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Thursday, November 3, 2016

It's Welcome to My World, Hollywood Thing

Dear America,

we are five days away from fundamental transformation, folks...again.

and given the seriousness of the matter, this girl had to laugh about a variety of downright fear of any kind of peaceful transition to a Trump Administration; surprisingly, something that has half a chance of happening now that the Clinton Foundation may come under indictment (about damn effing time) and other Hillary missteps...all of which recorded on film, email, private servers and all.

But let's look at this Hollywood freak out, shall we?

Oh no! He might just repeal Obamacare!

Oh no! He might just stop the free flow of illegals across our southern border, and end the reckless decision of letting thousands of un-vetted refugees set up shop!

You know, other than getting to just these two things, from my view...in my tiny bubble -- I almost don't care what else a Trump Administration does; more important, given the overwhelming amount of precedence, I'm pretty sure Trump isn't gonna care what you all think of him one melodramatic bit, Hollywood.  just sayin'

quoting a Hollywood insider (from a post @Variety) -- “I’m fucking terrified,” said writer-director Adam McKay, via email. “If Trump were to win we will see a dismantling of our democracy we cannot imagine. I know that sounds dramatic but I think it’s a safe bet. I’m hoping silent sane Americans rise up to stamp down this ugliness. At the end of the day I still believe humans are getting better and smarter and that Trump is a burp from a bygone era.”

cracks me up.

I mean, Adam...what in Sam Hill do you think we, located in our bubbles just right of center, have all been thinking this past eight years???  Really?

I FEEL YOUR effing PAIN; and yet, at the risk of sounding cold and heartless, ask me if I care.

"we will see a dismantling of our democracy we cannot imagine," he says.

tee hee.  Good One.

Oh Adam, think of it this way -- it's just the very same feeling all of you Lefty's got to have -- with the Hollywood bubble in full costume, of course -- only eight years ago; this is OUR five days away from effing fundamental transformation, no matter how ugly it looks.  So where is your tolerance?

The right has put up with a lot of bulllllllshhhhhhhshshhsh.  This is our chance to put a cork in it, literally, figuratively, metaphorically, and with bells on. Is Trump perfect?  No.  Will he do?  Yes. (For now.)

From wanton executive orders, to rampant over-regulation, to a full scale DISMANTLING of one-sixth of our economy, and putting to ruin the best health care system in the whole effing world! -- oh Adam, now who's being naive...America's "democracy"....absent crony capitalism, absent big government taxation, absent every facet of civilian life being transformed, absent the bigotry of people of faith, absent the best military force in the world being reduced to rubble....THAT democracy has been long gone.  The origins of the fall dating back almost a hundred years, but becoming exponentially most effective in the last eight years.  

hmmmm wonder what happened then?  anyone?

Oh right, that's when the Left's prince of peace and other deeds was elected.

Oh let's not let Adam have all the fun; let's bring a new someone, a big fish offering a few prescient thoughts on the present, and providing for Variety's effing big finish...

“It has been an enormously burdensome election in terms of the public discourse and the coarseness, and a conversation where we are talking past each other, and not to each other,” Newsom said in the interview, which will air on Thursday. “Yeah, there is a lot to be nervous about because as a Democrat, I think the consequences are catastrophic in terms of the future of this democracy if someone like Donald Trump actually succeeds and has the kind of power that is afforded a president. It scares the living daylights out of me that he is this close.”
That new someone is Gavin Newsom, California's Lieutenant Governor.  yay me (said with sincere sarcasm; camera spanning the G bubble and catching her looking yonder and casting a long sigh. fade to dark).

I guess this piece from Variety needed to include an opinion from someone actually in politics, perhaps to give the puff-of-smoke piece some pizzazz and some real weight (but not over 165 lbs, mind you, then he would be considered a wee bit too puffy; no, wait.  Weight is weighted against actresses mostly, calculated upon the depth and breadth of the T and A...it's complicated.).  

