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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's about the little green man in the oval office Thing

Dear America,

you know, I consider myself a wee bit naive  (though, think of myself culturally street-wise in the general sense) -- living my life through a prism of  innocence.  I feel like I was just born that way, as it comes naturally and easily to me, and I don't seem to fight it.   I like how I trust.  I like how I believe all things are possible with love.  And for the most part, I like how I speak faith of my fellow man.

but now for a president to don his naiveté on his sleeve... like this?

it makes me wonder...

and question...

just who has his ear these days; just who in sam hill is he giving this guy international relations advice?

"There is no reason 
for the United States and Iran 
to be divided from one another"
President Obama

 of course, he wasn't speaking directly to Ahmadinejad -- he was speaking directly to the hearts and minds of Persians.  It was a taped message, reinforcing America's commitment to the Iranian people.

aside from the great big nuclear-powered elephant standing in the shadows behind the president, sure, there is no reason at all.

why so glum, people?  
...people who just so happen to be way outside my jurisdiction and protection...way.

"Today, my administration
 is issuing new guidelines to make it easier 
for American businesses 
to provide software and services
 into Iran 
that will make it easier 
for the Iranian people to use the Internet."

now away with you, electric iron curtain.  away with you. 

like, just who is gonna wanna set up shop in Iran right now?

the middle east is about to be set on fire, yet again, and Obama is boasting about America's new guidelines to make it easier to use facebook?  seriously?

"oh. now who's being naive, Kay?"

digressed into one of my favorite lines from The Godfather there

The Iranian government has set up real, live, News streams --  propaganda machines -- all over the world to run 24/7 characterization attacks against America, Christianity, and the Western World as a whole -- indoctrinating the world to hate us just for sharing this planet with them.   HERE is an excellent breakdown.  And HERE is an excellent snippet of how it operates in America.

"We have learned once more that suppressing ideas
 never succeeds in making them go away."

oh right. once a community organizer, always a community organizer -- even if it's outside the boundaries of his own community.

which is funny, really.
hearing our own president speak of oppression and suppression as if he's not doing any of that right here in his own backyard. [see also:  drilling permits and pipeline approval (burying any possibility of creating avenues to energy independence in the near future); pitting religious liberty rights against universal health care mandates; silencing the voice of conservative women altogether; demonizing the showing of identification when voting...like we do for buying alcohol, or cashing a check, or getting into an R-rated movie; OH, and not to be outdone, crushing free speech with Internet Control regulations right HERE IN AMERICA!   this should do it...no need for overkill, right]

oh silly Americans -- who's being naive?

not me.

Make it a Good Day, G

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