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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It's Imaginations Gone Wild Thing

Dear America,

 "Some women wait for something 
to change and nothing 
does change 
so they change 

it's a good morning in America --
it's (as in everything)   is all about to be made possible again,
and isn't that something to revel and redeem!
From revolutions to revelations, we come to the precise spot we are meant to be on this day, and likewise, as in every day, oh thanks be to God.  Sure -- there are no guarantees but let's go on, shall we?  

Just look at how just the possibility of something happening makes things happen....[Bloomberg/GM link inserted here.]  OR this one [Wall Street Journal/Walmart]

[However, wee g must add, there are areas of business not moving forward -- like this little hometown revolution....cue the news about the Chargers unable to find a moving company to do the job. “We decree, henceforth, that we shall unite as a perfect union of professional movers in agreeance (sic) to not aid the San Diego Chargers' move to Los Angeles.” funny.  and many tanks to Fox News for that.]

This time eight years ago, we rang in hope and change as if our lives depended on it while ignoring all the signs; dismissing all questionable associations; filling up all resume holes with our own imaginations of something more splendid than ever before.  For Barack Hussein Obama was the first African-American to reach such heights, and by golly, we were going to make him fit and no one, as in no one,  was allowed to say an unflattering word or even think a suspect thought.  It is done, so be quiet.

The community organizer, the community antagonize-r, the community divider --- IN CHIEF -- became the Decider-In-Chief with his Marxist/Social Re-Engineering/Redistribution of Wealth ideology leading the way.  And this nation, built as a Republic, mind you, became the target of change in ways we never thought possible, and nearly entirely through the orders and regulations and lawlessness of the Executive Branch. [The link, above, from Nate Jackson, 1/11/17, a contributor @The Patriot Post ]

Of course, it would be really sad to have one oligarchy replaced with another, wouldn't it?

But having said that --  this Trump guy has promised a return to sanity in the federal government arena, and surely he will use any and all means possible, and this may very well include much of the same executive branch tactics as the previous administration...so ugh, and tell me, is this a case where two wrongs really make a right?  [It's just a good question...relax]

Here's a quote from Trump for you:

"I am going to lower your taxes; I am going to get rid of massive amounts of unnecessary regulations, on business and in your life; I'm going to unleash American energy; I'm going to repeal and replace Obamacare; I'm going to appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will follow the Constitution; I'm going to rebuild our military and take care of our vets; I'm going to save the 2nd Amendment; I'm going to stop illegal immigration and drugs coming into our country, and yes, we will build a wall. And Mexico will pay."

Just the sound of it makes me go hum.
Oh, the possibilities!


Looking down to an open page of a book laying on my desk --  Something More - Excavating Your Authentic Self by Sarah Ban Breathnach -- it's open to page 134, and the quote leading into this excerpt is from Audre Lorde and goes something like this:  "Some women wait for something to change and nothing does change so they change themselves."

wait.   hold up.  I'm gonna scroll up and make that mine, too; as in my opening...and many tanks to Sarah and Audre for the assist.  And Shirley, this feeling inside me, it must be how manufacturing and factory workers feel right about now, right?

What I love about this quote extends to all of America; we are not waiting, we are not regulated by the fear of starting something; we are not listening to the doubters and the naysayers; we are positively sure of the possibility of change, starting within, perhaps one by one and step by step, and just making the move.  We are no longer waiting for someone else to do it for us and no longer pending something else to happen first. 

It's almost as if all possibilities are revealed at once and we are suddenly free to do whatever we want. Be the Change, right?  Be the change and all else falls into place,

Dare I say, when we venture to make and do and be for the common good, the Universe supports this can-do attitude fully; IT not only says yes, it multiplies.  And it multiplies big time....as in huuuuuge.

Although we do not have a crystal ball, nor can we see the days ahead for we only get one day at a time...but never discount the enormous strength we gain just from beginning to think aright.  

Everything we imagine -- good, bad or indifferent -- begins in the mind.  It is powerful stuff.

Actually, this mind links us to the Creator of all things seen and unseen.  And it is when we fold our hands and close our eyes and pray, we find ourselves tapped into the Original Source of all Good, from which we collaborate and dream and build and do great things together.

One of my favorite Sunday preachers, Dr. Charles Stanley, gave a visual this past week that seems to be a perfect fit right about now...But first,
Let me preface this with his topic on the day -- gaining the proper defenses to an immoral world, and finding the inner courage to say "no" to things, and encouraging us to make good choices, and staying on the right path in the accompaniment of God.  K?  Got it?  

So while he's talking, he stops for a moment and clasps his fingers together as if he's about to recite that little jingle, "here's the church, here's the steeple, open the door and here's all the people..." and says, "here's your defense, it's a fence."  And immediately spans the room showing the interlocking digits on a horizontal plane......instantly appearing more like a couple of 2 X 4's,  we made ourselves a fence; brilliant, right?  The best offense is a strong de-fence, and when we humbly pray for guidance, grace, mercy, a new outlook on life, a new job, a baby, a new country....the possibilities are endless and the answers are revealed.

I was never a Trumper -- but now I am.  For better or worse,  he is the hope and change of this new day in America.

The left will try and try as they might, make him illegitimate.  [And that's a really good post from The Daily Caller...love you guys]

So go ahead.  Say what you want to say, the possibilities are endless...

Go ahead, and stay stuck in the past; 
Go ahead, and cement yourselves to an ideology that does a world of nothing for so many (see the outcome of last eight years); 
Go ahead, and protest and riot and undermine  every good thing that comes around the bend,
Go ahead and moveon dot org.

And let's just see where that attitude gets you four years from now, shall we?  

Dare I add, let's just see where being unable to adapt, being totally and systematically intolerable to other points of view, being sorely unified in close-mindedness and incapable of even having an adult conversation about another way to live and govern and have our being,  and thereby wholly and completely wallowing in that kind of commitment to NOT change....GO AHEAD.  But mark my words, YOU (the one who makes all your choices) will surely be missing out on something more, something that might even be good for you.

Rest assured, this girl has her de-fences up and ready, fully engaged and determined to press on! Bring on the change that will come with this new administration and let's get at it.  

Friday can't come soon enough.  

For this wee little g CAN imagine the possibilities.... and from this perspective, it's all good...thank you, God.

Make it a Good Day, G

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