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Friday, March 23, 2012

It's America Running with the Devil Thing

Dear America,

i was simply buried by my own thoughts yesterday; and that, coupled with a gawd-awful sour throat -- the kind that made it hard to swallow my Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer tea, the kind that made me sound like a bull frog got stuck on my adam's apple -- just gave me ample reason to stay under the covers all the live long day.

then --unexpectedly -- came a moment of revelation -- while watching CSI Miami reruns of all things:

"[you know what they say] you don't really know who you are
'til all hell breaks loose."

so true, huh?

"If I were the Devil" -- October 13, 1964:  that was then, this is now...

The prophetic words of Paul Harvey (just how many of us listened to him growing up?) -- the same words that now sit in the pit of our stomach making us nauseous.   Versions of the same thing run all over YouTube -- with varying air dates.   Harvey must have returned to creeping into the hearts and minds of Americans -- by way of expressing the Devil's hopes and dreams -- often; trusting that his words of warning might sink in and leave a lasting impression upon us.

you do realize that EVERY THING he said back in circa '64-65 has come true.

here we are -- call it fifty years later (as nifty-fifty rings a very personal bell for me these days...happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...aw, but it's not about me at all, is it.)

 get on with it, G ...we have simply too much going on....

oh, I would be remiss not to mention that today IS the second anniversary of Obamacare -- the socialized medicine package, that has a little something something for everyone, including stuff that's not even paid for....so a great big Happy Birthday to you! aw you so big now! Just look at you -- now reminiscing on little miss pelosi -- "we have to pass the bill to know what's in it."  Surprise! Pound for pages, where's the 3,000 lb. cake?   Where are the 300 million forks, for getting a piece of that?  That trillion dollar flour-less chocolate death bomb -  with raspberry sauce, of course.

guess we don't know who we are 'til all hell breaks loose.

oh, and then there is this:  the band that goes by "Detente" has a new song out:  "Kill Rush."    [warning: it might kill you to listen to it]  go punk rock.  you guys are the bomb.  yea you.
...so we have free speech and all, here in America, they can sing whatever they want to (just like Rush can say whatever he wants to)  -- but seriously, don't you think all this is getting a little out of hand?  

I guess, Bill Maher can continue carrying on with his misogynistic rants -- especially focusing on conservative women -- but where's his song?   That's what I want to know.  Where's Bill's song?  Both dudes do the very same thing -- make money off of politics; both are political pundits, striking a comedic line like only every once in awhile these days. hello -- hypocrisy is not our friend.

guess we don't know who we are 'til all hell breaks loose.

oh, and then there is the heart-wrenching story from Sanford, FL: an area now fully engulfed with fueling a racial riot, complete with Al Sharpton leading the charge.   Trayvon Martin was just walking home with Skittles in his hand when he was ambushed by an overzealous "neighborhood watch man."  The police department told him -- the watchman -- to stand down.   The same watchman -- who is HISPANIC, by the way, chose not to.  He was hispanic when it happened, and is still hispanic today -- as little Trayvon's mom quickly blasted to the airwaves: "it's not a black and white thing. this is about a right and wrong thing." Because it is not -- a black/white thing, thank you, mom...
...so why is Sharpton acting like it is? 
...why is Farrakan jumping into the mix (what is the 'Law of Retaliation' ...not familiar with that one?)   
...why does our president paint the mental picture that if he had a son -- he would "look like" Trayvon -- and doesn't say a word to the general public to settle down?  There was no follow up to have a little faith in the system to fix this, to insist on all of us to wait patiently... until such time the system can make things right again. 

Until then, my heart weeps for Trayvon, and for the heartbreak of his mama and papa.

guess we don't know who we are 'til all hell breaks loose.

And one thing comes to mind right about now -- the reality that, as if all of a sudden, the actions of one bad apple seems to permeate, and make rotten, the whole.

And more than that -- it's like the devil really is winning (thank you, C. Sheen); somehow, the mainstream media makes hay out of the fall of humanity; extremism -- in all shapes, sizes and colors -- becomes the dynamic of communicating with one another, as if all the things we had IN COMMON with each other, have been snuffed out... by nudge or by shove.

guess we don't know who we are 'til all hell breaks loose.

cue the Liberty Mutual Insurance commercial:  

what's your policy?  what's your heart say to you?

we can pick America back up one by one.  we can stop the insanity.

and it will require ALL of us to start -- as of yesterday.  Just because we are running a little late, doesn't mean it's too late.

Since we are going down memory lane today -- think Random Acts of Kindness.  Remember that?

The real question on the day is --
who are you?
who's side are you on?
[oops, guess that's two questions]

you should well know the answer(s) already as
ALL HELL IS breaking loose --
the Devil has settled into the community...whether it be black, white, yellow or brown.

I'm going with 'good girl' on the side of Angels.

Make it a Good Day, G


 long long time ago, Americans purposefully stood together, arm and arm, and walked the streets elevating the cause for civility between the races.  It wasn't a black thing; it was an American thing; and it was the right thing to do.

as a little mama myself, Mr. President -- I can relate to the loss of Trayvon in equal portion!  Just because I happen to be more white than black than you, it doesn't make me immune to the immediate and devastating crush to my human heart.  Instead of choosing to tie us all together in community no matter the color of our skin, you chose to draw a line to say something to the effect of  - - 'as a black man, I feel this more than you' ...discriminatingly saying "he could have been my son"and pointing out the obvious to every whitey within earshot! [the Narcissist-in-chief lives on to see another day] Are you kidding me?  In a case like this, our sons and daughters are universal.  Matter of fact, you don't even have to be a parent to feel it --  It is so unfortunate that the prism through which YOU (as cute as you are) continue to view America, and Americans, is so askew.  Can I say that without being labeled a racist?  guess i will find out soon enough, right?

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