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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It's a Worm Thing

Dear America,

you know, a long long blog ago, we spent a fair amount of time lamenting the loss of respect to a certain group, linked by unpopular common denominators  -- "the white, heterosexual, republican, male [WHRM's]"  At the time, this, generally speaking, male muse on the day was from a bumper sticker seen about town. 

But I got to thinking about it some more.

We might as well just call them worms, right?  I mean, the Left would have us believe that, anyway; everything that is wrong about America can be attributed to the rather sub-par traits associated with this one, slimy, ghastly, nasty, subgroup, end of story, not open for discussion, they are the scum of the earth...these worms.  In a perfect world, the Left would bury them to where the sun don't shine and keep them there.

How dare they be white...heterosexual, even...republican, ugh....and male....ew.

Oh yes, this is the age that celebrates hard fought diversity....indeed, but can I get a "yeah, right" --and the more sarcasm the better.

Engaging the times, with the assist of mainstream media and the leftist entourage of social media websites, the country continues to rock hypocrisy daily -- preaching diversity and co-existence en masse ...while assaulting, by shove or by tongue, all people who don't fit into the leftist universe.

Let's take a hard look at what happened at Berkeley just a couple days ago, shall we?
And to do just that, let's start @ Hot Air.

Welcome to the return of segregation, folks.  It's no longer good enough just to yellow tape safe spaces, to protect and to serve certain segments of the population who get a wee bit offended by anyone else who would dare to voice an opinion different than their own. While this growing movement, pitting boundaries between the free exchange of ideas and the ears of those of weak constitutions, bears just how little our culture has evolved. Matter of fact, in a manner of speaking, we are going steadily backwards.

Within the highlights of the lowlights characterized by the student body at Berkeley -- it appears that the sum of our parts are a'changin once again; as if dissecting the population by the color of one's skin has ever been a good idea...can I get an amen?

And lookie here -- in the midst of all this nonsense -- is a new acronym [for me, anyway].


which protests for...
intersex [one's physical sex characteristics are not exclusively male or female]
ally [exactly what it says it is, an ally to the LGBTQIA community.  That's so inclusive, isn't it?]

it's like, seriously?

Also, this is fascinating -- and it's about the Q.
Apparently, you can only self-identify using the Q; you can't be called a queer by someone else.  And if you, say, advertise yourself to be part of this Q special species, than what you are saying to the rest of us is that you know you don't fall into any conventional sexual or gender norms, simply recognizing you are different...and namely, queer.  

Which reminds of a once upon a time great show on television...Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.  Loved the show.  Loved the message.  Loved the learning back and forth between the straight guys and the queer-eyed guys and its audience.  It was well done and should be glorified for its ability to bring worlds together -- not split apart like a bad plaid competing against gold lam'a.
When looking at this thing that happened at Berkeley...juxtaposed with the Black Lives Matter [a movement that directly conflicts against Blue Lives. as well as, white lives as a whole] -- my head begins to spin.

How in the world can we be volunteering as a country to go backwards...after all we have learned about ourselves, after all the talk (both sides of the aisle) of what we "value,"  after all this time supposedly "evolving?"    How is this okay?

Enough with the labels and acronyms that divide us by the very things that should never ever matter! By who we sleep with?  
By gender clarity?  
By who we ally with and who we don't?  
By if we don't care about being attracted to anyone at all?  
and oh by the way, get lambasted and pummeled into submission -- not allowed to speak, walk this way, or challenge any cultural changes America makes ---if we actually lean more conventional in any of these areas, and happen to be openly a conservative, to boot?  worms. worms. worms.

And what really happens in the gap that belongs to the white, heterosexual, republican girl...just curious.  I feel so lost, so unaccepted, so ostracized; where's my safe space, where's my GA, my ally? 

that stands for "just kidding,"  just in case you don't know, alright... IKR.

This girl isn't lost; and not only that -- she just so happens to put on her big girl pants ever single day.
I don't need a label.
I don't need a safe space.
I don't need protection against hearing opinions that I will never in my life agree with, k.

I also believe, that on some days we just have to create our own sunshine more than others; and if more people understood this, than maybe, just perhaps, more people would understand the essential part we each play when placed in direct proximity with the whole -- as in our daily interactions, what we say, what we do, whether for each other or for ourselves.  This is the kind of stuff that matters.

Given the protests upon protests upon protests -- pretty soon, the protests will be happening in a forest of protests.  Which only means, eventually, no one protest will be heard over another.  The audience will just turn dark -- and the message(s) will be muffled, at best.  

The funny thing is -- and warning:  this returns swiftly to the roots of my manly musings -- 
worms love the dark.  Worms make magic.... in the dark.  Worms actually thrive...in the dark.

We might just be witnessing the ground floor of a new grassroots movement here, if we aren't careful. All this talk might even lead to a new flag -- a version 2.0 of don't tread on me, right.

Our founders must be rolling in the dirt; this was not the plan, nor are things anywhere close to the semblance of the level of virtue back behind the first protest, one worthy of creating a bloody revolution...that ultimately led us to a Civil War.. which ultimately led us to the marches of one Martin Luther King, Jr...which ultimately led to the first black president of the United States of America.  

For in all cases -- the choice was not split into multiple factions by agenda or sex or gender approved, but merely two:  Doing the right thing and Doing the wrong thing...for all Americans, one body, e pluribus unum.

What is truly sad -- even our president apparently requires a "safe space"; even our president doesn't have the constitution to hear ideas different than his own; even our president makes disparaging remarks against the conservative opposition, ridiculing the right at every opportunity he gets.  

[What Obama (+ the Left) will never understand, let alone appreciate, let alone even demonstrably decide to co-exist with at any given time ---- is that the rest of us, the ones who actually understood what he meant when he said "we are five days away from fundamental transformation," really did want all of his leftist ideas to fail because these ideas not only have been PROVEN to have failed before, but these ideas, implemented, are truly wrong for ALL Americans even today! No acronyms required.  Period.]  [See also, the anti-free enterprise, anti-limited government, venture called Obamacare, just for seconds.]

But now look at me -- just getting so carried away...

so let me just end with this -- love you, man!   ALL of you.  no matter GBTQIA+ or WHRM/BHRM/HHRM/AHRM...worms of black, brown, yellow, red descent... [of course, UNapologetically left out the  L...but how ridiculous would that be, right.]

Make it a Good Day, G

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