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Monday, October 30, 2017

It's a Day Feeling the Loss Thing

Dear America,

sorry for your loss.

think we have really hit bottom;
hoping, at least, we are getting close, right?

Can you even believe how far we have sunk, having a church council elect to take down its plaque honoring George Washington?  And not just any church -- it is Christ Church of Alexandria, where good old George, father of our country, was one of its founding parishioners, having paid for pew #5, being a loyal member who attended services for over twenty years.

From the post, as in, from the Washington Times (link, above):

“The plaques [one for George, another Gen. Robert E. Lee]  in our sanctuary make some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome. Some visitors and guests who worship with us choose not to return because they receive an unintended message from the prominent presence of the plaques,” the church leaders said in a letter to the congregation that went out last week.

seriously?  As I lay my coffee cup back down on the cardboard coaster advertising 
The Jefferson 
...as in, the hotel; 
and duly noting that the design, simply stating the hotel's name, is accompanied with the line,"AN AMERICAN LANDMARK SINCE 1895 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA"
Let's hope it stays; but  I digress.

Call me cynical, but would love to see the evidence of visitors and guests not returning due to feeling "unsafe or unwelcome" because of the plaques.  Maybe they weren't greeted properly?  Maybe, no one walked up to talk to them and said hello, or offered a cup of coffee?  Maybe, just maybe, one person in THIS day and of THIS age gave the little lowly visitor the wrong impression -- be it of the entire church or just a few of its members.   You know what they say, one bad apple can spoil the bunch, doncha know [as if apples even come in bunches].

But more than likely, this church, is victim of a higher fall -- allowing political correctness to undermine the integrity of what was once an honorable action of an earlier age --  an act bearing great significance in the course of American history, and marking for perpetuity, two men of high esteem in bronze.  

America has survived the battlefields of the Revolutionary War and the Civil War -- 

America has survived the battlefields of good and evil, large and small.

Speaking of bad apples, welcome to the Word from Isaiah 65:
8 God's Message: "But just as one bad apple doesn't ruin the whole bushel, there are still plenty of good apples left. So I'll preserve those in Israel who obey me. I won't destroy the whole nation. 9 I'll bring out my true children from Jacob and the heirs of my mountains from Judah. My chosen will inherit the land, my servants will move in. 10 The lush valley of Sharon in the west will be a pasture for flocks, And in the east, the valley of Achor, a place for herds to graze. These will be for the people who bothered to reach out to me, who wanted me in their lives, who actually bothered to look for me. 11 "But you who abandon me, your God, who forget the holy mountains, Who hold dinners for Lady Luck and throw cocktail parties for Sir Fate, 12 Well, you asked for it. Fate it will be: your destiny, Death. For when I invited you, you ignored me; when I spoke to you, you brushed me off. You did the very things I exposed as evil; you chose what I hate." 

so the logic back behind One Bad Apple perhaps depends on the perspective; perhaps, it all depends upon our own personal response, depending upon our own hearts and minds, and if we see things for the greater good,  acting on behalf of the greater good, and work for the benefit of the greater good above all else.  Sometimes, it may just be one bad apple; surely, there are plenty of good apples left..

The thing is -- the indictment of one bad apple doesn't have to reflect against the whole.

Case in point -- the low hanging bad fruit:  Manafort. Former campaign manager to the Trump campaign, and as such, part of the Russian Collusion/Mueller Investigation.   As soon as it was discovered that Manafort had some shady business dealings in his past, Trump fired him.  So let us not be afraid and take a look at this bruising blemish a little more closely, shall we?  GO TO THE PATRIOT POST.

Oh my -- why does everything lead us back to the Clinton's?

America can only wish for another real George Washington to show up, to lead us out of the mayhem, the mire, the cumbersome matters -- both large and small -- that lead us even deeper into temptation and trial, and all the while, accruing trillions in debt.

It's burdensome...and troublesome....letting the bad apples lead; as a whole, America is so much better than this.

We are not Harvey Wienstein, right?  Hollywood Correctness could only keep that quiet for so long...

