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Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's a SOUL Searching, Seeking, Finding and Realizing It was Here the Whole Time Thing

Dear America,

I think it was just at the start of this week when I picked up on a story on the wire out of China lamenting that the time for SOUL SEARCHING in America may be now; it was just yesterday, when a story headlined out of Reuter's "SOUL SEARCHING lies ahead as riots cool in Britain;" and then just today, reaching into the stars for the second day in a row, allowing Mark Lerner on astrology.com to chime in, his overview on the day -- when addressing everyone -- tells us "SOUL SEARCHING right now is certainly back in style and communing with the earth, trees, and sky makes sense with the moon in the tenth sign of the zodiac."

So what do ya think? think we need to do a little soul searching or what?  [and you know that feeling when something keeps coming back at us, staring at us in the face, THAT is the universe speaking to us, is it not? While experience tells us that it won't let up until we get it...getting louder and more demonstrable until we do...just sayin']


To actually do the action, you know, the act of SOUL SEARCHING -- which by definition and standing alone calls for a "penetrating examination of oneself, one's motives, convictions, and emotional attitudes."  from The American Heritage Dictionary.  But there within lies a detail which cannot be ignored, isn't there?  It would require one to recognize that you have a soul to examine in the first place, doesn't it?

A soul is quite powerful in and of itself, is it not?

I mean, when our bodies die, it is widely understood and recognized that our soul lives on...somewhere else.  IF one believes in God, it is through our soul we commune with not only nature, but actually with God.  IF one does not believe in God, the soul is still recognized as the deep thought, the innate connection before any action, the emotion back behind the action, the root cause of an action, and simply that part of ourselves that acts as judge and jury of our actions that runs totally separate from our body.

It is our soul, as a matter of record, whether a believer or not, that distinguishes us light years apart from the world of Animalia. We, ourselves, are responsible for our own actions; our salvation does not rest in the hands of another, our decisions to act, to love, to work, to think, to change, to prosper, to care, to sow, to reap, to riot -- is solely based upon what happens at the soul level inside ourselves.  We can "start" and "stop" at any time. We can be a part of the solution or the problem at any time.

Out of Tottenham yesterday:

"Nobody is doing nothing for us --
not the politicians, 
not the cops, no one."  
just known as "Freddy" age 19, 
and surrounded by 
other young men 
and boys as young as 11

Sowing class warfare all over the world, aren't we?  My heart goes out for lost souls no matter in London or the streets of Philly.

From the pulpit, for words of inspiration from the Mayor of Philidelphia, go here.  And make sure you see that I am not speaking of a figurative pulpit, but a real one, okay.  Anyone gonna attack Mayor Nutter going to the pulpit?  Speaking directly to you -- the ignoramus crowd attacking Texas Governor Rick Perry -- the same Perry who is just a man who happens to be a governor, who's soul was speaking to him, encouraging him to freely display his inalienable right to freely express his "free exercise therof" of his religion [ref. to the AUGUST 6 Prayer event]  And on that note, if Obama can embrace and celebrate Ramadan from the White House (as other presidents have done as well) then what gives?  But I digress...

Guess what "Freddy" -- nobody is gonna do it for you.

THIS mentality creeping into the minds large and small is precisely the problem.

But at least in America, our children have (had) a fifty-fifty chance of recognizing their natural rights and duties to sustain life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with a modicum of self-reliance nurtured deep inside.  Aside from all appearances today in that perhaps the last forty or fifty or a hundred years have destroyed such precepts, and seemingly at an accelerating rate....But the truth is, overall, this shelter, these clothes, our accessories -- the outer package that encapsulates our American soul -- was divinely created by our founders to live on through the ages.

The entire ensemble required each and every ONE of US to grow a soul -- anchored in civility, self-reliance, humility, charity, hope, integrity, and goodness.  For all else shall be added.

IF you clicked into Mayor Nutter's lambasting of his own, you would find astounding suggestions not only to the wayward youth, but to their parents.Here's a good one:
"The Immaculate Conception of our Lord Jesus Christ took place a long time ago, and it didn’t happen here in Philadelphia. So every one of these kids has two parents who were around and participating at the time. They need to be around now.”

GROW A SOUL should be our new motto.

Our children need parents to care and nurture them every day, encouraging honest to goodness growth of the soul factor -- connecting with their own child at the soul level within the family, within the community, while altogether aligning with principles that lift that child up, not tear them down.

It is not just a black community thing -- it goes the same for all of us.  A broken soul comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, religions, ideologies...doesn't it? doesn't it?

To poke a little fun at how unemployment numbers are often described, the need for a little SOUL SEARCHING seems to have -- all of a sudden and out of nowhere even -- UNEXPECTEDLY come into vogue; some might even say it is in high demand.  I mean, the entire world seems to be thinking the same thing, right?

It's kind of funny how it works, or rather how things have changed.  The United States of America used to lead the world in Soul Searching and Trends back in the day [1776, 1787, 1865...years when we stepped out in style, in union, soul to soul]

But the times they are a'changin', and much like European fashion trends and music [giving a cynical nod to the progressives]  America is quite often the last one to know; the last one to "get it;" for you know, it has to travel across an entire ocean.

Well, I take that back, Mayor Nutter, for one, seems to have a clue about what's coming; he is trying to prepare.   At this rate, and given from where I sit, California may not see some real soul searching for at least a year from now.

The thing is, America doesn't have to follow the latest trend. We can go back to being a trend setter at the soul level, busting the spring and summer trend that seems hellbent to falling to the lowest common denominator instead of our higher selves. Yes We Can. And it starts with each and every one of us being responsible, and accountable, for our selves and for acting upon, through, and after our own thorough SOUL SEARCHING. Yes We Can.

And then there is this: 

A crazy production going viral as we speak.  Seriously.  It is getting all kinds of hits today just because Glenn Beck, for one,  is promoting it:  Felonious Munk @ www.stopitB.com.  Warning: lots of naughty naughty words.  A whole bunch of them.  But if you can get beyond that, you will LOVE this guy; he might even make your heart and soul sing...and we sure need a whole lot more of that these days, don't we?  don't we?

Make it a Good Day, G

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