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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear America,

500 BILLION dollars gets taken out of MEDICARE over ten years, and at the same time, "double-counted" to help pay for OBAMACARE  -- admittedly, by our very own HHS gal herself, Kathleen Sebelius -- and nobody thinks twice about it.  Yes, it is old news, but read it anyway:  "Both."  She said.

Where were all the liberal talking heads when this was happening behind closed doors, in the season of "we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it," spoken like a real winner, Nancy Pelosi?

And it is the republicans reduced to partisan demagoguery?  

Medicare becomes the splintering issue that impairs the republican from New York? Medicare?

Is that how we are going to spin that?

Never mind that Corwin was attempting to take back the House seat recently made available when another republican thought he was 'all that' and flaunted it across the pick up places along the web (thank you to the idiot in the back - aka Chris Lee, or GetsomeGOPLeeforfree/my space/facebook/craigslist).

Never mind that the Democrat only got 47% of the vote, the Republican 43% and the stupid democrat, the one who repackaged himself into a phony Tea Party candidate, got away with 9% of the vote...details.

Never mind that Corwin didn't sell herself as clearly as her opponent did...or was it maybe her own flip-flop tendencies that stood in her way...hmmmmm...the world may never know.

So - the Left - believes that the election was a referendum on Medicare...

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, from Florida, put it like this:

"[Jane Corwin] found out the hard way that their extreme plans to abolish Medicare and slash Medicaid and investments in health care, education, innovation and job creation are wrongheaded and unpopular, even in a district that should have been a cakewalk for the Republican candidate."

G note: It is the Ryan Plan that attempts to save Medicare from it's fate -- which is a sure death --  just in case anyone is wondering.

Just who is in charge here?
Where is our spin machine headquarters figuring out the pesky details of how to play out governing and legislating and propaganda to our advantage?   I don't understand how the left can BREAK Medicare in two, with one swing, and get away with it (...oh yeah, along with permanently injuring Healthcare in general, and harnessing the final blow that kills, under Obamacare, if talking specifics)

Where were all you lefty's screaming about that?  Hey, leave my medicare alone...hey, hands off my medicare...hey, mom, he's touching me...stop touching me and my medicare. waaaah

With all due respect to the honorable lady from Flo, I say, the election was nothing more than a set up.

And heads up, people, this is just the beginning.

The left is masterminding a cruel twist of fate for all republicans, taking the lead right out of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.  Do whatever you must do -- as the end justifies the means -- use ridicule, lie, cheat, even make up tea party candidates to throw into the ring just to act as the third wheel -- capitalizing on skills learned, following years of indoctrination in our schools, under curriculum widely recognized as simply The New Math.  Dividing the Republican vote. Brilliant.

And then we have Wasserman-Schultz jumping in and making one more lasting impression:

"It demonstrates that Republicans 
and independent voters, 
along with Democrats, 
will reject extreme policies 
like ending Medicare 
that even Newt Gingrich called radical..."

Doink, der it is.  We will be hearing Newt's name, recently made synonymous with Radicalized Medicare and the brute severity of the republican agenda, from now and until 2012. joy joy  I think I gotta throw up.

Clearly, the right wing is in dire need of a new PR Adviser -- scratch that, make that an army of one.

For this is what we are up against:  the Obama administration is using OUR MONEY to develop just that --  creating an entire team simply to manufacture clever, timely, comebacks for every left wing issue that comes flying their way; the departments sole purpose is expressly defined to include, but is not limited to:  to deflect, diffuse, deflate the negative -- to dissect and separate so-called truths from the so-called untruths --  to fully demonize, if not criminalize, the opposition -- and ultimately deflate, or eliminate, any right wing power whatsoever.

And, if it all goes right, stifling every last shred of independent thought in the process.

America meets red army meets organization meets division meets social justice meets unlimited government meets limited freedoms meets chaos meets destruction meets the end of America as we know it.  It is universal, you know.  

What really got me going today was not even the New York election or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, or Medicare, the swat at a Newt, or even the introduction of a brand new Czar in charge of PR...what I really set out to highlight was a little something our president said, in the company of an audience in Great Britain.

"The path has never been perfect,"
he said. 
"But through the struggles of slaves and immigrants; 
women and ethnic minorities; 
former colonies and persecuted religions, 
we have learned better than most 
that the longing for freedom and human dignity 
is not English 
or American 
or Western — 
it is universal."