We are not the NFL (although, in the olden days, it was sure good fun, wasn't it?  What a way to ring in the day, a Sunday afternoon, yelling and screaming for the common good and actually hurting nobody's feelings, respective of all, and to all a good time.   Those days are gone.  After the leftist infiltrated the sport, political correctness has pretty much taken over and killed it.).

We are not the likes of Kevin Spacey, offering up the unconscionable excuse, "I am gay;" as if that's why we should forgive him and move along as if nothing ever happened.  Although, about this Rapp guy -- must ask, why now?  The alleged sexual advance was made in 1986....and you say nothing until now?

But Really?  Seriously, Kevin Spacey -- who I happen to love to watch act, under normal circumstances, now you formally come out of the closet?

[Does he have a Hollywood star?  Cuz we best be pulling that out of the sidewalk, like yesterday.]

[And I'm kidding, by the way; begging the question, do his years of entertaining us so splendidly well really need to be erased?  Do we cancel House of Cards over this, or what?  Just trying to gauge what are the rules these days....What is the ratio of crime to counts to the number of years, to the number of charges, to the number of winners, to the number of losers, and how does it ultimately equate to a decision to allow or disavow?]

Speaking of Washington, once more, thank God we actually broke the chain and elected an outsider, like Trump; for without a doubt, Washington is a swamp; it is full of bad actors and bad seeds and bad apples -- and sometimes it's the bad apples who are in charge of deciding just who are the bad apples...  It's nuts, really.

I love my Instagram account; being private, I am only followed by who I want to follow me, and I follow only who I want to follow; picked through the bunch with a fine eye, only the truly worthy get on my feed.  Like for instance, the obvious winners:  Steven Furtick and John Gray and Joel Osteen; also, just because he really rocks -- The Rock; also, frenchie world, boston terrier love, juniperfoxx...to get my animalia fix; also,  cuz I'm a foodie at heart -- bon appetit, rapo4, andrew knowlton, pizzacamp, just to name a few; and of course, my friends and family.

The thing is, I get to pick and choose just who -- and this girl is pretty picky.  Only the good apples need apply.

And here we are.  Finally.
As we edge ever so closer to the thing itself....
America needs to be a wee bit picky, too.

But by all means,  not in such a way, in such extremes, as the Christ Church of Alexandria, Virginia.

In the big picture -- George Washington did more good, gave more good, and inspired more good, perhaps more than any other American, to date.   What's next, the Washington Monument?

just as I'm sitting here, coffee long gone, up pops a news notification:  "Fox News, Breaking News, House of Cards ending amid Kevin Spacey sexual harassment claim."

Perhaps we should just all line up, from one bad apple to the next, counting stars and unmasking blemishes, and see where we all end up...that should be fun.

and yes;
Fully aware this girl is babbling the day away, like the brook in the back forty who's only responsibility is to irrigate the orchard, the next generation of trees.

My mind is mushy like a bad apple; lines are tangled, like branches growing in and around each other over decades of disregard; and the only thing that gives me a sense of peace is knowing, really knowing -- that "ONE bad apple DOESN'T have to ruin the whole bushel."

It doesn't have to be this way.

But to fix things, would call for us to return to our roots.  And therein lies the rub.

It feels as if we should be giving our condolences already - - as it would seem, this thing called  America -- by all appearances -- oh, she's a goner.

All things having to do with our American heritage are being disparaged, erased, re-written, or buried into the basements of churches and foundations and museums, being left to rot; having been hijacked and ransacked by bad apples of leftist lineage, the America we know and love, and recognized the world over as the leader of the free world,  is being ripped up by her roots.

The fruit is but a symptom.  We are allowing bad apples to negatively impact the whole bunch.

We are the product of years of decay, really; it's no wonder it seems to be spreading at such a rapid rate; it seems every day one more bad apple joins the pile.  Until we learn to do the right thing for the right reason, from one to another, we will surely continue to reap a harvest of one bad apple after another.


i have nothing else to say, but

Make it a GOOD Day, G

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