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Sunday, January 22, 2017

It's Just a Start to an Era of Another Kind of Creation Thing

Dear America,

"Don't use your energy 
to feed your history; 
use your energy 
to feed your destiny."  
Joel Osteen


ah the power of positive thought.

There is strength in taking command of what we think about, for it is proven, that what we think about expands.

Such is the explanation of creation itself -- for creation began with GOD having one thought, and then another, and then another, and so on, and so on, and now here we are.   Boom.  

And as we enter this new age of what might be best described, as a return to an age of TO GOD be the GLORY -- given the witness of President Donald John Trump's Inauguration, when he said "and, most importantly, we are protected by God!" -- let us then give thanks and praise. 

[This is hilarious, I asked google for "inauguration most prayers" and got, "Did you mean: inauguration has most players?"  I kid you not.  And realizing that the number of prayers -- 6 -- has already made big news, the confusion of google is shameful, and yet, unnecessarily not hard to explain, given it's widely recognized, company-wide bias....And what a Freudian slip, eh, given the number of players really in the audience, right?   But let's not digress.  Let's just get a good giggle and move on, shall we?]

And yet again!    As the search to find a good link to the transcript of Trump's speech was corrupted right from the start.  Typing in "Trump inauguration speech" --- google immediately pulls up the leftist views and copy, beginning with CNN, an outfit we might as well consider counterfeit, considering it was just caught publicizing fake news,..even Chuck Todd thought so.  Then, it quickly deteriorates into a string of leftist commentary, along with anyone else who articulated a disparaging thought  (like, George Will).   [So, this old  G Thing just added "Fox News" and took control of it all, navigating the riff-raff takes great skill, doncha know; ask what a leftist would do, and do the opposite. tee hee.  Can a girl get an amen?]

And sure, Trump goes low -- based on reality -- before he goes high, and stays there...

"But for too many of our citizens, a different reality exists: Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities; rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation; an education system, flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of knowledge; and the crime and gangs and drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential.
This American carnage stops right here and stops right now."

to which he responds...
"We are one nation – and their pain is our pain.  Their dreams are our dreams; and their success will be our success.  We share one heart, one home, and one glorious destiny.
The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance to all Americans."

Just love that part, of sharing "one heart, one home, and one glorious destiny."

Now, is this president going to be the most eloquent of prezzies we've ever had?  Ah, no.  That award would probably be a tie between George Washington and Ronald Reagan -- with an honorable mention quite possibly to Barack Hussein Obama.  However, it must be said, Barack forfeits the award upon his own undoing, for he didn't really mean a word he said, nor did he ever wish to recognize -- let alone grant his full allegiance -- to the true foundations this country was made. Obama was all talk; while his actions were all criminal when it comes to protecting the republic, the United States of America.  And that is just the truth.

Of course, to highlight the inauguration also comes with a few low-lights; that being, the protesters on the day of, as well as, the women's march, celebrated the day after....ugh.

Here's a thought -- I don't seem to recall the right behaving badly when Obama was inaugurated.  Anyone? Anyone remember the right protesting on the streets of D.C. on either one of the inaugurations, complete with setting limos on fire and throwing harmful objects at the police?

Here's some old news just for kicks.

And now here's an affirmation this girl is pretty sure we can believe in -- back to President Trump:

From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land.
From this moment on, it’s going to be America First.
When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.

The Bible tells us, “how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.”

We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity.

When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.

There should be no fear – we are protected, and we will always be protected.

We will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement and, most importantly, we are protected by God.


You know what I miss; I miss Madonna just making beautiful music for a living.  Of course, it's her old stuff this girl really clings to, so feel free to slap me; while, if being honest, when she was following Kabbalah, it might even be said that she had seen the light, cleaning up her act just a wee bit; assuming, after spending a fair amount of energy searching and finding a spiritual life force deep down inside her. Her Ray of Light album, for starters, surely a testimonial.

But if we were to string along her history, her HERstory, really -- we might actually be not so surprised to see that provocative motivations and glittering sparks of sexual, objectifying, raunchy, and clearly a penchant for exhibiting rather highly unladylike behavior, (even with Rocco, her son, on stage) made Madonna who she is, made her a star, and continues to rule her career house to this day.  

