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Monday, March 12, 2012

It's just that We are All Giselle's Now Thing

Dear America,

so yesterday -- watching Joel Osteen -- he told a good story.  rumor has it, it was grounded in the reality of living in the wild.  it centered on the moment when the female Giselle is at it's most vulnerable...

basically, the lion follows her around for as long as it takes; he's banking on bagging not just one Giselle, but two. and he's patient about it, too...waiting in the sagebrush until that little mama gives birth...what could she do then, right? run while her baby is half in and half out?   she is marked with a sign on her back that says 'kick me' -- 'come and get it' -- basically, a bullseye for all the world to see.  [it's simply amazing that 'the Giselle' keeps on comin', huh...talk about a strong girl]

Now Joel's sermon was all about a little sweeter message:  "The Promise Is In Me" and you.  Spending the half hour affirming and assuring us, God gives us everything we need on the inside to give birth to our destiny.

And when we are surrounded with the odds stacked up against us; when it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel; Joel throws us a lifeline that hangs on the boom of Truth and Faith -- and we're about to set sail on the adventure we were born to make.  As Joel puts it, "you're about ready to see a dream come to pass."   

Our vulnerabilities in America are at an all time high; this IS a sign.

Either America will be destroyed OR we are about to give birth to the promise inside us.

so of course, all of this got G thinking...

perhaps -- returning to a period of gestation for all of us is in order [and a tall one, at that].

...going back to our roots.

...going back to our first intention.

...going back to our foundation -- finding it's cracks and weaknesses, in order to mend us in uterine.

ew.  seriously.  so gross.

yeah, well stay with me for a moment --
I mean, it's not like we are afraid to talk about the birds and the bees anymore, right?  Just look back at the last two weeks -- talking about conception and condoms, intermingling women's rights and privileges and duties so closely, we couldn't even breathe between us, let alone hear each other speak.

[while left-brain-feminists differ widely from right-brain ones -- oh yes -- bet you didn't know we make both breeds...perhaps, if it helps any, picture Bella Abzug and Clare Boothe Luce leading the two teams]

I don't know why I picked these two women in particular ...there are any number of feminine icons on both sides to choose from.  What I like about Luce, is that she was living her dream long before 'Bella and her merry band of feminists' had to rush in to fix everything for us.

Not necessarily in any order -- Luce was an accomplished playwright, an U.S. Ambassador for Italy in the fifties, an editor of a big time women's magazine - Vanity Fair, a U.S. Congresswoman of Connecticut in the forties, and oh yeah -- and a wife and mother (even divorced from her first marriage...oh my).

Now I may be really wrong about this -- but I think conservative women do a better job thinking for themselves.  I mean, how hard is it laboring up against the left machine everyday?  I mean, if you happen to BE left -- its great, right; and yet, if you are coming from the right, God speed old girl, God speed.

While all the feminists need to do is 'lock and load;'  the free thinking feminists simply have to join in with the broadband running current -- a speeding bullet, really --  made up of the entire mainstream media, think tanks and propaganda machines like Media Matters and the Tides Foundation and Code Pink and NOW and Planned Parenthood.

The left-brain woman feels it is necessary to actually attack the right-brain woman just because she thinks differently.

The left-brain woman dares not go outside the boundaries of the prevailing winds -- the activist agenda -- for fear of her own persecution.

The left-brain woman is merely grounded in a human perspective -- academia -- a human wisdom -- consciously choosing this wisdom to supersede that of the Creator of everything, the Intelligence above all else.

Seriously -- it's just not that hard to swim with the tide and run with the herd, now is it?

And all the while, it is the right-brain-feminist acting as the Giselle in the every day.   Everyday she is experiencing the gut-check; everyday she feels the pangs of laboring against the crowd; everyday she feels attacked and persecuted for just being aligned with the principles and values and unalienable rights God made.

Newsflash: A spiritual foundation is how this country was made -- whether the left wishes to accept that as their truth, or not.  The history books speak volumes.  It's all there.  Our founders could see the writing on the wall -- they could sense the proclivities of human nature -- they could foresee our weaknesses and vulnerabilities -- and set in stone a government of the people, for the people, anyway.

The promise in me is not from  man --  or woman.
I said it.

The founders created America UNDER God for a reason.  It was fortifying our spirit -- the people's spirit -- to endure all things large and small in order to protect us from ourselves and give birth to future generations built upon all things decent and good and ageless and independent and strong.

America is being surrounded by opposition forces.

The thing is, we are all Giselle's now.

Make it a Good Day, G

The Guardian, the movie, was on yesterday afternoon.  Great Costner/Kutcher flick. Go Coast Guard...
The music at the end is simply inspirational; so this girl had to find a video for you this morning...

So, given the news of the weekend, our troops are in harms way in Afghanistan. The forces are falling apart, inside and out. The mission is unclear and completely vulnerable from all points of light. Do we let Afghanistan go? it's a question clearly above my pay grade to answer.  If only there was some kind of gigantic all-knowing loving force available for us to tap into at times like this...grounding us, centering us, fortifying us at the core, all together...it used to be so easy when we all agreed to live and breathe and create and respond this way under God.

funny, isn't it.
people change, I guess.
...while God... kinda stays the same, millennium in, millennium out.

SURE LOOKS LIKE we need to meditate and marinate on who we are as a people, individually -- fine tuning who we are and what we stand for as a people in the collective.

a good trip back to the womb just might do it.

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