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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

It's a Small World Thing

Dear America,

"I am the Creator of Heaven and Earth: Lord of all that is and that will ever be.  Although I am unimaginably vast, I choose to dwell with you, permeating you with My Presence.  Only in the spirit realm could Someone so infinitely great live within someone so small.  Be awed by the Power and Glory of My Spirit within you!"  Sarah Young, speaking to us, as Jesus, in Jesus Calling

to be clear, this excerpt is actually the beginning words from a devotion set up for tomorrow -- October 4th; it was simply on the opposite side of the page today, and, having caught my eye, it seems to offer more of what I needed to hear.  So, be it impatience, or be it the feeling of total loss that has settled into my heart after the tragedy in Las Vegas Sunday night -- I couldn't wait for tomorrow to come to read its entirety.

for i feel so small.

"I thought in my heart,

God will bring to judgement 
both the righteous 
and the wicked,
 for there will be a time 
for every activity, 
a time for every deed."
Ecclesiastes 3: 17
This book of the Bible is speculated 
as to have been written 
by King Solomon

If it is true -- Solomon being the author -- he is deserving of praise for such work, penning wisdom and folly, framing humility and vanity, with such grace, and just so beautifully (no matter how harsh the message).

Clearly, his offerings in prose and poem, verse after verse, were designed to praise and worship God above all other things, and written as a guide to humanity --  for all the generations of people to come.

"Better a poor 
but wise youth 
than an old but foolish king 
who no longer knows 
how to take warning."  
Ecclesiastes 4:13

Sensing that Solomon was feeling his smallness, too, in no small way, throughout the book of Ecclesiastes; as he continued to plead to all at liberty to hear his words, "Stand in Awe of God...."

It is precisely this awesomeness of God, that feels so very far, far away, from our feeble, little spirits, considering the level of devastation and loss of life at the hands of one evil man.

Free will can cut so deep.

"Wisdom, like an inheritance, 
is a good thing 
and benefits those who see the sun.  
Wisdom is shelter, 
as money is a shelter, 
but the advantage 
of knowledge is this:  
that wisdom preserves 
the life of its possessor."  
Ecclesiastes 7:11-12

We don't need more gun control, when, in fact, a gun just sits still until the moment the trigger is pulled.

More of mankind choosing to do the right thing, is more of what we need. [And we already have plenty of Law giving rise and precedence to that!]

Re: the politicization of this day:   The day we can legislate morality will be the day pigs fly.

We need less evil --  and more good -- operating freely, independently, fully armed in both spirit and upstanding good character, perhaps with a gun in the holster or that cross-body kate spade purse, in pink.

Now this guy, in Vegas, planned this massacre against innocents for days, weeks, months, having re-calibrated his stash of weaponry to operate as heavy duty automatic machine guns, emphasizing his intent to kill as many people as he possibly could; while sending large sums of money off-shore to the Philippines, and more than likely, revealing to his girlfriend the knowledge that something evil, or just not good, was about to go down and adding an additional level of pre-meditation (if not also, and horrifically, directly connecting her to the knowledge of all of it!  Thereby making her actions fully culpable of a charge.).

This guy, who I will not name, nor link to a page elsewhere on the web, pre-calculated that he would not come out of this alive.

So, this day....

This day in the life of an American girl, will not be a long one.

This day will remain small, in equal proportion to the limits of our understanding; the smallness of our humanity is revealed once more, merely pointing us in the direction of the Only One Who Knows Everything, once more, if we so choose.

It is this Spirit -- this Awesome Spirit -- that dwells in us, and brings us calm in a storm man-made by a mad man.  

It's a small world that we live in and have our being, divine our work, and fill our hearts and souls and our days with the things that matter.  

The thing is -- with regard to this belief, this faith, in this Awesome Spirit -- this is the only way, as human beings, to come out of this experience on earth truly alive!  Our bodies are meaningless, in accordance to what lies ahead in heaven, in accordance to the Greater Law, the Word of God, accompanying us in the every day with It's Presence.

Be awed 
by the Power 
and Glory
 of My Spirit 
within you!

This girl prays far and wide to reach all those affected by the loss of 59 of our fellow countrymen; this level of sadness knows no bounds.  (and au contraire, Elizabeth Warren -- our thoughts and prayers not only matter, they permeate every Awesome Quantum Bit of God's Heart and Soul and God answers!)

God Bless the victims and their families.

God Bless our first respond-ers -- today and every day.

God Bless the city of Las Vegas.
God Bless America...
for indeed, this day is a time to mourn.

Make it a Good Day, G

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