She has made hundreds of millions of dollars off of making herself a sex symbol, if not actually participating in making a mockery of humanity's relationship with sexuality and our connection to creation itself, no matter how rooted in feminists wiles she claims to be, thus, any and all credibility is lost.   And how the organizers of this march thought Madonna would strike just the right chord, is crazy stupid.  And you can quote me on that.

"...Welcome to the revolution of love. To the rebellion. To our refusal as women to accept this new age of tyranny. Where not just women are in danger but all marginalized people. Where people uniquely different might be considered a crime. It took us this darkness to wake us the fuck up.

It seems as though we had all slipped into a false sense of comfort. That justice would prevail and that good would win in the end. Well, good did not win this election but good will win in the end. So what today means is that we are far from the end. Today marks the beginning, the beginning of our story. The revolution starts here. The fight for the right to be free, to be who we are, to be equal. Let's march together through this darkness and with each step. Know that we are not afraid. That we are not alone, that we will not back down. That there is power in our unity and that no opposing force stands a chance in the face of true solidarity.

"And to our detractors that insist that this March will never add up to anything, fuck you. Fuck you. It is the beginning of much needed change. Change that will require sacrifice, people. Change that will require many of us to make different choices in our lives, but this is the hallmark of revolution. So my question to you today is are you ready? I said, are you ready? Say yes, we are ready. Say, yes we are ready. One more time: you're ready.

"Yes, I'm angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot of blowing up the White House, but I know that this won't change anything. We cannot fall into despair. As the poet, W.H. Auden once wrote on the eve of World War II: We must love one another or die.

"I choose love. Are you with me? Say this with me: We choose love. We choose love. We choose love."

I only painted it pink to match the pink cat caps, the so-called p****hats, that the greater part of the crowd was donning.  Oh yes, that visual will stick with us, and then some, and not in a good way.

Don't you just love how she begins with this "revolution of love" theme, while spitting out f-bombs and telling the crowd she "thought an awful lot of blowing up the White House."  Really?  I watched you, Madonna, and a scene of "a whole 'lot of love" would not be the first thing to come to mind. 

Beginning with militant outrage, and threatening harm to the people's house -- while basically dismissing the entire half of America (including women) who voted for Trump -- tells me there is no brotherly love in the conversation to speak of, when it comes to your approach.   

This is love?    This is how you choose love?  
...Just after you bitch slap your detractors, calling out a big "...fuck you.  fuck you...."   Even if I were to say "fuck you" back, where would that get us?  How is this the right place you want to start?

Let me know when you want me to take you seriously, k.  I mean, seriously.

What a hot mess.   
And you, too, Ashley Judd....reading that poem, "I Am A Nasty Woman"....

