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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

It's a Collision Course of Stories Thing

Dear America,

To save time, let's assume I know everything

always a good way to start...

but you must know -- it's not that I really believe that, okay...
its like, half the time, this girl goes through hell and back just trying to figure out the proper use of the word, its -- is it it's or its ? It gives me a headache every time.  Having said that, if you are into rules, just go here.

Speaking of which, this girl can't wait for Kaepernick's book to come out.  A million dollar book deal!  Can you even believe it?  A million dollars!  And for what?  What story does he have to tell?
How his girlfriend twisted his little pee brain of his into thinking he could both raise awareness to his need for a better football contract (after deciding -- free will and all --  to go free agent, and dare I add, bringing a whole 'nother level to the phrase pee-wee football, badump ba) AND raise awareness to one of her favorite leftist causes, that police brutality is rooted in systemic racism -- and eventually growing into a full blown protest, using the national anthem as its leading protagonist. 

indeed.  that was a run on sentence.  shoot me.

But really now -- the thing is -- couldn't we all write Colin's story by now?  What is he going to tell us that we don't already know?  

We have watched his every move.
We have seen all the plays.
We could write his lack of a storybook ending from start to finish without skipping a beat, why? Because whining never prospers!  (And that's just the crib notes, k)

Kaepernick's pompous, imperious ego -- the one back behind the budding author of a million dollar book deal --  is evidence of an unfortunate transformation.  To think, after all these years, allowing for his natural humility to reign, respective of it being a team sport, and all -- practically sheltering his natural talent, impressive skills, hard work and rock star salary from the world;  its like, almost overnight, all the forces that were once with him, all collided on the field in full force against him. Oh what a reversal of fortune!

Oh don't get me wrong -- this girl is quite familiar with the kind of fuel that only a little sass can bring, okay?

I get it...I tend to start my day with as much of it as possible whenever I can.

What drives me crazy, though, is a sticky thing; it's called the truth.

1. The unrelenting anthem protests -- although enriched with the good idea to raise awareness for the common good in treating all people equally -- are actually based upon a lie (actually, make that multiple lies...but we've tackled that, here on the old gthing, one too many times before to rehash again, in the here and now.).  

2.  Before sitting on the bench, before taking his first knee, Kaepernick's own stats were on the decline.  

3.  As a general rule, what kind of all-American football team wants to pay a guy knee deep in controversy, and ripe with contempt, a salary of any kind --  let alone a handsome one?

4.  And here's the real kicker -- Kaepernick chose his path.  He elected to go free agent!  He elected to take his chances!  His little pee brain made him think he was worth more than he really was, naturally playing out a very simple principle of the free market.

5.  and about that claim of Collusion, the Lawsuit?


Now, speaking of collusion -- finally, we're here;  to the main fun and games we go....

Omaha, hut ....to the real collusion.

Russian Collusion.

It's just a nod to Never Trumper's on a whole 'nother level, right?  As in, it was never a Trump issue and always a Clinton/DNC issue.  Oh what a reversal of plays on top of plays on top of plays.

Truth is, the truth is never down for very long; with incredible stamina and agility and grace, the truth will ultimately have its day.

So that's the news, as told through the twisted brain of me...G!

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

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