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Monday, March 26, 2012

It's a What the Front Yard Thing

Dear America,

it's all about the latest TruGreen commercial.  Have you seen it?


a sketchy weed-killer dude is commissioned to do his thing by a trusting homeowner -- flash forward to the next day -- when the homeowner hops out the front door to get his paper -- and it's dirt.  as far as the eye can see -- and he says, 'what the front yard?'

I don't know.  Maybe it was just the way he said it; maybe it's just the mood I'm in  -- let's just say, thank you TruGreen for the chuckle.

And this is where we will begin:  maybe it was the way he said it...

Now -- let's just forget about TruGreen and go to the open mic:

 "This is my last election. 
After my election I have more flexibility..."
obama to medvedev

give me a little "space", he says, and then we will talk.

he said it when he thought the world wasn't listening -- and then again, knowing his arrogance, maybe not.

it was just the way he said it...ew.  under his breath and in secret...
going rogue as the Dictator-in-Chief, asserting his confidence in his ability to gain a second term, among other things.

All I can think of is -- how many times has this M.O. been used? 

What else is he planning on doing the day after the election -- self-assured of a second go round?

As the return to 'what the front yard' 
comes echoing from the back of my mind?

All I can say is -- thank goodness it was caught on tape; for this gaffe immediately validates the worries and concerns of a vast majority of Americans revolving around the imaginations of 'four more years.'

For most of America recognizes the fact that four more years of Obama gives permission for this administration to go carte blanch; all controls, all checks and balances, all good conscience is gone, baby, gone with the granting of this guy the SPACE and time to do what he really, really wants without prejudice.   
Did I say it was gone; I mean, ALL gone -- bye bye -- dirt -- as far as the eye can see.

Obama is planning on going ballistic with every radical, social justice, community re-organizing, fundamental transformation, remaking America THING he can imagine; anything and everything he has ever dreamed of, he intends to make a reality.   just because he can, then -- upon four more years.

As he says to Medvedev...just give me a little space...a little time to get this second election out of the way.

We are not Russia.  

We usually don't like dictators here in America.

America was designed by We the People, for We the People.  So now -- under open mic -- We the People want to ask the president (since you brought it up, after all) -- just what exactly do you mean?   With all due respect, Mr. President, but you, sir, have some esplainin' to do.   What the front yard? What in tar-nation kind of missile deal do you plan  on making with Russia....you know, after such time you get America's blessing for a second coming? 

You know, if Bush said something like this and got caught -- it would be all hell breaking loose (ooh la la -- what a great tie back to friday, g....happy monday to me)

Make no mistake.
This is a campaign speech.  (that sly little devil...figuratively speaking and said in jest, of course)
This is a message to the world, and especially to the wee little people of America, preparing us; a second term will ring in four more years fulfilling Obama's presidential/dictatorial bucket list.  oh joy.
What the front yard.
Thanks for the honesty, Mr. O, but for reasons I am sure you can understand -- like full disclosure and transparency and being held under the oath of office, to name just a few -- what else?

We, the People, are now fully entitled to know more.

Make it a Good Day, G

Totally separate subject (kinda sorta):
Here's a good look back to 2003 -- a snapshot of what the Afghanistan people were thinking then.

Did you know this happened over this past weekend?
"The families of the dead, who received the money Saturday at the governor's office, were told that the money came from U.S. President Barack Obama, said Kandahar provincial council member Agha Lalai. He and community elder Jan Agha confirmed the payout amounts."

which is funny -- cuz it made it sound like Obama just took some of his earnings from book sales and wrote a check to each family out of his own pocket and generosity... when EVERYDAY AMERICANS covered for these payments. And in light of the fact that these payments are unusually high, in comparison to what has been paid in the past (around $10 grand), it was awfully generous of him. 
What were they paid:  $50 grand for every death, $11 grand for the wounded.  [worth in Afghan dollars, something like $2.4 million ]
...can he just do that kind of thing now? 

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