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Thursday, October 27, 2016

It's So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World Thing

Dear America,

there is a right choice and a wrong choice coming up

even if your vote merely confirms the #neverhillary sentiment, a TRUMP PENCE Partnership for PRESIDENT ticket is the only choice.

Similar to the swirling positions and opinions of  the TPP agreement, the course ahead is not clear either way.  Whether the confusion comes from the lines being somewhat blurred between who's for it before they were against it, who's against it before they were for it, to compiling a long list of what if's in pros and cons, or just giving up entirely with a what difference at this point does it make attitude -- we are experiencing high anxiety.

But here's the good news of what we know -- one move will lead to another move which will lead to another move, all of which are totally unknown at this time.

It doesn't really matter to the lay person, the one just sitting back simply wanting his/her side to win -- all this back and forth, back and forth, calls for the proverbial hands up in the air with a sudden show of ambivalence...as in, just make it stop!  I beg of you...   

Eventually, the whole thing -- from who is being policy wise and messaging foolish, to who is being messaging wise and policy foolish  --  becomes so garbled and misunderstood, nobody really knows what it means once implemented or,  what it might actually do to us by way of repercussions or missteps, good, bad or indifferent.  One thing's for sure, however, and that is, from everyone's unique perspective, it's just not a straight hop across the board and you're there.  That's not even in the realm of possibility.

It's like the game of checkers, really.

At the very start, somebody makes a move; and then the other.  It is one variable after another, leading us across an ocean, in hopes of getting crowned in the making of a brand new world.  For only from there, lies the option of going forwards and backwards with the freedom of holding a wee bit more power over the other player...hello, clear and present danger.  Instantly, the game changes.  Bigly.

But it's things like this that makes a girl go catatonic ... the latest noise of making a 'new deal' for the African-American community, totally out of the blue.   It's like, c'mon Donald -- don't go all  Roosevelt, on us (take your pick).  Don't go sayin' you are planning to go big government and do the very things conservatives have been clamoring to make aright for decades!

....Government does not make any money, nor has any money, without taking the money from the people who actually make the money -- the tax payers!  Not to mention, your tactics are transparent; you are doing the very thing you scolded Hillary for doing for the last thirty years... pandering to the black community but never actually improving anything...yet.   But above all -- republicans take pride in the concept of treating all people the same, we don't cater to the needs of a few without taking care of the needs of the all in equal portion, as in conservative policy is universally good for everyone.   So the play on the table -- take it or leave it --- is either to a move to the left or to the right, which way do you really want to go?

Now, it is my belief, Trump has his heart in the right place (but who am I to know that, right).  But having said that, this girl also believes, what he really needs to do is make his moves from a true conservative mindset -- and that attribute just doesn't come naturally.  

And why is that?  Because the true nature of the Donald is neither right or wrong, black or white, he is simply a player.  He makes his moves in the moment, often flying by the seat of his pants, with an occasional gut check, maybe, of course, who wouldn't listen to the intuition first, right...  

Many times he is spot on!  Other times, he drifts a wee bit and right into a tight spot!  He thrives on the risk, the element of surprise, the making of things large and small, and the brilliance of his own masterful ideas coming to life.  It is a game to him and it is fun.  And best of all, he likes to win [that should prove to be beneficial for America in the long run...].

And notice he doesn't really stay in one place for very long (this might be a good thing, if elected president, right).  He seems to be quick to get to the next level, like any gamer.  Always, taking things up a notch, always testing how far he can go, and never really looking back with regret.  I mean, why should he?  The journey itself makes the Donald who he is.  And he is proud of himself.  And last but not least, the Donald has grandchildren, too. 

And then again, maybe what we're really talking about is the games he doesn't play....there is that. 

It scares the living daylights out of me... this thing called Trump. He is that unpredictable, indeed.  He thrives on breaking a few rules and mixing things up.  He goes by the nothing ventured, nothing gained philosophy and is still standing...move after move after move, the unknown becomes known and wealth seems to follow.


Hillary is, was, never could be -- an option.  Never.

But let me be even more clear -- anyone from the right side of the board who votes for her, or doesn't go to the polls simply because it doesn't feel right, should have their head examined. You might as well crown the entire opposition and make them king.  Having completely lost your minds, not only will you be to blame for the loss election night, but in one fell swoop, be directly tied to the making of the very conditions  for America's demise.  A vote for Hillary or against Trump paves the way for evil; rest assured, another four to eight years of the ongoing, unconscionable, unprecedented, progressive march from sea to shining sea will leave us in ruins, I kid you not.  

And the grandest of games ever played will be over for good.

A more eloquent take on where we are at, just ten days away from 300 million of us (give or take a few dead people and another cool million illegals voting...) making the most important move of our lives, can be found a hop, skip and a jump over to one of my favorite roadside posts along the world wide web.... @The Patriot Post....Alexander, How Will You Vote?

Please take the time to read it before jumping to your next big thing today...

indeed..."so shines a good deed in a weary world."

think of it this way my little game stoppers -- a vote for Trump is simply passing the test, like Charlie....tee hee

oh, we have so much time and so little to do...scratch that, reverse it...

Make it a GOOD Day, G

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