here ya go:  
I am a nasty woman. I'm as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheetos dust. A man whose words are a distract to America. Electoral college-sanctioned, hate-speech contaminating this national anthem. I'm not as nasty as Confederate flags being tattooed across my city. Maybe the South actually is going to rise again. Maybe for some it never really fell. Blacks are still in shackles and graves, just for being black. Slavery has been reinterpreted as the prison system in front of people who see melanin as animal skin. I am not as nasty as a swastika painted on a pride flag, and I didn't know devils could be resurrected but I feel Hitler in these streets. A mustache traded for a toupee. Nazis renamed the Cabinet Electoral Conversion Therapy, the new gas chambers shaming the gay out of America, turning rainbows into suicide. I am not as nasty as racism, fraud, conflict of interest, homophobia, sexual assault, transphobia, white supremacy, misogyny, ignorance, white privilege ... your daughter being your favorite sex symbol, like your wet dreams infused with your own genes. Yeah, I'm a nasty woman — a loud, vulgar, proud woman.
I am not nasty like the combo of Trump and Pence being served up to me in my voting booths. I'm nasty like the battles my grandmothers fought to get me into that voting booth. I'm nasty like the fight for wage equality. Scarlett Johansson, why were the female actors paid less than half of what the male actors earned last year. See, even when we do go into higher paying jobs our wages are still cut with blades sharpened by testosterone. Why is the work of a black woman and a hispanic woman worth only 63 and 54 cents of a white man's privileged daughter? This is not a feminist myth. This is inequality. So we are not here to be debunked. We are here to be respected. We are here to be nasty.
I am nasty like my bloodstains on my bed sheets. We don't actually choose if and when to have our periods. Believe me if we could some of us would. We do not like throwing away our favorite pairs of underpants. Tell me, why are pads and tampons still taxed when Viagra and Rogaine are not? Is your erection really more than protecting the sacred messy part of my womanhood? Is the bloodstain on my jeans more embarrassing than the thinning of your hair?
I know it is hard to look at your own entitlement and privilege. You may be afraid of the truth. I am unafraid to be honest. It may sound petty bringing up a few extra cents. It adds up to the pile of change I have yet to see in my country. I can't see. My eyes are too busy praying to my feet hoping you don't mistake eye contact for wanting physical contact. Half my life I have been zipping up my smile hoping you don't think I want to unzip your jeans. I am unafraid to be nasty because I am nasty like Susan, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Amelia, Rosa, Gloria, Condoleezza, Sonia, Malala, Michelle, Hillary!
And our pussies ain’t for grabbing. There for reminding you that our walls are stronger than America's ever will be. Our pussies are for our pleasure. They are for birthing new generations of filthy, vulgar, nasty, proud, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, you name it, for new generations of nasty women. So if you a nasty woman, or you love one who is, let me hear you say, hell yeah.
[and thank you Real Clear Politics for publishing the entire poem...for it was hard to find! And by golly, this poem is truly Real clear in it's politics.  and crazy, right, I am, I am.]

And more than that, I am a nasty woman with the courage to say this poem does not speak for me.

Question is, would the Nina Donovan's and Ashley Judd's and Madonna's of this world, consider ME, G, another breed of nasty woman worthy of their respect, even while I beg to argue with nearly every cotton-pickin', narrow-minded, ideology driven and fully buried into the ground, diary of a leftist wet-dream, they love to sow....while sorely clinging to history, rather than, joining in unity, with the forces and energies now un-tethered, released in the spirit to create something good, a better future, a destiny unimaginable to the naked eye, for ALL Americans?

The actions and prejudices of the organizers of the march say otherwise, see here.  

To the creators of THIS REBELLION afoot, don't take my power away, I AM WOMAN TOO...how dare you try to corner the market on this marginalization effect.  Speaking from my experience, being a conservative, Christian, pro-life kinda girl -- I AM vilified every single day in America; it's like having three strikes against me from the moment my little toes hit the floor. and yet, look at me go.  Add white girl to it, and we've got ourselves a hat trick.  Oh Hear me roar.  I AM so tired of weenies.

Indeed, it is just part of the equation for each and every one of us in this great land is your land, too --where the pursuit of happiness is ours for the making, where to speak our peace is ours for the taking, where to live in a land where you are not locked up for just the freedom and liberty to say just so, is ours for the hating....For in AMERICA, even in our unity we are not all the same.

What can I say, this is turning into a long day, a loooooooooong blooooooooooooog day-- this is what we get for being a little pent up, right Madonna? Right Nina?  Right Ashley?   A girl has to spew when a girl has to spew, and may that be a lesson to you, oh nasty woman frenemies of mine.   love you.   mean it.

oh I am a greater good kind of girl

And finally, 

think it was Brit Hume who said it best on Friday; he said, generalizing, that Obama's legacy could be narrowed down to two words...."Donald Trump."   For it was Obama's actions, direct and indirect, seen and unseen, that ultimately created his legacy -- a legacy now up in smoke; in the end, when all is said and done, it was Obama's leadership that led America to this.....the opening of a very special door, the White House, to a Donald J. Trump Administration.  oh yes we can and yes he did.

Obama had his chance and is now history.  The future is ours for the making all over again, let us give thanks and praise; for in reality,  it is In God We Trust.  The more we step aside, the more Divine Providence comes about to do its thing for the common good, the common man, woman and child.  

Oh yippie ki yay.

Here we go.
"Don't use your energy 
to feed your history; 
use your energy 
to feed your destiny." 
thank you, Joel.

it's a healthy attitude to start anything, especially when that anything -- is suddenly now -- very possible.

Make it a Good Day, G

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