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Thursday, November 2, 2017

It's in Memorium Day

Dear America,

pro bono

if you must know, this itty bitty Latin phrase, merely explains me...G;
for this thing that I do --  and maybe not every single day -- is just about keeping a diary of America..........for the greater good of America.

Pro Bono literally translates to "for the good;" to be sure, we are more familiar with its use in the general -- defining services rendered at no charge.

[Ergo, it works for Gthing in both references, for this thing isn't exactly a means of shaking my money maker and reaping its just rewards...teehee... No matter...parvis imbutus tentabis grandia tutus when you are steeped in little things, you shall safely attempt great things -- in other words, 'once you have accomplished small things, you may attempt great ones safely.']  

....P.S. (in postscriptum:  let's give a handsome nod to The Art of Manliness, here.  

Albeit two days in the making in this response -- but this morning, with America face to face with another act of evil, in Lower Manhattan, New York -- my mind is swirling around this very idea: "for the good."  For there is a definite line between good and evil, love and hate.

In other words, there is no grey area. 

No matter what situation we are in, no matter the color of our skin, no matter our religion, no matter if we are rich or poor -- there should be no question respective of this choice we make in every thing we say or do, large or small: there is a way of good, for the greater good.....and then there is not.

This girl is also struck with learning more about the victims; the word stems from its Latin roots, victimaWhy does it sound so much prettier with the "a" on the end? -- perhaps to buffer the senses of the loss, perhaps to bring in the feminine aspects of sensitivity and grace and healing?  But never  mind, nowadays we just go straight to the heart of the matter -- v i c t i m  .  period .

In the immediate hours after the animal (according to the president) plowed through a bike lane on a beautiful fall afternoon in NYC  -- two things happened:  

1.  The mainstream media did everything possible to avoid calling the animal for what he truly is  -- a  Radical Islamic Extremist with ISIS ties and firm allegiance (knowledge of this almost immediately verified, according to the notes/and ISIS flag that remained in his truck). 

2.  And in widespread media reports, the eight victims were referred to as Americans.

IN reality -- five men were Argentine -- one Belgian woman -- and yes, two Americans -- one from New Jersey who worked at the World Trade Center, and the youngest victim, at the age of 23, lived in the West Village and was working his first real job.

Perhaps, due to my own personal connection to Latin America -- having my baby girl spend half a year in Argentina just last year --  this dichotomy of' relationship between good and evil, love and hate, here/not here becomes almost too great to reconcile.  It's as if these guys are one of my own (-- although, mathematically, let me just say, it would be impossible.)

But there they were -- nine Argentine guys -- celebrating life and thirty years after graduating from General San Martin college, in the bike lane, in New York City's Lower Manhattan, here, on American soil.   Go to this link, please, for the full story at BBC News - world-latin-america.

When my girl returned home from Buenos Aires with a backpack overflowing with memories, photos of her every move, taste buds delighted with every bite, and having, clearly, fallen in love with the city generally thought of as the Paris of South America....Deo volente, God willing, I was overcome with joy; naturally, suddenly feeling a sense of release and showing my relief in tears-- my baby responded with this:  Oh mama, nothing bad ever happens in Argentina.

And to this day, we both dream, in part, of returning to the place that nothing bad ever happens, together; imagining a beautiful life figuratively placed on a pedestal, or of another world entirely, clearly one that is divine, charming, dazzling in every way and the fashion to match; oh yes, two girls can dream.

It is just so immense, this sadness inside -- for the eight families who have lost a loved one after Tuesday's rampage, have suddenly, and without warning, without planning, without any sign from God  whatsoever,  have had all of their dreams come to a screeching halt.  Just like that.  In an instant.

Over thirty years, there are innumerable variables -- between the nine Argentine men bonding in school and graduating, to staying in touch, to building families and careers before coming to America for a visit with well laid plans to celebrate life and friendship and honoring a connection made for a lifetime...They were in Boston, then decided to go to New York City, and then decided to rent bikes, and then decided to go to the place they would meet the untimely and unconscionable intersection of good and evil.  Where is the good, God?  Where is it?

We could fall back on a couple Latin phrases for strength:  "quam bene referre, non"  "it is how well you live that matters, not how long."    "Non progredi est regredi", "to not go forward is to go backward."

For certain, quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur...."whatever has been said in Latin seems deep...sounds profound."  [again, in continuous recognition of a place called The Art of Manliness]

Speaking of manliness,
how about these two Latin phrases:  "si vis pacem para bellum'  "semper fidelis!"
As in, "if you want peace, prepare for war," and accompanied with "always faithful" -- proud motto of our very own U.S. Marines.

To think, the mayor of New York City, de Blasio -- has just responded to the president's call for the Islamic Extremist to get the Death Penalty, with this:  “I’m not someone who believes in the death penalty in general,” the mayor said at a news conference outside Stuyvesant High School Thursday. “I believe this is an individual who should rot in prison the rest of his life.” 

How non viriliter agite, eh?   De Blasio fashions his response to an enemy combatant with a general rule of liberal gobbledygook.  De Blasio -- An Islamic Extremist soldier drove his truck over innocents -- killing eight and wounding many more  -- and you can't see the direct action of lawful purpose, manifesting a cause and effect for the ages?  The actions of this radical deserves being answered like men --  with right reason, just cause, and in absolute order; eye for an eye is the only answer.  It separates the good from the evil with a clear line for all the world to witness.

Oh, there is more to say; but a bit of normalcy is calling my name.  
tempus fugit
time flies....

heavy sigh
I have a job to do, so I must go.

heavy sigh
The distraction will do me good.

heavy sigh
virtus tentamine gaudet
strength rejoices in the challenge
vivere est vincere
to live is to conquer

Make it a Good Day, G

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