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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's a Same Old Rhetoric Doesn't Fly, It Goes by Bus Thing

Dear America,

just consider me a figment of your imagination over the next two weeks; some days I may swoop in, while on others, I may be long gone; it's called vacation.  Family is flying in, my baby girl is down to her last fourteen days of freedom, and with any hope, the furthest thing from my mind will be the state of affairs according to a day in the life of an American girl.  But you know how it goes...just never know when the mood might strike back in a flash blog of another realm...even a round of cocktails by the pool may not be enough to shut me up.

Our dear president has promised us that he intends to begin his vacation momentarily; he just has to get a little politics out of the way first, enlisting his brand new state of the art pair of bullet proof buses to help him do it.
But I am not here to focus on how much we, the taxpayers, had to pay for this little shenanigan pulled off in the fast lane -- so many have done so ad nauseum already; I am also not going to focus on how he is attempting to mask a 'campaign or bust' scheme as a jobs creation magical mystery tour either -- as again, it's been done.  It's been done so much so that we are all in the back seat spilling our cookies into brown paper bags by now.

Nope.  I am merely going to take about two minutes out of your precious waning summer days to give you an update on Obamacare from our president's own words:

"By the way, 
I have no problem with folks 
saying Obama cares. 
I do care -- 
if the other side 
wants to be the folks that don't care, 
that's fine with me." 

that's how he looks at it anyway...during a stop somewhere in Minnesota, when the president made a few remarks on The Affordable Care Act, which is routinely tossed around the back of the bus like a beach ball as "Obamacare."  For more details on that, you can go here.

You see what he wants you to believe is that the 'other side' doesn't care.  Did you get that?  Yeah, of course you did. And did you get a good roll of hysterics down the hill on the grass, too, like me?

The new problem for Obamacare -- if not ObamaHope, and ObamaChange, and ObamaFundamentalTransformation, if not Obama himself --  is that he can't run the same campaign as in 2008, now can he?

He is faced with having to run like every other full fledged seasoned (if not used) politician; he has to run on his record, of all things --  on the merits of his decisions to date -- brushed up against every speech and promise and insinuation, matching rhetoric against rhetoric, circling the details from bumper to bumper.  ['just show me the CarFax' has got nothing on the Czar Fax, or Omnibus Facts, or Obamacare Fraud Facts, or the StimulusMinima-list to name just a few]

The people have been around the block with this guy --  and now,  more than once or twice.

We have kicked the retreads of a socialist kind, and have clearly come up short.

But here is Obama just yesterday...convinced that the same-old same-old recycled version can be received with the same sense of confidence and enthusiasm as before -- much like a round of Row Row Row Your Boat with the second verse same as the first, for about the hundredth time from the backseat of the family van, with not a potty break in sight.  Is he that seriously out of touch?  Is he that out of range of the American people, that he thinks we can listen to more of that and simply go, 'yeah, right, those other guys really don't care...doinky do dee do...never heard that before...'?  really?  seriously?

Then, what makes the moment all the more awkward is for the politician to not even hear himself -- for in nearly the next breath he is calling Obamacare originally a republican idea -- making a conciliatory nod to RomneyCare...and laughing it all off in his little head thinking we all swallowed it hook, line and sinker along side the rainbow trout.

That is a good one, Mr. President.  So, to sum it all up:  "you care, they [we] don't  -- and republicans should get the credit for obamacare, for they started it doncha know." You must be tripping on something really good; perhaps it's time to open a window to the real world.

Okay, so now where are we at?
You are Here; and Here is Obama, creator of the ObamaBusLines, maker of ObamaCare and proud of it; great --  for what a beautiful spot to stop for a picnic.

Make it a Good Day, G

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