Make it a Good Day, G

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