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Friday, October 7, 2016

It's a Day to Pray for Kayden Thing

Dear America,

This is a day to pray for Kayden.

See Team Kayden gofundme page.

...not sure what on earth is going on in this world,
but what I do know --

good people exist and they give generously.

this story is not a story, it's a real life, hanging in the balance between life and death.

Kayden -- suffering from autism and various social issues -- was teased often from his peers -- but who knew things would escalate;  the horrific actions at the hands of another child -- to set fire to this beautiful little boy, Kayden --  is simply too great to comprehend.  There are not words.

Today, please go help Kayden and his family in any way possible.

God bless you,
May God bless Kayden.
may God bless this country as we slowly make our way in what seems like total darkness and despair; for there are days when it feels like we are being surrounded and overwhelmed by evil forces...this being one of them.  Psalm 23 might come in handy right about now.

Make it a Good Day, G

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