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Thursday, October 19, 2017

It's a Day to Ring True Thing

Dear America,

just dial wine - one - one


it can be so overwhelming sometimes...these days, these times...

sorta wishing we were still living in the day when the only out-of-town news we would get was by Pony Express, when it took forever and a day to arrive.  Just imagine living an entire day -- even a full week, a month, or two! --  with no news from neighboring states, let alone from across the pond or the opposite side of the globe.

my usual modus operandi is to make grand observations by beginning with one little thing; then that little thing usually turns into another; but my intentions are to eventually go big or go back to bed. In a perfect day -- on a clear day, on a good day --  this girl thinks more of the greater good than about little old me.

But having said that -- no matter if I go big picture for the greater good, or small to feed the inner pangs of my own humble fits and stings, rest assured every day on the old G Thing is a day speaking to the things that I, for one, need to be reminded of, if only to refresh my spirit.... to set me  free...and hopefully set me right side up once again, preferably sometime before noon.

And so what's your point, G?
Well, glad you asked; all of this muttering is just a long about way to explain how yesterday's blog --  being all about no worries and prancing with the lilies -- can be juxtaposed with today's cries... "just dial wine - one - one."  Seems this girl never runs out of hills and valleys; reaching new peaks or new lows, almost overnight.   Desperate times call for desperate measures, or at the very least, something to soothe our frantic thoughts, if only for a moment. At the end of the day, a glass of wine goes a long, long way, no?  Upon eagles's wings and a prayer never hurt either.

Having saved some sage advice via a fortune cookie, this day seems better than most to actually use it:  "A good beginning is half the task," it says.

For what does a good beginning actually accomplish?  It begins to explain things; it offers up a foundation; it sets the tone; it gives direction -- acting more like the north star or the magnetic pull of a compass; a good beginning illuminates a certain path and gives sustenance to keep up the effort putting one foot in front of the other until you arrive at the end, or to the place you intend to go.  A good beginning is only half the task...for you must keep going; a good beginning has only just begun!

The thing is, AMERICA personifies the good beginning like no other.  It explains our claims of exceptional birth, because according to the day, according to the times, according to all the world's history, AMERICA was the exception!  Our founders designed a Republic around a Limited Government, pronouncing a system with Checks and Balances through: the Executive Branch, the Congress, and the Judiciary.  America created a system of government, lo and behold, designed to make the INDIVIDUAL reign, indefinitely beholden to the things that individuals MUST do to keep it so, in order to secure its forever after --  things beginning and ending with good self-government and self-reliance. 

I say, beginning and ending with good self-government and self-reliance -- because without good self-government and self-reliance, we may as well be lost in some deep dark and vewy scarwy woods, with monsters that jump out from behind the trees, where the sounds that go bump in the night go boom and then some.

No, America, way back when, wasn't perfect in the beginning -- but show me any place, any country, any people, without imperfections, shortcomings, and issues, and I'll show you a place called Never Never Land or that place where Mr. Roger's Neighborhood met up with The Land of Make Believe, for that kind of land does not exist.  And make no mistake -- there was a day, in America, when even a five year old recognized this simple truth.

We all have to pull up our big girl (or big boy) pants one pant leg at a time -- and walk the talk.  It's as simple as that.

It is not lip service to recite the National Anthem or to Pledge Allegiance to the flag -- for this is a foundation upon which we unite, not crumble, and by all means, not protest.

It is not in our best interests to rip each other apart, like it's a sport -- via twitter, or facebook; for this takes social media into the realm of social destruction in a twinkle of the eye.

It is not okay to dismiss the good that goes around, fixated upon the little things that are not quite right; for in the end, the goal must be to cling to the things we have in common, building connections through compassion and understanding, and from this perspective, and this perspective alone -- meet the challenges of our communities together.  No two neighborhoods are really alike; and that is why many of the answers cannot be found going big and broad; the response must be unique, individually analyzed and resolved.  Our founders recognized this -- and everything from education to police protection to the weekly sermon must heed this truth and basic understanding in the spirit of just pure, good old-fashioned, common sense; the local power of the people, by the people, for the people, is the part and the parcel and the people and the pony in communion with one another that binds, with exponential benefits.

It is not okay to ignore the law -- break the law -- usurp the law -- or even misunderstand the law.  It is not okay to not know the truth about homicide in America, police brutality in America, crime stats in neighborhoods large and small.  As provocative as this may sound -- it is not okay to not recognize who is killing who in America, and why, no matter the how.   [This is where I would get out the trail mix and give you some links, but I think not; not today.  You have your own two legs so get on with it; nobody needs my help thanks to Google; besides this girl has been here before; hate to appear like we are just going in circles, right...teehee]

Murder is wrong, and illegal -- pick your poison; prostitution is wrong, and illegal, with or without consent; stealing a bike is wrong, and illegal; street drugs are wrong, and illegal; selling unlicensed football gear is wrong, and illegal; selling knock-off designer handbags is wrong and illegal -- buying one, knowing it is a knock-off, is equally wrong, and illegal.  Please tell me you are getting my point, or shall I go on....

The thing is -- today -- this girl is lamenting the loss of foundations, large and small.  Hence, the desperate call for wine -- one -- one (like stat)  upon the heading.  Oh sure, it's not even noon, so it will have to wait; the point is, a vicious pour is straight ahead and we should make landfall some time around 5 p.m. PST...but I digress while making rapid good time, doncha know.

America's good beginning is fully dependent upon each generation to know it, uphold it, honor it, cherish it, and make good on the mandates made certain and nonnegotiable to each and every one of us, separately as individuals,  and collectively... as whole communities, as country, as homeland; it is of no excuse not to know the necessity of good self-government and self-reliance being of firm duty, from one to another.  It is not up for debate.  It is a duty -- America's foundation was designed just that way, no lie (doubters look it up).

Nobody ever said it would be a cake walk; it is a duty, to God and to County, that never ever, never ever, lets up.  It is part of the permanent, long term, generational treasure map.  If we get to the end of life on this planet, being caretakers of this exceptional land, and feel good about how we participated in the protection and safe keeping of this land is your land and mine, then it is a good day, indeed; we have done our part.

So let me leave you with this, as a little pick me up, as a way to lead us through the forest of the next day or two aligned with a clear guide, one in keeping with a united front, from one to another, and with, or without, a full bodied red red wine with a side of whine  -- and it comes courtesy of The Quiet Mind:

Be true.  
This is the essence of the spiritual life.  
The note of the spirit 
is sounded on the higher planes, 
and the knocks you receive in everyday life
 are to test you, 
whether you can ring true.  
To ring true you must always 
sound the note of God, 
or good, 
which is within you.

that's all i got for this day; at the end of the day, as individuals -- we have the capacity to know right from wrong, legal or illegal, without anyone telling us so; when we have the courage and wherewithal  to be our own best mitigator and litigator -- being the sole navigator of all our days --- BEFORE...
every breath you take
every move you make
every bond you break
every step you take
every news you fake,
then consider the other half  of the task well done.

yeah, it stings a little, huh :)

Make it a Good Day, G

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