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Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's a Day of Repentance Thing

Dear America,

"We can speak so confidently about the outcome of all your human problems because we know that all human life is governed by a divine law, perfect in its outworking,  The purpose of that law is to draw all men and women , all the human family, into a consciousness of God.  Do not look backwards unless to say, 'How beautiful is the path that I have traversed!'  Do not regret the past.  You are moving forward, travelling life's path to find happiness once again, and this time an enhanced happiness."  
The Quiet Mind

so let's get right to it.

it must be said that over the last couple of days and blogs, little ole Gthang has hardly been Rated G.

and there is no response to it, other than to say this -- this girl much prefers to stay on the side of poise and grace.  And even though the results are in at Rasmussen, showing Teflon Don to now be in the lead after Sunday's stunning debate performance (and I mean, performance), it is all too soon to tell, as the polling came before a few women have come forward claiming sexual assault against him (Of course, one of these claims seems suspect, as it happened like thirty years ago...Oh sure, now you screw him....why now lady?  why speak up now?  who got to you? but i digress, bigly).

But more than anything else these days -- there is not a day that goes without being in constant prayer.  It's as if God is the only one I truly talk to (sometimes, this girl goes through Jesus -- sometimes the Holy Spirit -- but more often than not, it's right to the Source of all things Good, and that is God). 

It's called travelling with the Trinity to infinity and beyond, right...

When my day began, and I saw the numbers @Rasmussen, my first thought was 'oh thank you, Lord."

The second thought swiftly followed, returning to a recurring thought of the last 24 hours -- and that was the story of Tim Tebow.   (Now, it wasn't the first time this dude laid his hands on someone and quite possibly, saved his life...)  

That being said, let's go to my third thought -- sending a message to Trump; to plead for a meeting between the two T's for a "come to Jesus" moment.   It's like, what could it hurt, right?  (And I did!)

Even though from my position, as an outsider looking in, the truth and fiction of how one man lives is on the one hand none of my business -- on the other hand, Trump is making it my business by asking me and all Americans to trust him with our lives and our fortunes......

.......just as Hillary and Bill Clinton have done time and time again!  

For the Clinton's may appear together as a couple -- but really, they are a political machine;  they have been a pair in the public eye for decades now, and together, have dodged and weaved with the unscrupulous the entire time.  How dare the hypocrisy of the Clinton's still standing continue to flaunt and gloat over the American landscape, rolling in and out of the hills and  valleys like no other.  If anything else, we must applaud the Donald in his very ability to stay the course, steadfast and, more or less, unrepentant....and more important, courageously fighting for America.

It was about a year ago when my prayers realized that so much of what will happen in this election is out of my hands, and in the hands of Something Greater.   But by allowing ourselves to recognize God is in charge, it certainly doesn't relinquish the duty which stands before every American -- which is to do everything humanly possible to affect the change in Washington that we so much desire.

The thing is:  America was never intended to be a nation under one man (or woman) "fixing us" all the live long day; no.

America was designed Under God, a Divine Providence that would shelter us and love us and shape us and expand us and nurture us and make us great in a spirit of grace and humility; wealth and happiness organically and integrally tied to our individual efforts -- and when combined, creating the exceptional nation that is America, and unlike any other in history. (Neither a statement of gloat or of superiority -- merely a statement of truth; because for the first time in world history, a country raised the power of the individual over the governing body.) 

and just look at us, it's an embarrassment.

"Ignorance leads Men 
into a party, 
and Shame keeps them 
from getting out again."  
Benjamin Franklin

He also said:
"The Things which hurt, instruct."

It stings a little, huh.

This, in part,  is how my little g sees GOD...for it is our own humanity that leads us astray, and it is in these life lessons learned that either makes us great again, or takes us down --  deep into misery with free abandon.

It always comes down to the choices we make as one person, each connected to the whole.

Our founders were the masterminds of certain truths learned through the ages -- truths of Rome, of Greece, of times and civilizations gone by, and they landed on a system of governing that recognized Divinity OVER US and guiding the INDIVIDUAL in the every day, leaving merely a small government to oversee the order of things, and chiefly, to keep guard and hold a watchful eye over the birth and life of our sovereign nation.  Here's to one of their muses, Cicero:

Therefore Law [of the Creator] is the distinction between things just and unjust, made in agreement with that primal and most ancient of all things, Nature; and in conformity to Nature's standard are framed those human laws which inflict punishment upon the wicked and protect the good..

As one and the same Nature holds together and supports the universe, all of whose parts are in harmony with one another, so men are united in Nature; but by reason of their depravity they quarrel, not realizing that they are of one blood and subject to one and the same protecting power.  If this fact were understood, surely man would live the life of the gods!"  Thank you, Cicero

America has been led down a rabbit hole of Nature's making not because Divine Providence predestined America to fail, but simply by and in accordance to perfect Natural Law.  The free will of our humanity made this mess, and God simply saw it coming.  Just as God knows who the next president of the United States is, too.  tee hee

When we return to words of a blog that seems like ages ago now - -  Spring Up, Oh Well! -- it is to call upon the living water on earth and everywhere to act, to say, to do, that which is good, that which is right, in all ways -- large and small.  And if we do that much, America will prevail.

Whatever happens on November 8, 2016, it will surely go down as the culmination of the most raucous of election cycles,  to date.  And it is probably pretty safe to say that no one in America is proud of the optics, whether the perspective comes from heaven above or below or sea level, right or left.

The truth is, we are corrupt.  We have been corrupted in every which way possible, and back again.  And it didn't start in 2015, it didn't start in 2005....it started a long, long time ago.  Let not your heart be troubled, and let not the media mayhem distract you from the truth underfoot -- the choice is clear.  

We are in one sticky wicket and perhaps we all need a come to Jesus moment (and if it's not Jesus, go to the Supreme Being of your choice, or stay in silence -- whatever -- just let the rest of us repent in peace for a moment or two, please and thank you). 

Pray for Trump; pray for America.  And vote.

Let's close with one more from Ben:

"Great beauty, 
great strength, 
and great riches 
are really 
and truly 
of no great use; 
a right heart exceeds all."

Make it a Good Day, G

Here's a riddle: if a boy goes in for a kiss and the girl slaps him back, which assault wins in court?

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