Sure the longing part of it, may be Universal; but the creation of It in the first place, came right out of the birth of the New World, the Western World, and marked by absolute and distinct characteristics, held to such high standards, that the rest of the world wanted to follow.  And as a matter of fact, would do almost anything for it --  even in the midst of terror, tyranny, and theocracy raging wild (like in the Middle East).

It was America who made it.  Created it.  Defined it, in no uncertain terms.  AND ELEVATED it to it's highest honor. Say what you will about it, but IT is ALL American ideals, American liberties, American Principles;  these are the things OUR FOUNDERS manufactured following years of oppression, masterminding with one another upon the philosophies of the aged, grown from the seeds of the enlightened minds who came before us, anchored by a belief in something Greater than ourselves -- endowed by our Creator -- with certain unalienable rights and duties and freedoms.

Everything that came before -- along with everything that came after -- became the work of Divine Providence.

America was the first republic to set a people truly free.

...any other place we happen to witness it, is directly related to the principles and values set in motion by the founders of  the United States of America, and nothing less.

The most striking reality we face today -- the one that nobody is willing to say out loud for fear of being persecuted in the press and deemed an outright right wing racist -- is that our president is breaking America in two.

He has returned us to an era of divide and conquer, in order to legislate and mandate and regulate a brand new world; his call for fundamental transformation back in 2008 was not just rhetoric to get elected, it spelled out his entire agenda.  He INTENDS to reverse every independent, self-reliant, libertarian, republic-an, free market, limited government -- in principle and in practice -- commitment we've ever made.

Just look at the things his hand has touched --
  • Health care, medicare, medicaid (all adversely effected under Obamacare and cutting Insurance companies off at the knees), 
  • Energy independence (drilling moratoriums, domestic drilling down 43% from Bush Admin),
  • And along those lines, took the Radical, Extreme approach in responding to the BP Oil Spill,
  • Enacting new Business regulations (hundreds of thousands) and crony capitalism (Chamber of Commerce vs. GE, GM),  
  • Union favoritism (Richard Trumka/Andy Stern on speed dial), 
  • Government control of private companies (Boeing), 
  • Department of Justice suing our own CIA agents for following through with orders -- while also playing the race card on multiple cases, creating an entire department for the cause -- while also suing a state (AZ) for simply enforcing the law of the land -- while also defending the Affordable Health Care Act which forces individual mandates -- while choosing not to defend DOMA simply because the president said so.
  • Jeopardizing a long time "sacrosanct" accord with Israel and indirectly, making nice with Hamas, 
  • Waging a third war in Libya without getting Congressional approval after sixty days, 
  • Through his new energy policies alone -- doubling the price of gasoline over the course of  two years (and exponentially affecting the price of other commodities, and directly increasing the cost of basic needs, as well) 
  • HE HAS MADE OUR DIFFERENCES the foothold for widening a divide -- creating mistrust where there was none, adding insult to injury where there was no cause -- as if FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING the melting pot into one hot mess simply by asking a question:  'got a light?'
Either way you look at it, America is on fire and by the looks of things, we have no where to turn.

Either way, by your way or mine, we are cut in two.

It is 500 billion of one, a half a trillion of another --- and sometimes, it's both.

We are clamoring for the floor.
We are screaming so loudly over one another,  nobody really hears a thing.
We can't even see the door.
It is dark.  Everybody is either yelling or crying or laughing into hysterics.
There is no way we will all get out alive, if we continue to think we can just climb over one another to save ourselves.

the thing is,
I think if we just calmly took each other by the hand and talked about it-- keeping on topic, and clinging to the merits and principles of all that is right and good and according to our roots -- we might have half a chance to make it out alive AND well.

"Our idealism is rooted
in the realities of history 
- that repression offers only
the false promise of stability; 
that societies are more successful 
when their citizens are free; 
and that democracies 
are the closest allies we have." 
experiencing a momentary re-awakening
to the realities and benefits of a free market

It isn't just talk, Mr. President; and it certainly isn't propaganda to shape-shift according to audience; it is what we do.  Now, take my hand, and I will be happy to show you the way (Debbie, you're welcome to come along, too, along with all of your Lefty friends).

Make it a Good Day, G

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