He says, "....I think the consequences are catastrophic."  Which, is funny, since the "consequences" ARE unseen, as in, Trump hasn't done a thing yet.    And anyway, this thing called "catastrophic" is exactly what we have right now, Gavin...consequences so catastrophic it's not even funny.  Bubble to bubble, toil and trouble.

But Oh to be or not to be so full of thy self!
What a joy to live in that world every single day, no?  [yeah, no.]  

So Hollywood is sweating and fretting the outcome of this election --

Oh no!  The horror!

LOL LOL  LOL  LOL LOL -- this girl better just settle down, all this laughter just might pop her  bubble, says the girl, taking a pose in a panic and fish lips.

welcome to my world, Hollywood.

Every effing day, my world has had to face deplorable conditions under the unconscionable, sometimes un-Constitutional, oppression running openly and freely, totally a muck as they say,  under THIS administration, k.

And granted, some of which has unarguably come from this good for nothing congress, there is that...Something the election of 2014 was supposed to course correct, but now look at me -- slipping into a dress to digress with break neck speed.

But for the most part,  never mind the ornamentation designed to distract --  all roads lead to Rome and to the one on top:  President Barack Hussein Obama.  History repeats itself all the time.  

The community organizer extraordinaire, Commander in Chief, that special someone deserving of an effing Oscar for starring in the creation of such a masterpiece -- the effing hot mess we are living in today has been scaring the living daylights out of many of us all the live long day, every day, for the last eight effing years.  But perhaps, that perspective may just be more the cause and effect of my bubble's loyalty to America's origins simply crying out for a stronger role.  (And when I say crying, we're talking crocodile tears, just so you can get the full picture.)

look at me just getting carried away...

I love that Hollywood is so unafraid to show their intolerance and hatred towards the opposition --an  opposition only being the other side of the same coin.  It's deplorable, almost irredeemable, right Hillary?  It's simply the other side of the same coin; red, blue, left, right, heads and tails.  In other words, it's the other side of the same coin that just so happens to pony up a plenty to watch mostly effing trash coming out of an industry that once made really great film.  How do they do it?

Awwww Adam,  can we go back to Genesis?  Hollywood once led with such elegance, through and through, on and off camera.

thing is, THEY..(HOLLYWOOD's hypercritical collective bubble of millionaires and elitists living large among the small people) ...should really be more concerned with where that kind of Hollywood ventured off to before they wade into criticizing a Trump administration, especially before a Trump administration has even stepped foot upon the red carpet  (and notice it is not a boot, unlike the president you all love and adore with such stupidity.  Nope,  Trump is barefoot and going in anyway.  Because he can.  Yes he can. Yes he can.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  We'll just have to wait and see.  Wait and see.).

Aw Adam, Gavin, and Laugh-In oh my -- we are five days away from another effing fundamental transformation, again!   Grab a popcorn and get over yourselves!  Either way, it's gonna get scarier before it even has half a chance to get any better.  But please, choose to be afraid...be vewy, vewy afraid (please say that like Elmer Fudd).

And most of all, understand the feeling you all are experiencing, in unison, just so happens to be how many, many, many, many millions of little Americans have felt since November 2008.   ugh.  you all have no idea.  This "democracy" is currently in RUINS right now -- as we effing speak.

My advice:   Get lost in all the tiny bubbles... coming to the surface.  
No, no.  Here ya go....Think of it as being a really good bottle of Dom...Don Perignon being cracked across the hull and christening a brand new ship.   yeah yeah, that's the ticket.  It's quite a production, that's for sure.    And if it costs you a wee bit of your pompous peace of mind, whatever -- find a therapist, run to Jesus, leave the country.  Choice is yours.

Welcome to the new world on the horizon; we are all Marshall,  and this is America, baby. It's all fair in love and war, and that goes double-time with tap shoes when talking politics.

God bless us one and all.

Make it a Good Day, G

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