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Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's God is Good -- Great Even -- and Means Some Thing

Dear America,

so be forewarned, coming to the new America near you, very soon we will bear witness of the employer ban on wearing the cross (see Londontown).

apparently, because the crucifix is not an item actually "required" to wear (like the burqa), employers can ask that it be removed when working in jolly old england.

oh okay.

what's funny about that, is that not all Muslim women abide by the burqa rule, according to Islamic Law, either.

it's a good thing that in America, our Constitution includes explicit parameters allowing for the "free exercise thereof."  whew. that was a close one.  dodged a bullet there

[G note: i have no idea how 'the Law' on this subject is written in Britain]

but just think about this for a moment.

is this really the direction the world wants us to go?

what seems alarming is the growing tide to make the world one or the other:  devout Muslims with free rein to roam the world doing whatever it is they need to do  AND the rest of us -- all lumped into one generically centered, secularly motivated, generally speaking, congregation of sheep following the church of the One World Utopia replacing God altogether.   ["Allah" can stay, but "God" has to go]

outside of Sharia Law, of course -- culturally -- we seem to be fighting for a merge with secularism, taking away any and all signs of displaying our faith, whether it be around our neck or in the public square [see also plenty of lawsuits for the removal of the cross on public land; while here is a link to a current update of a really big fight which began locally, here in San Diego:  Mount Soledad].

is this really grounded in something good for all of us?
will this direction uplift us or tear us apart?
will this translate into more unification -- living in communion with each other, wholly respecting of our personal beliefs and faiths, while celebrating our diversity or compound a greater divide?

Here's a thought --  how about this perspective:  compromising on our beliefs, uprooting the principles and values we used to hold dear,  is what got us here in the first place.

Our dire circumstances facing this country have come from the collective loss of living at the soul level. 

For we have clearly stopped [as of a very long time ago] living with a conscience -- the spiritual, soulful connection that holds societies together; the kind of connection that allows us to question our motives, our integrity, in keeping with making sound decisions between what is right and what is wrong.

we stopped living with a fear of God; have stopped embracing the love of God; and replaced God with bad government leading the ignorant, the shallow, the ingrate, the corrupt, the co-dependent, the weak, the entitled -- clearly choosing to remake the culture into the great society celebrating the mediocre... a generic blend of no religion, no foundation, no tradition...giving us absolutely nothing to write home about, nothing to sing our praises to.

you know, it's not like i expect us to go back to being a bunch of puritans or something.

i just want the freedom to wear my cross, celebrate my faith, plant a crucifix on the top of a shining hill in equal portion to the Law -- which outright gives me that right to do so.

we talk about God a lot here in G land.

as time goes by, i keep circling the arguments surrounding this uncomfortably foreign position -- the vitriolic uprising against God, which in reality, is the Christian God in the specific.

just how could a nation grounded in religious freedom and liberty get here? especially so soon?  it's like we've just signed the papers in the great scheme of life and we're already filing for a divorce?

my wish this morning, is for America to take a big communal breath...

...and to really think this one through.

we are each solely responsible to give God the power to lead us in life; individually, we control how much God we let into our daily life --  which amounts to anywhere from a position of  no power whatsoever, to infinity and beyond.

God is a Life Force, not a threat.

it is our personal experience through our earthly religions that give It a life unique to our own relationship with God, within the community of our organized religion of choice, or not; and speaking of 'earthly' -- religion should be something which grounds us, securely, to a system for living that brings us peace, hope, charity and love for our fellow man.

God is no more Christian, than God is Muslim.

Following Jesus is a religion; following Muhammed is a religion; following John Smith is a religion; following Hare Krishna is a religion...and so on...
all of which are protected under the "free exercise thereof", explicitly and generally, as declared in our first amendment.

and now, here's a random tangent to think about:  did you see this?  (warning: if you look at this and say the Pledge of Allegiance, it may cause nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations, faintness of breath and knees to buckle; best to sit down on a stack of bibles of choice and brace yourself first).  

while here's the latest activity of Obama's religious mentor of twenty years, found here on The Blaze.

good night and God bless,

Make it a Good Day, G

 and to the Atheists:  you are the 1%; look around you; look into the eyes of the 99% of the big wide world who believes in God in some way, shape or form.  step back and be at peace with yourself and the rest of us.  this War on Religion that you are raging -- adversely affecting the lives of men and women and children alike -- does society, as a whole, absolutely no good.  there is no good reason for it whatsoever. 

and to those of us who consider our souls 'religious' -- we just need to look inside our hearts and minds and follow good conscience for our selves;  all else shall be added; and eventually, we will make a beautiful, beautiful world.

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