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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Coming Into Office with Every Intention of Becoming the Lion King Thing

Dear America,

"When a king surveys his domain, he doesn't focus on every detail. So when you consider your own work, leave aside the small and unimportant stuff. Climb up high and survey the broad view just to see how your boundaries are growing."
Mark Lerner, for Astrology.com, August 10, 2011, LEO, Career/Finance overview on the day

I have said it before and I will say it again, I READ the Horoscopes for FUN; it is just something to play with in the back of my mind for kicks and giggles, or it is information gathering to glean a sense and sensibility of the undercurrent dynamics within relationship to me, or, like today, to use it as a spring board of my thoughts in motion here.

I read LEO because it just so happens to be the sign of the zodiac of the man I love.  It is only by accident that the sign also belongs to our president.  But I can't help myself now; now when I read all about the Career and Finance arena, I don't immediately think so much of my baby anymore -- it's rather odd, really -- it's as if the sign itself is being held hostage by the guy in the Oval Office. I think of him and what he is doing to the country; I  think of him and just what might be going on underneath it all, in places of his mind where none of us are party to ever knowing for our self, seeing it for our self, hearing his thoughts, for our self.

And like I said, it is just a stupid horoscope; it's not like it is the word of God shaking me down.  It's just a ridiculous, if not absurd, if not totally unrealistic, methodology based upon the stars and moons and planets of all things, an idolatry of sordid sorts............. oh .........but it is fun.

But you can see where I'm going with this, can't you?

What with the suggestion to "leave aside the small and unimportant stuff. Climb up high and survey the broad view just to see how your boundaries are growing."

To see how your boundaries are growing.  That is a good one.

From The Heritage Foundation, I think just yesterday -- read THIS.

And for more on the danger of the underestimating Obama -- read THIS.

And so, being reflective of the mood from the very beginning of this blog, and in an effort to capture the attention of all the land, if King Obama-Mufasa were to hang his baby cub out over the kingdom below -- this would be the kingdom that one day would become Simba's very own --

Just an excerpt Rep Dan Burton's op-ed piece:

"Mr. Obama knows precisely what he is doing: He is changing America into his vision of a European-style socialist utopia where the government controls every aspect of our lives. Consider the facts, since taking office, Mr. Obama has taken control of the student loan industry, the health care industry, the banking and financial sectors, and he orchestrated the bankruptcy and reorganization of two-thirds of the American automotive industry, leaving his political allies in the labor movement in effective control of the companies and allowing the administration to dictate the industry's direction."  oh and just for starters...

THIS would be his legacy to pass onto his children, and our children, too.

Kinda makes ya wish for an unexpected drought of ideas, doesn't it?

No such luck under this administration; this president came ready to wear -- and tear; this guy, this LEO of a different American stripe came in complete with social reforms ranging from environment regulations to radicalized municipal reforms under the Agenda 21 Project; he came in fully prepared to implement massive entitlement reforms and having in hand and ready to sign the "Affordable Care Act"...having a little help from a couple of left-wing outfits (funded by SOROS)  called The Tides Foundation and The Center for American Progress. And pretty much like Rep. Burton points out, coming to the Oval Office complete with every intention to fundamentally transform America including nearly every nook and cranny of her kingdom.  You can go HERE for well documented back up (ode to Patriot's Lament, a fine blog).

Obama knows exactly what he is doing in spite of what it appears; sure, the market is crashing, gold is rising, consumer confidence is shaky at best, unemployment seems quite settled in at over 9%, London is on fire, Syria is on fire, Libya is on fire, and the world as we know it is falling apart at an all time low (again).  But don't think for a moment it is not planned.

This is how "boundaries" are expanded; this is how a socialist rebuilds America, or is it tear it down?

Make it a Good Day, G

By the way, I laugh in the face of danger, do you?

By the way, take two -- beautiful music is playing with just a click on that title Thing...

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